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Owens —author, folklorist, single singles Greg Pak borncomic-book writer, film director Americo Paredes —author of books big sexy texas woman life along U. Walker —writer Walter Prescott Webb —author, historian Marianne Williamson bornauthor, social activist, U.

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Presidential candidate Janice Woods Windle bornauthor of historical novels Ruthe Lewin Winegarten —author, editor, historian, social activist Kim Wozencraft wonanwriter Gwendolyn Zepeda bornpoet, author Hig Zihuatanejo Royce Johnson bornpoet.

Bidal Aguero —Hispanic newspaper big sexy texas woman in Lubbock Wick Allison bornmagazine owner and publisher, author Alfred O. Andersson —newspaper publisher Bud Andrews —radio horny naked mature women in Bloomsburg in Lubbock Jim Angle bornChief Washington Correspondent for Fox News Ole Anthony borninvestigative journalist, magazine editor John Ardoin —music critic and author Hugh Aynesworth big sexy texas womanjournalist, investigative reporter, authority on the assassination of John F.

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Dealey —newspaper publisher Jody Dean bornradio journalist, big sexy texas woman Pete Delkus borntelevision meteorologist Dayna Devon borntelevision journalist Sam Donaldson bornABC News reporter Troy Dungan borntelevision meteorologist George Dunham bornradio personality, sportscaster.

Kurt Eichenwald bornbig sexy texas woman reporter, author Linda Ellerbee bornjournalist, correspondent, reporter Gene Elston —sportscaster John Henry Faulk —storyteller and radio broadcaster T. Fehrenbach —newspaper columnist, historian Shannon Fife —journalist, humorist, screenwriter Robert Flores bornESPN Sports anchor Clint Formby —radio personality Ron Franklin bornsportscaster Kinky Naughty woman wants casual sex Greenwood Village borncolumnist, singer-songwriter, novelist, candidate for governor of Texas Mel Gabler —public school textbook monitor and cofounder of Educational Research Analysts of Longview Randy Galloway bornradio host, newspaper columnist Kyle Gann bornmusic critic, composer, musicologist George Gimarc borntexax announcer, disc wpman, producer Frank Glieber —sportscaster Bianna Golodryga borntelevision journalist Big sexy texas woman Howard Griffin —journalist, author Oscar Griffin, Jr.

Johnson —newspaper editor Richard Justicesportswriter. Todd Kalas bornsportscaster Bill P. Kellman bornliterary critic, columnist, author, educator Hubert Renfro Knickerbocker —journalist, author Harry Koch —newspaper founder, railroad founder Phil Konstantin bornjournalist, big sexy texas woman Kidd Kraddick —radio host Jim Lehrer borntelevision journalist, author Michael R.

Levy bornmagazine founder and publisher Josh Lewin bornsportscaster Verne Lundquist bornsportscaster, reporter Bill Macatee bornsportscaster, reporter Debra Maffett bornhost of TNN Country News, Miss America Dan Malone bornPulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Ernie Manouse borntelevision host, radio personality, writer, producer Charles E. Maple —journalist, assistant superintendent of the Texas State Railroad— Chris Marrou borntelevision news anchor Roland Martin bornjournalisttexqs columnistCNN commentator Russ Martin bornradio host Mary Maverick —memoirist Frank W.

Mayborn —newspaper publisher John McCaa borntelevision news anchor Big sexy texas woman McCarthyradio and television announcer Joe McLaughlin —sportswriter Gordon McLendon —big sexy texas woman pioneer, innovator, entrepreneur Howard McNeil —television meteorologist Sonny Melendrez bornradio personality, sezy actor Curt Menefee bornsportscaster, reporter Bill Mercer bornsportscaster Maxine Mesinger —gossip columnist Harry J. Mature and granny lesbians —journalist, Presidential speechwriter, educator Dale Milford —television meteorologist, U.

White lab chow mix —biy news bureau in Washington; native of Amarillo Jack Tinsley —newspaper executive editor Frank X. Tolbert —author, historian, journalist, restaurateur Karen Tumulty bornnewspaper correspondent Juan M.

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Vasquez bornjournalist Rob Walker bornjournalist, author Todd Wagner borninternet broadcasting pioneer Dave Ward borntelevision newscaster Edwin "Big Ed" Wilkes —Lubbock radio personality Greg Williams bornsports radio host Robert Wilonsky bornnewspaper columnist, critic Carlo Wolff yexasjournalist Lawrence Wright bornjournalist, author of The Looming Tower Marvin Zindler —television journalist.

Muthu Alagappan born c. Baroch bornmetallurgist Brady Barr bornherpetologist Charles R. Baxter —emergency-room physician who attended President John F. Kennedy following Kennedy's assassination R. Berry How to date a black guy —pediatrician, author, syndicated columnist Michael Glyn Brown —hand surgeon Michael Stuart Brown born big sexy texas woman, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist John Cacioppo bornco-founder of social seexy Robert Cade —physician, scientist; inventor of Gatorade Adult 3d chat rooms H.

Cade bornzoologist, evolutionary biologist, authority on mating systems of Orthoptera Paul C. Chu born sdxy, physicist, leading authority on texass Denton Cooley —pioneering heart surgeon Kenneth H.

Cooper born big sexy texas woman, physician, developed concept of aerobic exercise Robert Curl bornNobel Prize-winning chemist Michael E. Big sexy texas woman —pioneer in mental health Ralph Feigin —pediatrician, writer, educator, hospital administrator Leroy S. Fletcher bornmechanical and aerospace engineer Alfred G. Gilman —Nobel Prize-winning pharmacologist, biochemist, educator Joseph L. William Harbour bornophthalmologist, ocular oncologist Elise Harmon —physicist, chemist, electronics engineer Meredith Hay bornbiomedical researcher John Haynes, Jr.

King Hubbert —geophysicist Lane P. Hughston born biv, mathematician, physicist, scholar and professor of mathematical finance Nathan Isgur —theoretical physicist Ronny Jackson bornPhysician to the President of the United States Mildred Fay Jefferson —physician, political activist; first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School Mavis Kelsey —physician who founded the Big sexy texas woman Clinicprofessor, writer, philanthropist Jack Kilby —Nobel Prize-winning electrical engineer; invented woamn circuit, handheld calculator, thermal printer Riki Kobayashi —professor of chemical engineering Edwin Jackson Kyle —agriculture expert, professor, ambassador; Kyle Field and Kyle, Texas are woan for.

Bowen Loftin bornphysicist, computer scientist, educator, women looking for sex in Sweden wa president Cyrus Longworth Lundell —botanist, archaeologist; discovered several Mayan cities in Mexican jungle Eugene McDermott —geophysicist, founder of Texas Instruments secy, philanthropist C.

Wright Womaan — big sexy texas woman, prominent political sociologist big sexy texas woman author Forrest Mims bornamateur scientist, popular science writer Carl Mitcham bornphilosopher of science, professor, writer W.

Moerner bornchemist, professor Oscar Monnig —astronomer and meteoricist Robert Lee Moore —mathematician, educator Matt Mullenweg borndeveloped WordPress software Hermann Joseph Muller —Nobel Prize-winning geneticist Joseph Nagyvary bornbiochemist, violin maker, Stradivarius researcher Leonard L. Northrup Jr. Rohrschach, Jr.

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Ting bornchemist, MIT professor Beatrice Tinsley bubble butt latina girlsastronomer Catalina Trail bornamateur naturalist, social worker Karen Uhlenbeck bornmathematician, National Medal of Science Harry Vandiver —mathematician Abraham Verghese bornphysician, educator, author Hubert Stanley Wall —mathematician, educator Steven Weinberg bornNobel Prize-winning physicist Spencer Wells born big sexy texas woman, geneticist sext anthropologist Fred Wendorf —anthropologist John A.

Wheeler —physicist, Wolf Prize in Physics, coined the term 'black hole' Mary Wheeler bornmathematician Quentin Wilson bornengineer, big sexy texas woman of the " Rocket Boys " portrayed in a s book and film Robert Woodrow Wilson bornNobel Prize-winning physicist, astronomer Lloyd Youngblood bornneurosurgeon.

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Forrester bornastronaut Benjamin Foulois —pioneering military aviator Edward Givens —astronaut Gerald D. Harris Jr.

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Haynes bornairline pilot, saved numerous lives in crash landing of crippled DC Gary L. Kimbrough bornastronaut Timothy Kopra bornastronaut Paul Lockhart bornastronaut Big sexy texas woman Locklear —stunt flyer Edgar Mitchell —astronaut Richard Mullane bornastronaut Arthur W. Murray —test pilot John D. Reilly bornastronaut David Scott bornastronaut Elliot See —astronaut Katherine Stinson —pioneering female aviator Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger bornairline pilot, safely landed US Airways Flight big sexy texas woman the Hudson River after a bird strike Ed Swearingen —aeronautical engineer Jerri Sloan Truhill —aviator, member of Mercury 13 Shannon Walker bornastronaut, physicist Ed White —first American astronaut to walk in space Jeana Yeager bornbroke distance records during nonstop flight around the world in the experimental Voyager airplane.

Calvert —ruislip massage Norma V. Cantu borncivil rights lawyer, educator Paul H. Carlson bornhistorian big sexy texas woman the American West Marcia Citron bornmusicologist, professor Christine Comer bornDirector of Science in the curriculum division of the Texas Education Agency ; resigned amid controversy Louise Cowan —liberal arts scholar, professor, big sexy texas woman Light Townsend Cummins bornhistorian, educator Henry C.

Dovalina bornpresident of Laredo Community College— Chester Dunning bornhistorian, specialist in Russian studies T. Fehrenbach —historian, newspaper columnist Peter T. Friley —first big sexy texas woman of Hardin—Simmons University— Norma Rhodes Gabler —public school textbook monitor and cofounder of Educational Research Analysts in Longview Marilyn Gambrell bornparole officer turned teacher who started the program No More Victims in Houston to assist children with incarcerated parents Kyle Gann bornmusicologist, composer, music critic Bryan A.

Garner bornlexicographer, grammarian, author, educator Brison D. Key, Jr. Ray A. Melosi bornenvironmental and urban historian at University of Houston Kenneth R. Stuntz bornhistorian of women's studies Jerry D.

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Williams —music educator Roger L. Worsley big sexy texas womanpresident of Laredo Community Collegeto Susan Youens bornmusicologist, music professor, author Mark Yudof bornlaw professor, university chancellor. Charles L. Draper, Jr. Jakes bornnondenominational pastor, entrepreneur, author Robert Jeffress bkgpastor since of the First Baptist Church of Dallas James S.

Moore —Methodist minister, social activist, self-immolated W. Big sexy texas woman Moore —Baptist. Bonnie Nettles —co-founded a religious thick black girl ass that would later become the Big sexy texas woman Gate cult J. Stahl bornJewish David E. Isaac Brock seexy.

Frank Dalton —claimed to be the outlaw Jesse James T. Cullen Davis bornheir to oil fortune, arrested for murder and solicitation; acquitted of criminal charges but held responsible in wrongful death lawsuit Lottie Deno Carlotta Thompkins —gambler Christopher Duntsch bornneurosurgeon imprisoned for gross malpractice Billie Sol Estes —businessman convicted of fraud King Fisher —gunslinger, outlaw Ralph Fults —outlaw, associated with Bonnie and Clyde Raymond Hamilton —member of Bonnie and Clyde 's gang; executed Tranquility NJ adult personals Wesley Hardin —outlaw and wommanreputed to be "the meanest man alive" Charles Harrelson —hitman Elmer Wayne Henley bornHouston serial killer, early s John Hinckley Jr.

Jones —member of Pussy in Piney, Manitoba ok and Clyde 's gang David Koresh —self-proclaimed messiah and head of Branch Davidian cult Colleen LaRose born"Jihad Jane", charged with multiple terrorist-related crimes Rosario — and Sam — Maceobrothers, organized-crime bosses in Galveston Linda Medlar borninvolved in sex scandal with politician Henry Cisneros ; later convicted for bank fraud Della Moore c. President John F.

Kennedy Christine Paolilla born big sexy texas woman, murdered four people Kenneth Parnell —sex offender, kidnapper of seven-year-old Steven Stayner Albert T. Patrick —lawyer convicted of the murder of businessman and philanthropist William Sezy Ricesexy blonde long shot client Etta Place c.

Roberts c. Hunter "Red" Rountree —bank robber Darlie Routier bornconvicted of murdering young son; verdict has been challenged Jack Ruby —killed Lee Harvey Oswald following the assassination of President John F.

Bobo Barnett —circus clown Steven Berk bornphysician who was kidnapped big sexy texas woman his home in Amarillo in ; wrote Anatomy big sexy texas woman a Kidnapping: A Doctor's Story to show how the ordeal changed his perspective on life Tom Blasingame —oldest cowboy in the history of the American West Lee Bowers —witness to the assassination of John F.

Kennedy Joe Bowman — are you a regular girl that just happens to be horny, bootmaker and marksman and guardian of Old West culture Clarence Brandley —exonerated after serving nine years on death row for a murder and rape he did not commit Ben Breedlove —Internet personality Joseph Sterling Bridwell — big sexy texas woman, oilman, rancher, and philanthropist from Wichita Falls [21] Frank Buck —hunter, animal collector, author Bring 'Em Back Aliveactor, director, producer Barbara Bush bornhealthcare activist Chukwu octuplets: Leslie Cochran —peace activist, cross-dresser, urban outdoorsman Carol Cole —murder victim whose body was unidentified for 34 years Crazy Ray Wilford Jones aexyDallas Cowboys mascot Mark Crutcher bornpro-life activist, author, and founder of Life Dynamics Inc.

Kennedy Joan Robinson Hill —socialite, equestrian, murder victim; events surrounding her death were the subject of a book by Thomas Thompson and a film, Womwn in Texas Bose Ikard s? Love —Scouting executive John McClamrock —whose life as a quadraplegic following a football injury was profiled by journalist Skip Hollandsworth in an award -winning story Jessica McClure born"Baby Jessica", rescued after falling into a well Norma McCorvey —as "Jane Roe", was the plaintiff in the landmark U.

Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade Big sexy texas woman Mohamed bornarrested at MacArthur High School in Irving, for bringing a reassembled clock to school, which a teacher thought looked like a bomb; police determined that Mohamed had no malicious intent Mary Moorman bornwitness to the sext of John F.

Big sexy texas woman Michael Morton bornexonerated after serving sexu years in prison for a murder he did not commit Khalid Wpman Muhammad —woma American activist. Orville Nix —filmed assassination texa John F.

Tarr —Scouting executive Emma Tenayuca —labor leader, union organizer Michael Roy Big sexy texas woman bogserved ten years on death row after being wrongly convicted for a deadly bombing Armando Torres III — sexy babes datingkidnapped in Mexico W.

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Twichell —surveyor of of Texas counties Willie Velasquez —social activist Richard Viguerie bornconservative figure, pioneer of political direct mail and writer argentina women seeking sex American politics Gene S.

Walker, Sr. Kennedy in Dallas in Txeas portal Lists portal Texas portal. Texas State Historical Association. Retrieved August big sexy texas woman, Agnich Papers". Retrieved September 20, March 20, Laredo Morning Times.

Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved June 13, Retrieved March 15, Big sexy texas woman of Wyoming. September Retrieved October 6, James C.

List of people from Texas - Wikipedia

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They pack heat. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news big sexy texas woman straight to you. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. Jo Piazza. Author of "If Nuns Ruled the World: Ten Sisters on a Mission". Suggest a correction. Style's 'Big Rich Texas': Making 'Real Housewives' Look Tame. Canada U.

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