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Fud sex

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Fud sex who are just as agreeable to shopgo to the movies as they are to take a walk, or share what they think of a latest book, or go on a gentle hike, or hit a gym machine once in awhile (once in a while, mind you, I'm not that fud sex lol). No cock pics please, just write me a dirty email.

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Top definition. Fud unknown.

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Although " fud " is widely accepted in Scotland as being a slang fud sex for the female reproductive organs, it is generally used as a pejorative to describe someone who has just done something stupid, often in situations where they've fud sex been impulsive or it was free hot sex women obvious beforehand that it was a stupid thing to. FUD unknown.

FUD sex. Scottish slang term meaning pussy, vagina, muffcunt. She woke with a fud sex and punched me in the balls".

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Also known as scare tacticseither accomplished by threat or making srx fud sex doubt his standpoint. Not only used in lawsuits, but also in politics and military propaganda.

Fuf company's FUD spreading caused many supporters to abandon their cause, except for the few that could see fud sex its scaremongering propaganda.

Female genitalianormally used as an insult, meaning a person of lower than average intelligence.

Fud sex. Alternative word for fanny. The female sexual organ.

You stupid fud. Scots term for a rabbit's tailhence the slang derivation meaning female pubic hair.

See also fudarea. As the wee bunny hopped off you could esx its fud bouncing up and down Gie's fud sex swatch at yer fud, darlin'. She's Got That Water.

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