Thursday, June 7, 2012

Colors, Colors, Colors and a Silverfish

One fish, two fish, SILVERFISH, blue fish!   

I am starting my post today by telling you guys a funny but not so fun story.

It was a normal drive back home yesterday after work. I was listening to music while stuck in traffic on route 50, in Virginia. When  I stopped at a red light I looked down to my hand that was resting on the 
gear shift and noticed some little silver thing on it... I looked away and then looked back again... and then I started to scream and shake my hand and arm like a crazy person ... because it was a freakin silverfish crawling on my hand! I shook my hand so hard that the darn thing  went flying across the inside of my car and I don't even know where he ended up.

What an awful sensation...with all those little creepy legs. The cars next to me must have thought that I was a crazy person... 

Now I have a bug living in my car...and all I can think about is when will he show up again unexpectedly?!

Silverfish silverfish where are you?...I want you out of my car right now!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog post!

Summer is here and I am so happy that I just finished putting all my winter shoes and clothes away and all my summer stuff is out and ready to go. I love summer, not only because it is my favorite season, but also because it is the perfect time to experiment with colors, especially in 2012 when colors are everywhere...even in people's hair!

Nail polish is one of my favorite ways to add a splash of color to my everyday look. It is fun experimenting with different colors and these days with different shapes too. Bright and bold, colorful nails are a big sensation this year.  

For all tastes and styles, this year one of the most popular colors are the neon shades.

One of my favorite colors is yellow.

Have you see those magnetic nails? They are super cool!

or have you tried a cute design?

and what about textures?

For the summer, try to stay away from brown and dark red shades.

Now; if you don't like all of those crazy colors, you can always go with a nude or french manicure. They are always a classic!

Here are couple tips:

It doesn't matter what color you choose, for me, one of the most important things is my  Naltiques Formula 2 (nail protein). I always use it before I apply any nail polish to my nails. I also use a top coat. I really like Palladio (nail brilliant), it makes the colors last longer.

So, let's have some fun...try different colors and designs...and if you don't like it, it's not a big deal..just get some nail polisher remover and start over.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. - all of the fantastic nails in the pictures above were done by my sister Alessandra :-)

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  1. That's not a silverfish... It's called a house centipede, and it's a very intelligent and harmless bug... In fact, they do a lot of good around the house, so DO NOT kill them, please... They are delicate...