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Applebees waiter women looking to fuck

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I hope everyone who reads this feels the same way I. During my tenures at Applebees I was sexually harrassed and verbally harrassed. Several of us kept quiet because we needed our job.

I was sexually assaulted and harassed at two different Applebees. Nobody cared.

Applebees waiter women looking to fuck

I went to mgr and district mgr. To no avail. On my last day we were having a reopening. A big wig kept touching me.

I was told to calm down and that I was overreacting. I applebees waiter women looking to fuck called the police but they laughed at me. They baker acted me because I was so upset. I have since been diagnosed with ptsd ladies seeking casual sex GA Garden city 31408 to the extent of my humiliation.

I also have a phobia of men touching me. I will freak. Thank you, BW, for speaking. Either a dude or a mid aged John applebees waiter women looking to fuck lady. Hooray, Tricia! Hope Jarvis was the cook. Erika, thank you! Thats because I was on maternity leave during the few days that you woeked therw!

Guys every company has its downfalls and bad employees but i will atand on the fact that this applevews has not got any harrassment issues ive ever seen this is steictky a case of a bittee waitress out for revenge because she got canbwd cuz she couldnt keep up. And tricia check your facts dear that store is the 3rd busiest in ks!

You should try typing with your fingers and not your face. They need their jobs or they fear either verbal or physical repercussion.

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Bitchy, please keep looikng updated. You really should take a beginning grammar class. I called the Kevin Spacey thing. My husband asked if I applebees waiter women looking to fuck that anyone was going to believe the guy who accused.

In that case we call her a liar, say it was her fault. Tricia had a bad attitude from day 1 and i believe the part about thecook.

Ap;lebees r a few cooks that are foul mouth womanizers but they dont do it in front of management so management dont know! Grow up Tricia! Also I never worked with anyone named Lauren.

Go victim blame somewhere. I worked at my local Applebees for approximately 4 weeks.

I completed training and my first day working alone I was told to ask questions. So, if I was unsure of anything I would ask. The cooks humilated me, telling me I was stupid, and would laugh whenever I asked them.

This was my first day serving without a trainer and also a busy Friday night. I brought this up to the GM and nothing was. I stopped asking questions and put orders in applebees waiter women looking to fuck if I was unsure. The other servers were as helpful as they could be and management simply did not know enough to answer my questions.

About a week later, I came in to open.

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I put back a salad and the lady who ordered it wanted to make some changes after I put the order in. I was than ridiculed and made fun of for not knowing which person did salads…. She was cutting some produce with a large knife.

Applebees waiter women looking to fuck I Am Look Real Dating

I told her I was not putting up with the cooks harassment and needed to go. This site uses applebees waiter women looking to fuck. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Jul 13, Petersburg women who fuck for free insecure women are dangerous and wild as fuck.

Literally had some people try and start random shit w me for absolutely no reason beyond their own insecurity.

You really feeling good cause your big ass had to use three other big ass folks to loiking a small black girl?

So tired of raggedy ass people like. Thanks x 23 Hugs! Thanks x 28 Hugs! The images are very clear.

Who raises people like this? Thanks x 7. Just saw this on the news about 15 applebees waiter women looking to fuck ago. The yt newscaster had a look of disgust on her face This appebees terrible.

I hope the waitress recovers and those heathens should be easy to catch with the clear video outside the restaurant.

Thanks x 5. What is qaiter with people? These girls acted like rabid animals. It's disgusting. Where is the compassion, empathy, respect and just overall decency towards another fellow human being?

Thanks x Da fuq?! Did they know her?

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Jul 14, Big burly bitches! They just wanted any reason to fight!

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Thanks x 8 LOL! Thanks x 3. Ladies always carry pepper spray, or in these big hoodrat bitches case Bear mace, with you at a minimum. The waitress looked black to me as well but regardless that jumping was ridiculous and uncalled.

Musty wildebeests were probably jealous and looking waiger fight anyone who was cuter and smaller than. Thanks x 6 LOL! That initial punch to the head was hard as hell. Police said she turned herself in and was then taken to the hospital for what is believed to be related to a pregnancy.

Applebees waiter women looking to fuck fight happened just after Fo said when it happened a second time, fists started flying. TF Spangenberg.

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The server was cut in the arm and needed 15 stitches to close the gash. Police said surveillance video showed all four women punching the server. Four women wanted for brawl identified.