Monday, August 19, 2013

My Pinterest Inspiration Board

Shiny, gray, and white, with a touch of sparkle, that’s what I have in mind for my upgrade bathroom. You guys probably remember that  a couple of weeks ago I started to give some little hints about the upgrade of my spare bathroom.

So, It’s coming along really well and we already started to pick out the final finishes. One of the first items I picked out, as you probably remember, was my “Lahara Single Handle Delta Faucet”, which is a combination of contemporary and modern styles.

For the tile on the walls, I decided to go with a light gray tile and a sparkly glass tile accent, and for the floor I also chose an 13x13 light gray ceramic tile. We decided to add some molding to the wall, to give the bathroom a more luxurious feeling and I picked out some dark cabinets to compliment the mood of the room. The white vanity top is on the way and I have already started to shop for the decor.  I’m really excited for my “new” bathroom!

But, before all of this happened, one of the places I used to get some inspiration was Pinterest. I probably mentioned here before, that Pinterest is one of my favorite places to get inspired. You can find so many things and so many new and different perspectives, which can definitely help you to set the mood and tone for any type of new project. So if you want to get inspired, you should definitely check out my favorite Pinterest Boards,Inspired Living.

How about you; where do you get your inspiration for a new project??

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  1. Great ideas Ana to remodel a bathroom.

  2. Já pensou em ter um banheiro desse,aí que sonho,o da minha casa é pequeno...hahah
    Mas pelo menos consegui deixar do meu jeito...beijo

  3. Adoreei!!

  4. Ana, adoro o pinterest é tanta coisa e foto linda.

    Boa semana pra vc!
    Tem sorteio super mara da Paleta Sephora, participe:

  5. Olá tudo bem?
    Divulguei o seu sorteio no meu blog Sorteios e Muitos Sorteios.
    Venha nos visitar.
    Nos próximos sorteios, si você quiser, pode enviar um e-mail
    para eu divulgar, ok?

    Instagram: @andreiasorteios
    Estou com três sorteios no instagram, venha participar!

  6. Estou adorando suas dicas de decoração Ana, ainda mais que estou terminando minha casa, vou ter muito opção para me inspirar e decorar meu lar. Bjo

    1. Ai Gra...amo o Pinterest!! Tem cada coisa linda!!
      Bjs, Ana