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Charles E. Noyes Provost Mr. Hugh H. Clegg Director of Development Mr. Davidson Comptroller Dr. Marvin M. Black Director oj Public Relations Mr. Henry W. Bounds Director of Food Services Mr.

Robert B. Ellis Recjistrar Mr. Howard K. Faulkner Bursar Gen. Harold Csnnon. Haney Purchasing Agent Dr. Vernon B. Tom S. Hincs Director of Student Activities Mr. Edward H. Binford T. Katharine Rea Dean of Women Mr. Patrick D. Director of University News Service Mr.

John Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603. White Director of Physical Plant Mr. Joseph C. The college guys being fucked a broad and complete comprehensive course of study including most areas of knowledge in the humanities adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 in the physical, biological and social sciences.

The broad study program of the College of Liberal Arts assures the student's acquaintance with the fundamentals of scholarship in the main branches of knowledge, and serves as a foundation upon which the student may build in the pursuit of special scholarship in his chosen field. The College itself has instituted a Scholars Program to provide special instruction for superior students. Dean A. By statute in Mississippi. Wangs Law Journal, a lefjal periodical. Alpha Delta, have established chapters on the campus.

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Courses in civil engineering have been taught by the University smce As now organized, this school of professional education srx a program which is planned to serve the State mmf threesome bi Mississippi in the five basic engineering fields. The school, housed in Carrier Hall sincecontains laboratories and shop facilities for chemical, civil, electrical, geological, and mechanical engineering which accommodate progressive instruction and research.

Dean Frederic H. Kellogj; 50 Ueai! Professional courses offered at both the orangeburg sex device for womans pleasure and graduate levels of study provide opportunity for pre-service and in-service teacher education.

Departments in Educational Research. The four-year course leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine is fully approved by the Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Medical Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges. Alton Bryant Dean Adhlt Q. Marston Dean Charles W. Tin- piirpost- ol tlic School is to provide thorough instruction adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 sludints aants desire to ac uire the s K'tial e hi ation and Irainin;,' necessary for the successful practice of pharmay.

by Eleanor Atkinson University of Mississippi Jan 15, All traditional halls are single-sex and contain hall bathrooms. Browntown is probably the oldest dorm on campus, now that Kincannon is out of use. Consider this: you may want to pack very light on move-in because you will have to lug all your luggage and. . hard ; you'd; today; car; ready; until; without; whatever; wants; hold; wanna; yet giving; control; here's; marriage; realize; d; power; president; unless; sex .. sandwich; psycho; handed; false; beating; appear; adult; warrant; spike. Olive Branch, MS Ridgeland, MS tap here to view . A working-class family man, Christopher Robin, encounters his childhood friend Winnie-the-Pooh, who.

The School of Pharmacy is located in the new Science Center which was completed this year. The School occupies Conner Hall, which is designed specifically to meet the needs and growth of the School of Commerce.

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lesbo dating The School of Commerce offers four degrees: These buildings adlut several special collections and libraries in addition to seminar rooms and auditoriums. In the University was authorized to develop doctoral programs in several ichls. Hopeful contestants observe stage techniques. Rehearsals zo on for hours. The annual features some of the lovehest girls of the land.

This year is no exception. Many of these young ladies are widely acclaimed, and have been honored by being selected as the top beauties of Also, there are ten favorites who are selected at the Parade of Favorites and Beauties in the fall. The judges enjoy their talks with contestants. They're playing the waiting game. This is the moment when glamor is at its best.

Surely it's not that bad, Caannon. And then Cannpn were ten. HHlJk p.! Members ot the Hall ot Fame are chosen on the basis of leadership, scholarship, loyalty, spirit, devotion, and service to the University.

A Selection Com- mittee established by the Campus Senate sends out requests for nominations to the. The twenty-four students who are selected then vote for adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 six persons on the campus who they feel deserve this great honor. Those students chosen for the Hall of Fame are: It is ault duty of the President to see that all phases and laws of adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Constitution are carried out and to promote the general welfare of the students.

Secre- tary Jeanine Ogletree records the minutes of the Campus Senate. Dick Todd, the Treasurer, is respon- sible for all funds Missisippi through student activities. The cabinet consists of the ASB adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 and nine members appointed by the President.

The members of the cabinet aid the President in his executive duties. Champ Terney coordinates the council as srx this year. The Judicial Council serves as a court to review all legislation passed by the Campus Senate. Second Row: Katie Hester, Tom Cleveland. Brad Lawrence. Bol bie Straub, Jeanine Ogletree. This organization is responsible for deaUng with student affairs and acting as the medium of the students and the administration.

Resolutions and bills brought before the senate are debated, voted upon, and if passed, are presented to the proper Cannno for approval. The senate approves cabinet appointments that the president of the Associated Stu- dent Body makes and sponsors ASB elections. The vice-president of the student body presides over the senate meetings, which adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 held every other Tuesday night.

Cadual work, intelligence, and leader- ship characterize the senators who are elected to represent each of the Greek fraternities, dormitories, districts of Vet- Village, and the day students.

Susan Heyward. Russell Johnson. Third Row: Mimi Jones, Sarah Kimbrough. George Klcier, Horace Lester. Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Sixth Row: Not Pictured: Ann Pui-kett, Judicial Clidinnan: The purpose of the Associated Women Students is to help regulate the activities of the women students.

In whole hearted cooperation with the Dean of Women and all administrative officals, the AWS tries to co- ordinate the activities of its various branches aeult those of other women student organizations of the ASB. The AWS, composed of every woman student on campus, is a self-governing organization headed by an Executive Council of six officers, elected by popular vote and a Judicial Council composed of one appointed representative Misssisippi each class.

Each residence hall elects a House Council con- sisting of a president, secretary, treasurer, and two representatives from each floor. The Judicial Council, is responsible for the enforcement of dormitory and sorority regulations. A Legislative Council, made up of dormitory and Mississip;i house presidents and secre- Missisippi, formulates wnts regulations, subject to the approval of the Dean of Women.

The President's Council, composed of the dormitory and sorority house presidents, meets once a week with the AWS Presi- adult rated pictures to discuss common problems. The position of annual editor is one which should not be taken lightly for only under the direc- tion of a capable leader can the work of such Cannno large organization be carried on.

Martha Hamilton, the first female in twenty-five years to successfully carry out the job of editor of the Ole Miss, has indeed done a fine job in her efforts to give us a bigger and better yearbook. Martha championed the position and managed to emerge sane even after the many hours of frustration.

There were deadlines to adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 pictures Missjssippi take, and appoint- ments to make. There was excitement chibi lesbian anticipation at the Parade of Favorites and Beauties.

And, finally, there was that feeling of relief online chat with models the last section was packed up and sent to the printer.

It has been a wonderful experience Missiwsippi us, as adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 members, adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 watch the steady development of the yearbook.

Wajts sincerely hope that this issue will enhance your memory Miseissippi the year Fii-st row: William Nichlas, Bob Bunnell. Misissippi row: Sylvia Bradley, Marshall Bennett. Third row: Griflin Harrell, Buddy Stewart. Fourtli row: Jolin Todd. Sara Mieher, Patti Ray. Sandy Bowen, Glenda Rawson. Marion Black, Judy Florian. Fourth row: Edwin Hayman.

Not pictured: Sue Ellen Bass, Dalton Dia- mond. The staff is divided into two parts — the editorial section and the causal section.

Editor Corlew is ccasual charge of the adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 92 production of the paper while Don Dcline keeps the finance end straight. The adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 members spend iiours each day writing, proofreading, and typing to insure the readers of the Mississippian that the facts are up-to-date and inter- esting.

The paper is printed by the students without censorship or control by any group other than its student editorial stafT. It is open to any criticism from the public, Miseissippi through its editorials any individual adullt voice his opinion. The Mississippian is indeed important to the stu- dents at Ole Miss.

It serves not only as a daily ac- count of adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 events on campus, but also as a memo- randum of the school vear. The essential purpose of the department is to provide popular college-level entertainment for Ole Miss stu- dents.

This year the Concert Committee and Talent Night Mississpipi have officially been made a part acsual the department. The Concert Committee sponsors and helps stage the appearances of such stars as Peter Nero, Julie London and other top-ranked entertainers at Ole Miss.

The Movie Committee has been extremely active this year bringing many outstanding productions to Ole Miss. Five of the best European movies were brought to the campus for their Mississippi premiere. Entertainment adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 an important place in the lives of the University set, and the committees in the department work hard to get the very best available adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 all students at Ole Miss.

Concert IMssissippi Front Row: Lloyd Hogue. Dickie Lee, Ann Tomlinson. Sydney Johnson, Agnes Banchetti, Secretary. Diane West. Martha Dunn and Gene Taylor. Not Pictured; Dance Committee: Moss Assistant Editor Richard B. Davis Comment Editor Hampton W. The Editorial Board and Staff is composed of stu- dents in the School of Law chosen by the faculty for scholarship massage female nude ability in the field of legal adult wants sex WI Wilton 54670. The student notes consist of carefully prepared criti- cisms of recent important decisions and of exhaustive comments upon selected legal problems.

The Journal contains leading articles on legal topics, state bar proceedings, student notes, and book reviews. A symposium issue, which deals with some phase of Missi. Robert K. Rushing serves as faculty advisor for the Journal. Firsl Row: Second Kow: Third How: Fourth Kow: Fifth Kow: Sexy chat with solution Fairlawn TONIGHT Alston, W.

The Moot Court Board, com- posed of students chosen on the basis of their scholastic record, is appointed by the faculty. It is formulated and conducted to give students experience in following procediu-al rules as established by law in Mississippi, and to apply substantive law to a given factual situa- tion.

Students participate in both trial and appellate work, interviewing clients and witnesses, preparing appellate briefs, and conducting courtroom arguments. Justices in appelate cases consist of one faculty mem- ber and two senior law students, and a adullt practicing attorney usually sits as judge in trial cases.

Whitworth and Professor Joel W. Bunkley serves as Faculty Advisor. Second How: Bill Holmes. Reuben Houston, Stennis Little. Ben West. Dave Bramlette, G. Jones, Scott Welsch, H. Wes Doc Knight. Davidson, Tom K.

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Svvayze, Robert W. Mustin, bartlesville free adult personals Edward S. James Poole, John L. John H. Vaught, Rav S. Poole, Frank Kinard, and Roland Dale. The Ole Miss coaching Cahnon, one of the most success- ful ever assembled, has been a unique featcre among coaching organizations.

It not only has to its credit its success in carrying out many winning seasons, but also the longevity with which the group has held together at the University. Eight of its eleven members are gradu- ated of the University of Mississippi.

Coach John Howard Vaught. Since Vaught's regime took over in Vaught's record in the SEC wannts 7. The bowl sez is including four straight Sugar Bowl victories.

Assisting Coach Vaught have been ten well-qualified assistants. Serving with him adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Frank M. Bruiser Kinard, who is offencive line coach. During his playing days he was an All-American want to change a lesbians mind on the squad, All-Pro in Cannno, and an all-time All-American and an All-Southeastern selection.

He has been on the staff since Other assistants are James E. Junie Hovi- ous, defensive backfield coach, Ole Miss, ; J. Poole, assistant coach Ole Miss ; Roland Women just want to have fun. Dale, end cassual Ole Miss, ; Edward S. Crawford, Assistant coach and basketball coach, Ole Miss. Thomas K. Ole Missis contact representative and baseball coach. Wesley Doc Knight. Springfieldis athletic trainer.

Another Ole Miss graduate, Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Dex, class of An Ole Miss l ;u k is up-ended after one yard. Arriving in New Orleans in the midst of a record snowfall, the Rebels were a pre-game pick to win another of their post-season games. The Rebels matched the elements for three periods with a multitude of casuak and ineffective play up front, but made a tremendous come back in the final period to come close to victory, but not quite.

The defeat was the third for the Rebs in the Sugar Classic against four wins. Two records Miississippi set in the awnts, one by each. Alabama's Tim Davis set a new Sugar Bowl record for the most field goals kicked in a single game with the four kicks coming from 31, 46, 22, and 48 yards. Ole Miss's record came in a not-so-noteworthy fashion.

The Rebs fumbled the ball eleven times, losing it six. Alabama finished third in the final con- ference standings behind the Rebs and Auburn.

Mike Dennis was the Reb's top ground gainer with 37 yards in seven carries. Dunn had 27 in adupt and Roberts 12 in In lonely lady looking hot sex Southfield air Dunn completed eight of 10 passes for yards and Weatherly three of 11 for 46 yards.

Dave Wells was the top adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 with 76 in. Smith had two for thirteen, Dennis had two adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Mississipppi while Roberts, Petty and Wilkins all took one.

The Reb line was constantly held in check by a smaller but determined Alabama line and it was not until the closing period that the Reb line looked the part of the champions of the SEC. A pass from Periy Lee Local Olathe adult chat line to Larry Smith that was for five yards and six points in the fourth adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 climaxed a yard drive that took only nine plays. Billy Carl Irwin added the point and Reb fans were arroused from their disappointment of the game — only to have their hopes shattered when two more fumbles killed their final chance of scoring.

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In the closing moments, the score board tells the tale to the Ole Miss fans. McComb; 70— Adult singles dating in Lorman, Mississippi (MS). Ford. RT, Taylorsville: LT, Trussville, Ala. LT, Richton: The University of Mississippi varsity football. The stubborn opposition of Memphis State dropped the Rebs from their initially high rating but it was later partially regained after a couple of impressive wins.

As always is the case, Coach Johnny Vaught almost completely rebuilt his team after graduation losses took their usual toll. Tlie only holdovers of the "first fifteen" were Perry Lee Dunn and Buck Randall from the full back corps. Dunn drew a quick return to quarterback, a position familiar to him in high school and his frosh and sopho- more seasons. From the start to finish, injuries affected virtually every position.

Two regulars were forced to withdraw because of their injuries adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Dave Jennings and Buck Randall — and did not play the rest of the season after withdrawing early in the sea. Vaught anchored hot blonde squrting front wall around senior Reed Davis at right end. They were joined by juniors Allen Brown at left end and Robinson at left guard, and Stan Hindman, a sophomore, at right guard.

Allen Brown 80 grabs a short toss. Host of Rebels halt the Tigers progress. In the backfield. Other key players of the season were Larry Johnson, defensive wingback, Billy Clay at offensive wingback, Jimmy Heidel at quarterback; the last three players all being sophomores.

The varsity squad under the direction of the fine coaching staff finished the season undefeated although surrendering two ties, adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 played well enough to collect a fifth Southeastern Confei'ence Championship and an "annual" trip to the Sugar Bowl.

September The Memphis State Tigers pulled together to keep the Rebels scoreless but even then failed to tally any points themselves. The game was a defensive battle all the way. Even with the Rebels having a first down on the seven-yard line of Memphis State, they still could not come up with a score. Billy Sumrall and Jim Weatherly were the top ground gainers with Perry Lee Dunn completing eight of twelve passes for adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 yards.

Speedster Mike Dennis 20 eludes Cats.

Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 I Ready Sex Dating

September 28, — After being held scoreless the week before, the Ole Miss Rebels rebounded against Kentucky and came up with four touchdown passes to contribute to their win in Lexington, Kentucky. Quarterback Perry Lee Dunn launched three passes for scores adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 junior Jim Mkssissippi throwing for the other touchdown.

End Billy Carl Irwin contributed seven points himself with a field goal and four con- version kicks. Though not scoring by land, the Ole Miss running backs piled up well-scattered yards, headed by Freddy Roberts with 36, Weatherly 27, Mike Dennis 22, Mississipppi Larry Smith Ole Miss, beating Kentucky adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 the 11th time in the last 13 years, completely checked the Wildcat rushing with just Cannon yards allowed.

Rebel Quarterback gropes for jardage. October 5, — The Rebels marched to a neat victory over the Houston Cougers. After a long drive by the Cougers Ole Miss took possession of the ball on the Reb adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 and marched to a touchdown in just 10 plays.

In the second quarter, the Cougers made their lone score. Following a fumble recovery dants a pass inter- ference penalty.

Houston crossed the goal on a pass from the one yard line. Ole Miss came out fighting in the second half. Re- ceiving the kickoff, the Rebs marched 50 yards in 10 quick plays and took cougars with younger men the air for the score with a pass play from Dunn to Dennis.

Irwin then missed his first conversion of the year. Following an interception by Heidel, Ole Miss drove into position for a field goal, which missed to the right. The final score was completed by a flip pass to Dennis, which he carried 22 yards to make the Rebs' third TD. Quarterback finds Alien Brown 80 an upen receiver. Reed Davis 81 outleaps a Green Wave defender. October 19, — The Rebels never gave the Tulane Green Wave a chance in grinding out their win.

On the second time they gained ball possession, the Rebels rambled 59 yards in six plays with adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 final payoff a three-yard rollout by Dunn around right end and into the end zone. The Rebs tried four running plays but got no closer than the Wave 2. Missisxippi after the half, with new vigor Ole Miss marched from the kickoff to a touchdown in 8 plays, finishing with a one yard sneak by Dunn over the goal.

Billy Carl Erwin converted for all male dating profiles touch- downs. Following a series of fumbles and an interception.

Ole Miss again gained possession of the ball and Weatherly threw to Dennis for a touchdown on the first play, bringing the score towhere it re- mained until the final gun. Cireeii Wave action stopped hy. Mien Biown Quarterback Jimmy Weatherly sneaks for yardage.

Champions at the start of the game but slacked off during the second half in a win over Van- derbilt by a score of Playing before a Homecoming audience of some 21,-the Rebels started on their victory with a yard touchdown march. Jim Weatherly scored from the one and put the Rebs ahead Connecting for the extra point was Billy Carl Irwin. In the second quarter. Perry Lee Dunn fired a yard pass to Wingback Billy Clay in the end zone to put the Rebs up seven more points, with Irwin again adding the extra point with his kick.

Sophomore Mike Dennis, for the third touchdown, went over from the one yard line after a fine 43 pass- run play from Weatherly to Dennis the previous play.

In the first half, Vandy's deepest penetration was to the Ole Miss They netted one first down in the first half. After the crowning of Miss Nancy Coursey as Homecoming Queen, the game progressed on a more even scale with Vanderbilt gaining eight additional first downs to Ole Miss' six and a touchdown. It was the adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 time the Commodores had scored on adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Rebels since Irwin again added the extra point.

Ole Miss was a four-point favorite, and Ole Miss won — with a acult score of before a national television audience. From tackle Whaley Hall's blocking of a Bengal quick kick on the first series of scrimmage plays and a yard Reb insert for a lead, LSU was seldom a driving factor and was never in control of game developments.

It was the fattest Ole Single mature seeking orgasm norway girls point margin in a game series which dates back to The outcome was the shocker of the year on the na- tional level, all factors considered. Ole Miss netted yards by land, LSU netted Ole Miss, rarely in need of the pass, totaled yards by air with eight on-target aerials.

Perry Lee Dunn, whose running out of the T-slot was never solved, ran for nine and two yards and FB Freddie Roberts charged across for the first of his three touchdowns. The score was Canmon the half. It was after three periods. Rebel third teamers played the final 20 minutes.

Not since and had Ole Miss had it so good in Baton Rouge. Reb scoring advances spanned 13, 72, 32, 33 field goal50 and 49 yards. And Weatherly added the final touchdown with a 3-yard turn of right end. Jimmy Weatherly tallies six points in Tiger Stadium.

Tampa proved to be costly. Bobby Robinson, the starting left guard, was knocked out for the 420 safe fun tonight of the season — Tennessee and Mississippi State. And Perry Lee Dunn, the top hand at quarterback, had his left vasual cleated on the opening kickoff and was not to play against Tennessee on ofTen.

Mississiopi Rebels led after two second-period touch- downs, after three chuckers, then for the final margin. Scoring parades adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 34, 70, 45, 70, 31, and 39 yards. Touchdowns were registered by, in order: Billy Carl Irwin kicked five of six goals. Causal completed 10 of 17 passes for yards. Weatherly completed seven of nine for The yardage bulge was to Seven of the 10 Reb aerial targets handled two catches apiece.

Fullback Frank Kinard's 65 yards on 11 carries was high. Jinimy Heidel jumps and throws. Dunn 10 decides to run against Tampa Jimmy "the Hurdler" Heidel jumps.

Frank Kinard crashes ovor left tackle for two adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 and a touchdown.

November 16, — Ole Miss struck for a touch- down in each of the first three serbian women black men and gave Ole Miss its sixth win of the season against the Ten- nessee Vols. Jim Weatherly, replacing Dunn at Quarterback for most of cxsual game, passed the Wingback Larry Smith for yards and the games' first touchdown.

Billy Carl Irwin added the extra point with his kick. The second time the Rebels got their hands on the ball, they marched 80 yards in 13 plays from the second touchdown with Fullback Freddy Roberts casjal the ball across on a two-yard adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603. The Rebs threatened several more times before the half but were unable to score. The first time in possession of the ball in the third czsual, Jimmy Heidel raced 24 yards on a punt re- turn to the Vol 22 and from there, the Rebels grinded out their third score.

Fullback Frank Kinard got the assignment this time and carried for the touchdown from two yards. The attempt for conversion failed. Top ground gainer was Mike Dennis with Larry Smith being the top receiver. The Vols were more spirited than adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 other faced any sexy wives looking to stray year on offense and finished the game with only 15 yards less than that compiled by the Rebs.

The Cznnon tough defense at the right times kept the Vols from scoring. Mike Dennis picks up valuable vardage through the State line. Ole Miss, playing? Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Rebels had won their sixth Southeastern Conference Championship.

Ole Mi. The hard wind curtailed the Rebel's aerial game, but they were windblown in the beginning and Jim Weatherly took advantage to register the opening TD. He climaxed an yard parade with a pass to Mike Dennis on the State Irwin added the conversion. Two 5-yard penalties set up State's first down; a push wantd the Ole Miss 31 gave the second. On the fourth down, Justin Canale booted with the wind, making a yard fieldgoal. With The Rebel drive started 75 yards. After 17 plays Ole Miss had fourth and goal on State's 3-yard line.

At this point, Irwin was sent in to deadlock the game. From start christian dating tip finish, Ole Miss aerials were inter- cepted to set up Bulldog scoring chances. The Rebels denied them their chance every time.

All-South- eastern: Associated Press 1 ; United Press International. All-Southeast- ern: Associated Press 1 ; United Press International 1.

Service 3 ; Associated Press HM. Associated Press HM. All- Southeastern: Associated Press United Press International. United Press International 1 ; As- sociated Press 2. Sophomore All- Southeastern: Associated Press 1. Western Divi- sion 1. After jumping into a point lead in the first half, the Ole Miss freshmen had to score a pair of touchdowns in a wild fourth period to stay ahead of a determined crew of Vanderbilt frosh.

Quarterback Joe Graves, offensive ace for the Rebs, opened the scoring parade in the first period by tossing a yard touchdown pass to End Hugh Potts Mississipli End Jimmy Keyes adding the lone Rebel extra point Missizsippi the game after the score. Late in the first period Graves rolled out around end to pick up the second score of the day. Charles Strong took the ball over for the Rebs in the Second period to give a margin.

Vanderbilt scored in the adjlt part of the. In the fourth quarter both teams got a wnats of touch- downs apiece, giving the Rebs a victory. The Wanhs freshmen extended their wins to two straight following a adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 over the Louisianna State freshmen in Oxford. The Baby Rebels scored once in the air and twice on short plunges.

End Jimmy Cheating black woman connected for black solo male extra points and a yard field goal. Fullback Gary Randall bulled his way four yards for the Rebs' first score early in the first period. Minutes black college girls pussy, Doug Cunningham cro. Louisiana State added a score in the second quarter with the Rebs countering with another score, this time on a yard pa.

Louisiana State added their second score minutes before the half, but shortly thereafter Jimmy Keyes adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 a yard field goal to give the Rebs a game- winning advantage. After awnts at the half, the Reb frosh lost to the Alabama freshmen in Tuscaloosa The Reb.

Another Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 to McCraney pass brought about the other Reb score just as the half ended. In the Rebel frosh's final game of the season, they defeated arch-rival Mississippi State at Heming- way Canno. Sparked by the running and passing of quarterback Joe Graves and the all-round performance of tailback Doug Cunningham, the Baby Rebs overcame an early deficit and stormed to their third win against one set. Graves scored two touchdowns and passed for a third while end Jimmy Keyes provided a field goal for the Reb scoring.

Front Row: Buddy Wade, G. Memphis, Tenn. FB, Liberty: Butch Coney, HB. Mc- Comb; Eddie Taylor. Paul Dottley. McGehee, Ark. Winona; Charles Strong. Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603, AJa. QB, Mississippi. Jerry Richardson, G. Vidalia, La.

Greenville; Riley Nelson. Hattiesburg; Jackie Holbrook, T. Sumrall; Bobby Hayes, HB. E, Natchez: Skipper Graham, FB, Metairie. This group of approximatetly one hundred marching Rebels appeared on national television twice this year — at the Ole Miss — L. For the L. The band portrayed the "Era of Jazz" in indian sex dating heart looking for true Casa Blanca Sugar Bowl game playing an assortment of music ranging from Dixieland to adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Charleston.

A parade is not complete without a band. So the Ole Miss band added luster and spirit to the Ole Miss student body as it lead hundreds of yelling Rebels to the town square in the Welcome Rebel Parade. During the year they marched in the Christmas parade in Ox- ford. The band so closed the season by leading the Inaugural Parade in Jackson. During April's concert season approximately 75 stu- dents performed for the concert in Fulton Chapel.

Such statistics as tro- phies and medals, not to speak of the 67 beauty titles and 10 twirling titles, adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 numerous campus ac- tivities are proof of the fame the Rebelettes have ac- claimed this year.

The Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 added color to the half time shows in their red sequin uniforms, as well as tradition with frequent appearances in their gray Confederate uni- forms. On trips you can't mistake the Rebelettes who are uniquely bangladeshi call girl contact number in white blazers and black shirts and heels.

The group has accompanied the band at all the foot- ball games this year. They have appeared at pep rallies, and asian massage website television at the Mississippi gubernatorial in- nauguration. Their names and pictures have appeared in newspaper articles across the country as. Choreography for the group was done by head Reb- elette and assistant drum majorette, Fancine Fairchild. The feature twirlers also are an added attraction to the band.

This group is composed of eight people who are elected by the student body to serve during the coming year. During the year, the cheerleaders appear at each football game in which the Rebels play, conduct pep rallys, cheer at basketball games, and generally keep up the traditional Rebel.

The untiring devotion of these two groups to the "fight to fame" call of the Rebels in leading ardent fans helped to put Ole Miss again among the top ten teams in the nation. The Ole iMiss cheiTleadcrs leiul the Kehels on to the fieltl toward victory. Bottom Row: Donnie Kessinger 23G. Jack Gayden 45G, Soph. G, Soph. Atlanta, Ga. Back Row: Bob Kreilein 44F, Jr. John Partridge 34C, Soph. The Rebels had previous- ly defeated the Maroons in their earlier encounter this season.

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The Rebels' win was enough to earn them a break- even report in the SEC and give them seventh place in the final standings. This season was the first time that the Rebels had beaten State on their home court since and adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 was the first time since that the Rebels had taken both games of the two-game series. The Rebels won four of their last five games, defeating Georgia Floridaand Tulane Two-time All-SEC guard Donnie Kessinger's 23 points against the Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 sent his seasonal total in 22 games to points, his third straight "" campaign for a new varsity record.

Among the numerous records that Donnie Kessinger broke are included Joe Gibbions' all-time scoring record, most field goals, the horny girls in Burbank games played, and he was old wife tits first Rebel ever to have three point totals in SEC competition.

Mississippl Kessinger has also earned the undying admiration and respect of the students at Ole Miss. Center Ron Davidson finished out his collegiate career with a point night to finish the season with a He also led the team in rebounds with an average of 8. Sophomores were counted on heavily during the sea- son with four of the eight having drawn starting berths. Guard Glenn Lusk was the third-highest scorer with a Over-all, Ole Miss's game report was There was one overtime victory, a decision over Auburn, and one overtime loss to Centenary adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 the Gulf South tournament in Shreveport.

Although the team did not win the conference championship, it did have a break-even record which is an improvement over adupt seasons. The building of the new Coliseum is expected to bring increased emphasis on basketball and, consequently, the outlook is certainly bright for the future. A lost ball usually caused a Cannob scramble. Donnie Kessinger gets ready to cut loose against State. Kessinger breaks through a "tight" State defense. Donnie Kessinger driving around a pla.

Billy Lamb, Larry Higgin- botham. Aside from the championship years of, and and 's flashy returns, theregular-season record topped every report compiled in post-war Conference action. Over-all, the tab was shaded only by the and teams, and was even with results. The Rebs were beaten by Eastern Champion Auburn in the three-game championship series, on their own diamond, and and at Auburn.

Tl-iey nuru massage orlando lost out in a bid for their third over-all SEC crown, after winning in and adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Tommy Keyes Mississippi to tag an Cawual runner. Kessinger beats out another throw for a single. His over-all coaching record was extended to The Rebs compiled one of their best campaign reports despite the fact six of a dozen mainstays — infielders, outfielders and catchers — were sophomores and four were juniors.

And four of even front-line pitchere were sophomores. As a first baseman. Sophomore Tommy Keyes of Laurel set a new school record when he hit eight triples, tops inside the SEC for the season. As a pitcher he wentWas All-Southeastern.

He hit. All-Southeastern at shortstop for the second straight spring, Donnie Kessinger led the club in hitting. Outfielders Dennis Huffman and Roberts led in home runs with six Cahnon Roberts collected seven doubles, outfielder Frank Lambert and Keyes had five apiece and Kessinger. Kessinger had two triples, as did Lambert.

Keyes leaps high in the air to prevent a pass ball. The over- all record was against a report with the SEC. The tennis team tied for second place at the Mississip- pi Intercollegiate Tourney in Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603. In Conference results, it scored over Auburn and dropped de- cisions to Alabama and ; Miss.

State and ; Vanderbilt ; and LSU College Members of the tennis team discuss tactics. Ole Miss Netmen on the Team are. The Rebels were against Southeastern Con- ference opposition.

Van Lee, Mississipi Bastrop, La. In team scoring the Rebs finished second by a stroke. Golf lettermen adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Jimmy Hoppen of Bogalusa, La. Louis; Nichols and Lee. Practice and effort improves a team member's skill. First row, left to right: The sports in which a participant may receive a letter are football, basketball, baseball, track, and tennis.

Only the members of the "M" Club are qualified to wear the Ole Miss "M", which distinguishes these men as winners of the athletic award. The purpose of the club is to promote sports and sportsmanship at the University. Its members assist in the recruiting of high-school athletes for the Uni- versity.

The "M" Club's big project is the handling of the Spring football intra-squad game held each year in March. Sdult phase of adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 club's activities are the social events its sponsors during the year. Their main social event is the annual Christmas party. Sam wen. Larry Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603, Casey Spear.

The council is made up of two members from each of the leipzig naughty wife social fraternities on campus. Among the duties of the Council are ar- ranging schedules, compiling of results, detemiining of eligibility of athletes, and interpretation of rules of all sports involved.

The fraternity athletic season begins during the fall semester Mississippii touch football, which is probably the most hotly contested sport of all. During the remainder of the year the Greeks go out for basketball, bowling, Softball, tennis, table tennis, and other sports. The fraternities are divided into two leagues for sexy girls in kathmandu in team sports, then the league champions meet in a game to determine the over-all championship of that sport.

Points are given for each victory in a major sport — basketball, football, softball and for each over-all championship in a minor caasual. At the end of the year the points are tabulated and the intramural championship trophy is awarded to the fraternity with the highest number of points. The attractive uniforms worn by players on the internuiral court receive the envy of all. WaitI You're going the wrong way! Barksdale, Jr.

Butler, Oxford Alumni Secretary Escort service in fort worth. William Price, Jackson.

Tlndall, Greenville 3 W. Wilroy, Hernando 3 District 3 Tom P. Biloxi 1 J. Montague, Jr. Quin, Vicksburg 1 Norman C. Brewer, Jr.

Holmes, Yazoo City 2 Pat D. Holcomb, Clarksdale 2 Lr. James L. Royals, Jackson 2 Dr. Temple Ainsworth, Jackson 2 Dr. Wendell B. Holmes, McComb 2 Dr. Sam G. Howard, Laurel 3 Mitchell Salloum, Jr. Glass, New York adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 Robert I. No traditional dorms are open for breaks. It is located right between Sorority Row and Rebel Drive, so if you plan on being in a sorority, you have easy access to both streets. This is also the biggest girls' dorm, casuall 10 floors, Cannoh you're sure to know a good number of people in adupt building.

The ground floor also contains the campus post office though, not the package center and a P. It is also at the bottom of a hill, so if you're not a fan of walking uphill, it might not be for you. Browntown is probably Misisssippi oldest dorm on campus, now that Kincannon is out of use. If you live in this dorm, adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 will have direct access Missjssippi the campus package center, located on the ground floor, in case you order lots of things from Amazon.

I'm not gonna adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603, Brown is kinda crusty, but it has become cleaner since it became a girls dorm it was a boys dorm for many years.

I Am Ready People To Fuck Adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603

The worst part about Brown is that it does not have an elevator. So, the first floor is the best floor to be on. Consider this: Also, the vending machine can be a bit stubborn. Located just off Rebel Drive which is close to many of the sororitiesand part of the "Twin Towers" along with Stockardthis dorm has a contemporary exterior, tall blonde at San Francisco California golds a traditional interior.

Plus, it shares a P. It is also the only girls' dorm with movable furniture desks, dressers. These features are built-in for Crosby and Brown. Now for the boys' dorms. The reasons there are more boys dorms is simply that the buildings themselves are smaller, so more are required. Everything I wrote for Martin, apply it to Stockard, just switch the names. It is exactly the same, but for boys. The two dorms are slightly separated from the rest of the dorms, but not too far removed.

Located close to Crosby and the Student Union, Stewart is sometimes called the "Crosby of boys' dorms," though it is smaller than Crosby. It is a social dorm, but it is the only boys' dorm without movable furniture desks, drawers. The beds, however, are movable. Located between the Student Union and Brown Hall, Hefley is also the dorm closest to the Grove, though it does require a bit of walking. It is the second smallest dorm and has all the usual features of a traditional hall.

The smallest of the traditional dorms, Deaton also has some unique features--one of which being that it is the only traditional hall with in-room thermostats. However, it is also the only traditional hall without study rooms, so there's really no place in the dorm to escape if you need to get away from your roommate. All contemporary halls adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 residents adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 both sexes, but in different wings.

Your Craigslist cumberland md personals card will only give you access to the side of the hall of your sex. If you try to use your ID card to get in the other side, access will be denied. All contemporary halls have adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 bathrooms, in-room thermostats, and microwaves and mini-fridges provided.

All except RH1 are located together in Ridges, near the Commons. You may need to qualify for these groups to be eligible for certain dorms. In my opinion, if you can afford the contemporary halls and are eligible, it is adult wants casual sex Cannon Mississippi 38603 worth the price. This is the only contemporary hall not located in Ridges. Instead, it is located right next to Crosby, on the side closer to Sorority Row. It is also the only entirely General Community contemporary hall, meaning that if you can afford it, and reserve your room in time, you do not have to meet any additional requirements to live in this dorm.

Generally, freshman will message dating site be placed into this dorm unless there is availability or through necessity. It shares a courtyard with RH3 and Minor Hall. It is open for breaks such lonely ladies seeking sex Newark Delaware Thanksgiving break and winter break. If you are an international student, you will be able to meet fellow international students in this dorm.

That said, it is also General Community for freshmen, making this likely the most diverse dorm. FASTrack students, if I'm not mistaken, provides students with a smoother transition into college, mentorship, and smaller class sizes, and Early Entry Pharmacy is just what it sounds like, students accepted early entry black crush sex the Pharmacy program.