Friday, August 16, 2013

Checking Back In With Nexxus

A couple of weeks ago I presented to you guys the new line of Youth Renewal Rejuvenating haircare products from Nexxus. Do you guys remember that post, the one that talked about combating the signs of aging hair?? Yep..that's the one...I knew when I mentioned "aging hair" you guys would I decided to let you know how everything has been going, now that it's been a couple of weeks. I have been using the Nexxus product for almost 3 full weeks now and the results speak for themselves.

As you can see, my hair is looking amazing and I have been getting lots and lots of complements; what could be better than that!  Even at one of the blogger events I attended last week, one of the other bloggers couldn't help herself and came up to me to ask if she could touch my hair, because it looked so soft and beautiful. It definitely felt great to get noticed because of how good my hair was looking.

It feels good when people talk about how good you look and how gorgeous you hair looks...I don't know about you guys, but I believe hair is one of the most important aspects of any woman's look...and it feels great when someone recognizes that in you.

I loving the new Nexxus haircare line and you guys should definitely give it a try. They are offering some free samples, so don't forget to grab one for yourself!! Click here to claim your free sample!

Nexxus Youth Renewal combats 8 signs of aging hair. Our Vita-8 Complex helps improve color radiance, shine, strength, and volume, as well as reduce frizz.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Unilever via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Unilever Nexxus”


  1. Always looking great Ana back in the day Nexxus was my it product. I think my hair got accustomed to it and I had to change now after reading this will give it a try. Great review doll,

  2. Oi Ana!
    Confesso que não conhecia a marca, mas você tem completa razão, as imagens falam tudo. Seu cabelo está lindo e cheio de vida. Achei muito útil essa informação sobre envelhecimento do cabelo pois me fez pensar que isso não diz respeito somente aos fios brancos...
    Amei o seu óculos, viu?
    AH, e muito obrigada por ter assistido o vídeo, significa muito para mim ;)

    Sorteio de Aniversário do Blog Makes da Mi

  3. Que legal!!!
    Ana faz uma montagem mostrando a foto de suas madeixas com o passar desses dias, para termos uma noção melhor?

    Beijãozão, ótimo Fim de Semana!!

  4. O teu cabelo é lindo :)
    E adoro os teus óculos de sol


  5. I love this shampoo and conditioner Amber

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Cherylyn, on the post there is a link "Click here to claim your free sample!" I hope you like it :)
      Beijos, Ana

  7. I've never tried Nexxus hair products, but this sounds great. I'd like to give it a try!

  8. Thank you for the free sample, can't wait to receive it!

  9. I agree, if my hair looks good i feel my best, and your hair looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for the free sample doll, can't wait i am a total beauty junkie <3

  10. thanks To crowdtap!

  11. I love seeing people I know come up on Crowdtap!!! Looking good gorgeous!!!!

  12. I have long straight long hair. I am 62, and my hair shows it's age. I am game to try Nexus, and see if it can cure my blah hair!

  13. I would love to sample this product.

  14. I would love to sample this i need something to help my hair.

  15. i would love to try this i need some help with my hair..

  16. would love to try. need all the help I can get!