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{ 3 Occasions Where You Can Wear a Prom Dress after the Prom }

Three Occasions Where You Can Wear a Prom Dress after the Prom

In the United States, proms are an integral part of high school. The origins of the prom are believed
to have been inspired by debutante balls; lavish events put on in order to formally debut the
teenagers of wealthy families into society. Typically a debutante ball consisted of girls wearing long
white dresses and white, elbow-length gloves.

The earliest proms recorded were at the start of the nineteenth century and were attended by the
graduating classes of universities across America. The original white dress of the debutante balls
evolved into many different colours but typically maintained its long length and flowing style.

Today, the prom dress comes in many different styles, from the classic ‘fairy tale’ look to the more
slinky, evening dress styles that fit closely to the body, or even short and asymmetrical dresses that
look nothing like the traditional debutante dress.

As prom dresses are notoriously expensive, girls and women may be intent on wearing them again
and again. If this sounds like you, you’ll be glad to see this list of places where you can easily adapt
and re-wear your beloved frock.

A wedding

Whilst you would not want to ‘out dress’ the bride, weddings are formal and lavish enough
occasions for for women to feel comfortable enough wearing prom dresses. Weddings, similar to
proms, are all about dressing up and getting noticed.

Just in case there are people attending the wedding that were present at the prom, you could make
some alterations to the dress to alter the look a little. For example, you could shorten the hem or
remove extra embellishments. You could wear accessories such as a faux fur scarf, or if you wore
gloves with it to the prom, leave the gloves at home this time.

A dinner party

Dinner parties are formal occasions where everyone is expected to dress up. If you feel that your
little black cocktail dress with slinky kitten heels has ‘done the rounds’ a little too much, and that the
rest of your wardrobe just isn’t posh enough, perhaps this would be a good time to bring the prom
dress back out.

A fancy dress party

Want to look absolutely fabulous at a fancy dress party? Reinvent your prom dress as a fairy or
princess costume. Either way, ensure that you stock up on the necessary accessories, such as wands,
crowns and silk slippers and this time round you really will be the fairy princess.

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  1. This is so true ! And the dress doesn't go to waste because you only wore it once !

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