Saturday, December 1, 2012

{ Love Your Skin }

Love your skin

Perfect skin is top of the wish list for many women. Not only does it help to keep you looking youthful and boost your self confidence, but your skin is also the biggest organ in your body and it helps to protect you from the environment and potential infections so it’s important to take proper care of it.

Luckily, taking care of your skin is a lot easier than you might think. Here are a few simple tips on how to keep your skin glowing and in top condition:

Stay protected

Sunlight, no matter how strong or how hot the weather is, contains ultraviolet (UV) rays which are the biggest cause of damaged and ageing skin. It’s important to keep your skin protected with SPF throughout the year and not just when you’re on holiday. The Johnson’s Beauty range has specially formulated 24 hour moisturisers that contain SPF 15, helping to keep your skin soft all day long whilst also keeping it protected from the sun.

Get your beauty sleep

The easiest way of keeping skin healthy is by getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling stressed and run down, making your skin appear dull and tired.

Many women commit the ultimate beauty crime and often go to bed without removing their make-up. This can cause bacteria to build up on the skin, so spending that extra five minutes at night removing your make-up is definitely worth it when it comes to achieving healthy skin.

Keep skin moisturised

Moisturising your skin regularly helps to prevent your skin from drying out and leaves it feeling soft and supple. Using a moisturiser such as Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Body Lotion on a regular basis can keep skin feeling hydrated and beautifully soft, reducing the signs of tired or ageing skin. 

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  1. adorei as dicas, muito valiosas! é sempre bom manter a pele hidratada e bonita.

  2. great tips! I try to follow those simple steps always!

  3. Curti muito as dicas, sempre é bom ter uma pele hidratada assim ela fica cada vez mais bonita né. Beijo,

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