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Anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later

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Friends By Cheviot by stargod13Feb 15,1: Friends A short story by Cheviot cheviot mahbe. As long as they could remember they had been friends. The elite. They ran the school. Natalie, Marie, Allison and Trudy. They were beautiful, smart, and fashionable.

anone School life lived and died by their whims. Then Marie made a mistake. One night without protection and Marie was pregnant, and dumped by the elite. Now they were three In the old days she would have strutted, but those days were long behind. Now a days she was just happy to make it to homeroom without some awful comment or jab.

She gathered her books and, now with a bit less trepidation, crossed the main solarium to get to homeroom. I get off light today she thought happily It was like the Red Sea had been parted. No one stood between Marie and orient express 2 bentonville former best friends. They were smiling. That was never a good sign.

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Natalie was wearing a red mini and blouse that accentuated her tiny waist and long thin legs. The others were wearing matching outfits in different colors. Quiet whispering could be heard in the corners of the room Something was up. It's Friday night and I have to work late, then I'm home with Jason for the night. This was a sick little game Natalie savored playing at every opportunity.

He just started Isn't it almost his birthday? Why do you" "Well, We all chipped in to get this for you". Allison handed Natalie a rather large box tied with a anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later, which she immediately handed to Marie. Natalie held out the box for a moment, then seeing Marie's distrust, lifted off the top and upended the box letting the bright blue Thigh-Master fall loudly to the floor.

Suddenly the whole room erupted in laughter as Marie ran down the hall towards her homeroom. Its not that she was especially fat, but compared to Natalie, Allison and Trudy's little one hundred pound frames she was positively huge. After she had Jason she had never been able to lose anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later thirty pounds that had settled on her butt and bust line.

She tried for months to lose it, only to finally admit it wasn't going anywhere Anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later what she needed Not to mention being called 'cowgirl'. Natalie always made fun naughty lady looking nsa Salford how busty she'd gotten when she was pregnant and hadn't let up since she couldn't seem to lose the weight across her chest.

And just for icing on the cake, when she got to her homeroom she found another Thigh-Master sitting on her desk topped with a big red bow. She left the school in tears. Her parents were packed away to the mountains for the weekend. Natalie was looking picture perfect in her short frilly nightie, Trudy in a more sleepoverish full length nightgown and Allison in pink sweatpants and tee shirt.

Friends By Cheviot by stargod13 on DeviantArt

The liquor cabinet was unlocked and the remnants of three ice cream sundaes littered the table. The creepy guy in the raincoat had only just been run over when the doorbell rang.

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Natalie got up to answer the door. It was Marie, still in her McDonalds uniform. They're fat free but they really taste great. Our favorite cowgirl just stopped by to try to smooth things over with about two dozen cookies. I mean, what a loser.

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Bringing a gift after we publicly humiliated her today. Talk about a brown-noser," Natalie laughed. It was.

I Seeking Sexy Meet Anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later

Grab the milk and some glasses Trudy. As she entered the kitchen, Allison whispered, "You know, she was Marie's best friend.

They lived next door to each other before we even met. That's why we've got to stop this feeling sorry shtick right latee. I won't have date line wiki. Not in my house. Get real. She's the type that takes whatever shit you shovel at her and comes back for. Trudy returned quickly with the milk and Natalie tried one, savoring every bite.

She took her second and noticing the other girls hadn't touched them said "Come on, they aren't getting any fresher Trudy barely touched them, but Natalie more than made up for her, eating more than a dozen over the next half hour as they watched the anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later. As the movie laer Trudy headed for the bathroom. After about five minutes Allison decided to check on Trudy. She started to pull herself up out of the overly comfy chair when Chevioot encountered some resistance.

She wiggled a bit in the chair and forced herself up with her arms, taking a moment to gain her footing. She glanced lafer and after a moments thought turned toward the bathroom. Natalie stood to get herself a drink but stopped as she glanced across the room. She looked like she had just eaten a very large meal, her short nightie doing nothing to hide the bulge that was now around her waist. Now Anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later was Chheviot to the bathroom, passing Allison in the hall.

Come out here, are you all right?

She grabbed the handle and started to twist it, but it was locked tight. She pushed ladies seeking casual sex Pacific the door, and felt something peculiar.

Confused, she backed away and pushed again -- and once again felt something odd, but she couldn't quite place it. She looked over at Allison, who stood, mouth agape, staring at Natalie. What happened to your belly" Natalie shouted. Natalie looked down, finally realizing what the odd sensation she had felt earlier. It was her belly flattening against the door as she had pushed against it. Unlike Allison, Natalie's belly was uncovered anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later her short nighty, revealing a belly that might have been six months pregnant, aside from the deep belly button.

She quickly moved her hands across her belly, feeling its softness. It felt like a big ball of fat.

And a ball that was getting bigger, she realized, as she felt the skin stretching beneath her fingers. She quickly noted that she wasn't gaining weight anywhere. Mzybe thighs and butt anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later tight as.

Allison was just reaching down to feel her belly as they heard the bathroom door unlock and swing open. Trudy stood there, her sweats pulled down just enough how to date a haitian woman reveal a slight bloating below her belly button. As they stared they saw the bulge slowly overtake her belly button, pushing it out along the curve of her distended belly.

Natalie turned toward her room, almost losing her footing as her weight shifted in an unfamiliar way and ran into her room. A fast jogging shuffle was all she managed, that is until she stopped Chevkot front of her full length mirror. I'm getting bigger and bigger and Her once flat belly was pushed out as if she had eaten a basketball for dinner, its smooth curve only broken by the deep crevice anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later by her very deep belly button.

Anyone care to chat maybe have Cheviot later Seeking Sexy Chat

She laid her hands across her belly again feeling the skin slowly stretching outwards. She turned toward the mirror looking at herself head on, feeling her eyes begin to tear up, presenting her profile to the other girls.

Trudy said, almost in a whisper, "Jesus, you look as big as Marie was when She had hage grabbed Trudy by the shoulders when the doorbell rang. They all stopped and stared back and forth at each. We'll wait.

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Whoever it is, get rid of them! Just as she reached the door it rang .