Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is Neon for you?!

By now everybody knows that Neon Colors are the sensation of the fashion industry. These crazy and fun colors are everywhere. Shirt, pants, shoes, belts, bags and accessories. Neon Colors are very bright and tend to attract a lot of attention when you wear them.
But the question is: Are Neon Colors for you?

If you are brave enough to use a bright orange or pink pants or even a long Maxi dress, good for you. You can really look fabulous and you will definitely be on the right track for this summer's fever. But if you are more into to the low key side of things, but still love the idea of neon colors, then why not use them on a small scale.  A little touch of color can make a big difference in your outfit. Try to pair a bright neon shirt with a boyfriend jeans, or use a black skinny pants with a nice pair of neon shoes. You can also try some accessories, like bags and bracelets, or even paint your nails a bright neon color. I always try not to spend too much money on these kinds of trends, because you never know if they will be in fashion next year.  I found some cute shirts at the Gap for a very reasonable price and some fun accessories at Forever 21. And don’t forget TJ Maxx, you can always find something fun there. Don’t be afraid of looking silly, fashion is all about having Fun. Neon Colors, WHY NOT!

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  1. Ana, como a moda é uma loucura, né?! Vai e volta, simplesmente assim. Lembra que nós já usamos no passado essas cores?! Pronto, estão de volta COM TUDO :) Beijos amiga