Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 Jewellery Blogs

Top 5 Jewellery Blogs

If the endless stream of shopping websites and advertisements are leaving you cold, blogs can be a great source of informative, honest style advice. Although jewellery blogging hasn't taken off to the same extent as it has for the fashion world, there are some real gems out there. Written by true jewellery fanatics, these blogs are the perfect places to help you source unusual jewellery and find creative new ways to make more of what you've got.

1)   Charms Addict – for all things charm bracelet, this blog has everything you need and more. Specialising in PANDORA charms and dedicated to sharing information about all things charm bracelet-related, this is the best place to go for news and helpful advice as well as plenty of inspiration for creating bracelets. This blog is also a good research for updates about new and discontinued items. 

2)   My Jewellery Life – written by the Jewellery Editor of British vogue, this blog is an authority on what to wear when it comes to accessories and will make sure you stay on-trend. Whether you’re looking for a heads-up about new launches or you’re on the hunt for unusual labels that no one else will know, this blog’s for you.

3)   In Detail – with pictures from the street to the runway, this website is great for finding jewellery inspiration. Taking a look at how style varies across the globe, the site’s crisp black and white format and full colour photos are a veritable feast for the eyes. In Detail takes you on a tour of the world of accessories.

4)   What Simon Said – helping you to source new and independent jewellery designers from all over the UK, this blog is great for finding out about unusual places to shop for jewellery. Written in a friendly and accessible style by a true jewellery fanatic, it’s like chatting to your best friend.

5)   Rachel Lucie – Essential reading for any budding jewellery maker, Rachel’s blog offers a window in to the world of design with accounts of her day to day work and snapshots of her collections. Worth a visit for the beautiful photography alone!

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