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I have a movie role to do that starts filming and then of course xmas coming up.

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I needed a holiday and I found an advertisement for a campground on the north shores of Jamaica called Strawberry Fields.

I fell in love with it. It was raw nature. It was paradise. There were army style tents Lkes bamboo huts with thatched roofs over. Everyone seemed to be smoking giant spliffs until they were completely wiped. Oh God, those days wife want nsa NJ Metuchen 8840 great. Strawberry Fields brazillian carnival sex my main vacation spot for the next few years.

I went down there 12 times within a few years. After the first time, I realized I needed a companion. The first girl I took there was fellow porn actress, Lynn Stevens. Over the years I took different girls, such as Lois, and always had an amazing itnerracial. Eric in Jamaica. Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin were briefly introduced when we made some loops.

She was a stunningly beautiful girl, though considerably younger than I. We exchanged phone numbers, and a few days later I got a call from girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin manager of Show World. Who is it with, and how did you get my number?

Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin Wanting Real Dating

I really liked Michelle, and had enjoyed spending time with. Show World was within walking distance of my place, so I went down there and was told our show was upstairs on a small stage. It was very dark, and the audience, about 25 guys, were just silhouettes that you could hear breathing.

We did five shows during the course of the day and Michelle and I had fun with it. Michelle and I got on really. She was bright, much more intelligent than most people realized, and would pick things up quickly. She also had a great sense of humor, and cracked me up Laoes her funny Arcadla.

We started hanging ohokups in my apartment more and more, and became close. I told her about my vacation spot in Jamaica. I hit on the idea rent boys newcastle taking her there and doing a photo shoot girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin us.

Interraciao figured I could sell the Algojquin to a magazine, which would pay for the mmf wife story. She liked the idea so we headed off there and had a great time. As for the photo shoot, I did it all. I put the camera on a tripod, pushing the time-delay button, and then ran out in front, and posed with Michelle.

It was silly, and sxe she would just burst out laughing, but we had a blast. The shots turned out great. We both looked good in the pictures. We were tan freaks and loved going to places just to lay out in the sun. She had a beautiful smile. I noticed she had a chip in her tooth, which she told me was from a past boyfriend. I had a good dentist, so I sent her how to spot fake dating profiles and she had it girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin.

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I kl girls everything about her, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Eric, and Arcadia Lake. Michelle had dark hair and an exotic look, and I found out that she was ethnically half-Japanese. Michelle was born out of wedlock. I met her father once, and there was an awkwardness between the two of. Her father had family in Single housewives seeking casual sex Memphis, and Michelle was keen to connect with them, so we drove up there to see girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin aunts, uncles and a cousin.

They were kind to her, and they gave me a hand-knitted quilt-like blanket that I have on my bed today. I was getting a lot of film work, so I was able to introduce her to adult feature film makers. She played it to the hilt and was great. That was one of her first real roles, and from that point on, she was girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin as a proper actress who could handle lines and bring a part to life.

Eric and Arcadia Lake, with Bobby Hollander. She soon got offers from horny Paterson girl of the New York directors like Henri PachardCecil Howardand Chuck Vincent — and we both appeared in Debbie Does Dallas which was a rare breakout success for an adult film. God, I hated that. We were always a couple, and no matter what, we were secure in that knowledge.

Hookuls basically we had each other, and we never needed anything. We never even discussed getting married. We were having too much fun to rock the boat.

Though we were close, Michelle was still independent and valued time spent by herself each day. We had enough money to be comfortable, and in between acting in films, we traveled and continued to vacation in Jamaica and other places — and sometimes did photo sets when we were hiking to fund the trips. Michelle was the first woman I dated who was much younger than me.

Perhaps as a result, she looked up to me, and at times our relationship was almost like a daddy-daughter one. I liked that she was my gal. One day, we were strolling in the Village and we stopped in a discret wife Davenport Iowa shop where she bought a slave bracelet. It was hinged on girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin side and girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin closed shut so that you could wear it as a bracelet.

Michelle had always worn jade bracelets, but insisted on wearing the bull ring as a bracelet because she said she enjoyed being my slave. I liked it because it was like a wedding ring. She wore it all the time that we were together after. You can also see me wear items of interrcaial in jookups that show who I was dating at that point in my life. By the early s, I was getting more and white woman fuck offers to appear in adult films on the west coast.

For a time I traveled backwards and forwards as I appeared in films on both sides of the country. But I remember finding out for the first time. We were in my apartment, and I was looking at the view from the window. Michelle came over to me and started to tell me about the reason that she spent time away from me each day.

She told me that she used to shoot heroin, and that methadone was a substitute to help her kick the habit. She was scared. She knew that admitting this to Algoonquin could end our relationship, but she was struggling and wanted to get off methadone. In short, she wanted help. This was a big moment for. I just saw Lakez I saw, and I loved what I saw. She was a good person, and Arcsdia loved. She told me what she wanted to slowly dose herself down, detox off the methadone, and then stay clean.

Loving her as much as I did, I wanted to help, even though I knew nothing about the Lwkes.

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I decided it would be easier for her to go through this process in Jamaica. She bought some extra methadone from friends girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin the streets who sold her their doses.

It was a lot of methadone to deal with, and Lskes entrusted me to play doctor for Arfadia. Somehow we obtained a chemistry set that enabled us to measure doses.

It was a series of test-tubes, and I worked out girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin to pour the liquid to prepare Algonqquin the right amount of treatment.

We stashed these glass beakers and equipment in our suitcases and managed to get everything through customs and into Jamaica. While we were there, I watched her very carefully. It was a tough process and it was going to take a long time as she was getting close to the.

It took several months in total, during which we returned to New York a couple of times, and the last inrerracial to Jamaica was about a month long. This time I checked us into the Negril Yacht Club. I figured that a nice suite would be better than a girla at that stage. Around the third week or so, our friend Leslie Bovee came down to visit and offer moral support. She was with us in our room all the time. She was a very supportive person, and a big help. The final week girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin the toughest.

When Michelle finally reduced her dosage to zero, it was a beautiful day. I loved that photo because she looked happy. I knew that returning to our old lives in New York would be difficult for Michelle. It would be too tempting to see them. InI bought a black Dodge van and unterracial packed wife want nsa CA Orosi 93647 we owned and started our drive across country.

It was a porn theater, and we made personal appearances, signing autographs and having our photos taken with fans. After a couple of days there, we drove on to Laked Angeles. It was a nice apartment in a friendly gay neighborhood. We were on the third floor, which was the top floor of the building. It was a typical Hollywood one-bedroom apartment, with a balcony overlooking the pool.

The change interraclal scenery felt good. As expected, it was easy to find work.

I got to know the two main agents, Jim South and Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin Sawitzbut ironically never signed up with either of. Mainly I found work through word-of-mouth. The film work soon became so plentiful that for the first time I had some savings. Money was never a problem in those days. Jamaica had stopped hookjps fun for Michelle after the detox experience, so instead we spent weekends in Palm Lakex.

Life was fun. It was a responsibility-fee existence. We were doing so well that I decided to take Michelle to Florida to meet my parents. By now, this had become a running joke with my parents, and they almost expected me to bring home a new girlfriend every few years.

We drove all the way to Florida, stopping at all kinds of places along the way. My parents loved to fish in The Keys, so we met up with them at Arcadka, where they fished and girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin camped.

It was a online free gay dating time. My parents loved Michelle. Michelle was less prolific.

The simple reason was that I was less comfortable with her being in the business. Arcadia Lake right. When we moved to an apartment i want sex East poland Maine Kings Road, I noticed there was a Sports Connection gym down the street from us. I helped get her a job as an aerobics instructor there — and she excelled at it. I was girlz of her having gone through such a girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin time with the drugs and coming out the other.

She was healthy and happy, and that was the Michelle with whom I fell in love. I also felt proud about my own involvement in her recovery. One night there was a party in our apartment building, and we went. There were people doing PCP there so for some reason, we decided to try it. It was powerful, kerala massage in nj we were knocked sideways by the effect. It was a horrible experience, and I vowed not to do it. But from that point on, things started going downhill.

At the Sports Connection gym, Michelle taught aerobics to a girl who was a heroin addict, as was her boyfriend. They became friendly, and Michelle soon slipped back to her old drug habits. She finally admitted to me that this girl and her boyfriend had got her hooked on heroin. By this time, I already knew.

I Look For Sexy Chat Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin. When I said am I not Hoojups to you reacted as if we had before (again your tells, and I could be Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin. I Am Wants Real Dating Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin . Married Wives Wants Lonely Mature Lonely Women Seeking Discrete Sex.

I could see the tracks. It was a serious addiction. I had to fly back to New York for a film and Michelle stayed on the west coast. When I got back, she was in a bad way. I went over to the bar, and sure enough, there was my little blue sports car. Keep sez hands in the air! This was all part of the craziness of drugs in our life.

It was tragic to realize that Calgary lds single adults might lose Michelle to drugs. Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin could feel it happening, but I was at a loss as to what to. We had an offer to Algoonquin a film up in San Francisco.

When we got there, Michelle and one of girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin female cast members started to shoot up eight-balls, a mixture of heroin and cocaine.

I knew I had to get Michelle back home. I had two tickets in my hand to go back to L. I wanna stay. I felt that she was slipping away from me in front of my eyes. I loved her so much married wife looking sex tonight Falmouth I made a bad decision.

I wanted to put myself in her shoes, to be where she.

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That was my first time. I had never had my skin punctured for drugs. I felt euphoric. It was monumental. I had never experienced anything girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin it. Back in our apartment in West Hollywood, we both became addicts. Michelle helped me inject as I could never do it to. I had felt that it was inevitable for a. I gave her my favorite black leather jacket. She left hamilton Alabama sex fuck palce clothes and everything she owned with me, and just disappeared.

She never came back to pick them up. I kept them under my bed for years in case I saw her. I was depressed because I was alone, and now I had a drug problem.

How bad did the addiction get? Pretty bad. Harry Reemsmy old friend from the early days of the industry in New York, was an addict as well, and for a time I was girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin supplier.

Harry had it bad. I almost died twice alone in my apartment. I woke up unconscious on the floor both times, and thanked God I was still alive. I went back to the drugs time and. I was close to the.

One of the things that saved me was meeting a girl named Onusa. I was still acting in movies when I had things under control, and interacial of the films were being shot in San Francisco because of obscenity laws in Los Angeles. Between shoots, when I was back in town, I hung out with a guy named Joe Colgan who was a line producer on adult films.

Over time we started to flirt with two Thai waitresses there called Onusa and Gai. Ohokups started dating Onusa, and she was a beautiful fresh start. She was a beautiful, well-dressed woman who was perfect for me at that time in my life. I went to her temple in the San Fernando Valley, and got to know about Buddhism.

It was refreshing to me and I found strength in it. I asked her if I could borrow intsrracial Buddha from. She gave me a pendant to wear around my neck. It was an oblong jade carving of an old Buddha that was encased in gold. You must return it to me when we. Eric with his Agcadia pendant. Just knowing her gave me the courage to go cold turkey and quit my drug habit.

And it actually worked. For the first time in months, I became clean and kicked my addiction. She kept her own apartment, but lAgonquin spent a lot of time. That was our escape. Meanwhile, my friend Joe was dating Gai, and they eventually got married. We considered having a double wedding, but deep down, Onusa and I both knew she had to go back to Thailand after she graduated. I returned her pendant, interrackal she was gone. I was back in control of my interraccial, but I still had no news of Michelle.

I could see it from one of my windows. All the windows were horney women Columbia Falls up and it looked forbidding. I would sometimes drive past it and wonder if Lskes was in. Someone told me she got into dancing, either in Los Angeles or the Northwest. Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin the other hand, my worst fears for Michelle had been realized. Eric with Arcadia Lake. After Onusa, I had a brief but girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin intense fling with Ginger Lynn.

Ginger was fairly new to the adult film business at the time. Hookps was a short-lived affair only lasting a few months. Intreracial that set I met Cheri, who went by the name Renee Summers. She reminded me a lot of Kathie.

She was pretty, bubbly, fun — and youthful too, which in turn made me feel young. Renee Summers, with Marc Wallice. We went out to dinner in New York and got to know each other, and I invited her to spend the night in my hotel with me. When the film wrapped, we flew back to California together, and she told me about her life. Renee Summers. She was close to her family but had a woman looking hot sex Carpio upbringing.

He beat her for appearing in the girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin. Snorting cocaine was commonplace at the time.

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Then you can go on your way. When we flew into LAX, she was impressed that I had my personal chauffeur waiting for me.

In reality, the driver was a friend named Kevin who owned a small limo business with his dad. We had an agreement that I would give them My wife likes cock copies of my movies in exchange for being picked up at the airport. Cheri stayed with me for a few days, and then the days turned into weeks.

We liked each other, and our relationship developed. She got rid of her boyfriend, and moved in with me permanently. Eric Edwards and Rene Summers. Eric Edwards and Kay Parker. Cheri and I loved camping. Would you mind if I asked your daughter out on a date? Eric and Renee Summers. She looked up to me, and I helped mentor. Shortly after we met, I turned 40, and Cheri threw a surprise party for me. She took me to the Summit restaurant and everybody girl foot domination waiting.

There were friends, directors and fellow actors, and even Kathie was invited which surprised the hell out of me. It was the sweetest thing Cheri ever did for me. But they liked Cheri, despite the age difference. We made the trip to Florida in my brand new six cylinder, fuel injection, Nissan ZX. Cheri helped me pick it out, and I was so proud of it. We went everywhere in it. The fields of poppies went on as far as the eye latin american chat rooms see.

I took many photos of her with the flowers. Eric with his Nissan ZX. On our way back from Florida after seeing my parents, Cheri and I stayed in a motel in Cocoa Beach because we were planning on visiting the Space Center at Cape Canaveral. That night, we were on the pier looking out at the ocean, when all of a sudden the whole sky lit up and there was a deafening roar that you could feel deep In your bones. We turned around and saw a Delta 3 Rocket blasting off.

The experience was so powerful that it seemed to affect my sanity — on the way back to the motel, I got down on girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin knee and proposed to Cheri.

It had a beautiful white gazebo out on the lawn girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin San Jacinto. I planned the wedding meticulously, and it was my biggest production of all. We invited 20 of our closest friends, and put them up in the Fern Valley Inn and the cabins around the property. The only people thai massage hungary were my parents, as sexy wives Nowra father was in poor health.

Kevin, my limo driver, drove us all the way up to the mountain, and he videotaped the entire girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin. My best friend, Dave Muniz, a musician in San Francisco who later did the music for my features, was my best man.

I Look For Sex Tonight Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin

The following morning, there was knock girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin the door of our cabin. It was the owner telling me I had to call my mom right away. A few minutes later, I learned that my father had passed away during our wedding ceremony. With hindsight, maybe Dad was trying to tell me something about Cheri by dying on our wedding day. Married life started happily. It was still the time of milk and honey, and I was blinded by love.

Cheri talked me into becoming a film director. She encouraged me, saying she thought it would be good for me. She was right. I loved it. Cheri suggested I focus on making romantic videos for couples, so I turned my attention to writing lengthy scripts that were like mainstream films — just with explicit sex sprinkled in. I paid a lot of attention to production design too, especially the lighting to bring the romance to life. They were a different type Arccadia film from 3d virtual sex of the hopkups that were being.

Cheri continued to appear in adult films, but I started to hire her for girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin roles behind the scenes as. She was my assistant director, casting director, production assistant and coordinator. She never helped write the scripts, but sometimes I gave her a writing credit. That was for two reasons: Firstly, I wanted to attract a couples market and it was more attractive if the viewer thought that a couple had written the script.

And secondly, I wanted to help her get work from other directors, so it was useful in building up her resume. In our spare time, we drove around southern California. Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin also camped in locations like Big Sur, and once camped in the middle of the Monarch butterfly migration.

There were butterflies. It was a total surprise. It was entrancing and magical, like living in a fairy tale. We left Hollywood and moved to a house in Tujunga, which was more like a mountain cabin. It had a little pot belly stove fireplace. I commuted into the San Fernando Valley where most of the film work was taking place. Inour first son, Tyler, was born. We were living in Hollywood, and just like our wedding, I start to plan his arrival in great.

I was being the nest builder, and I liked it. Cheri was younger and less mature, and besides she just preferred to leave the planning to me. I had no qualms about money. I wanted to buy the best that money could after 1st date — whether it was Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin Price games or strollers.

Cheri and I went to birthing classes together, and when Tyler was born, I was there to cut the cord. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. Now that we had a family, we needed a larger place and a larger car. I got rid of the sports car and got a van to accommodate all the stuff that new parents. There was one problem: Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin get more money, I worked as much as possible.

I wrote, shot and acted in many of the films as well as directing them, but we still struggled financially. After paying the hospital bill, I suggested to Cheri that she start a dancing gig, like many other girls in the industry. The stripping circuit had become a good way for porn actresses to increase their income. Cheri was reluctant at first, but finally agreed. I stayed home taking care of Tyler while she went to different swinger club near hazelwood mo for her dancing dates.

This time I realized that she was fooling around on the side so we made a hasty retreat. When she came back home, the proverbial shit hit the fan. Looking back, I think Cheri just wanted to be independent. She wanted to be free of how to deal with a narcissistic ex boyfriend. She wanted to be free to do more films.

She wanted to enjoy her youth. We split up when Tyler was only two years old. I was crushed.

I moved out and got my own apartment. It was clear that Cheri had no strong desire to be a mother, girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin we still agreed to mutual custody of Tyler.

In theory, she agreed to take care of him while I worked, and I would look after hirls when she worked. Cheri was still young, so I could understand her feelings but it hurt me to be alone. She and JP had lived in an apartment building across the street from me in L. By the mid s, she decided that she needed a more regular job. I went over to see her, and was freaked out to see her dressed as a police officer and carrying a gun.

She worked there for a number of years. In the late s, Kathie developed breast cancer. She was stoic in the face of adversity, and one day girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin we met up she had Ardadia big smile on her face.

Her chest still had the scars, but she was excited. She was so proud of. It was a brief happy moment in what how men can be sexy a sad end to her life. She was close to her mom, but when her mother came out to California to visit her in the hospital, her mother died. It was enormously difficult for Kathie given her own fragile health.

I Am Want Sex Tonight Girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin

There was obviously a conflict there, but I never found out what it related to. In the end, Kathie flew back to Connecticut to be with her father. I think she wanted to make ohokups, girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin at least straighten things.

She died there shortly after she arrived, and was buried in Algonquni. It was a sad end beautiful ladies want sex Aurora Illinois a beautiful life. After Cheri and I split up, I moved into an apartment down girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin street from the house in Tujunga. She stayed in our house. We needed to stay close because we took care of Tyler jointly. I continued to hire Cheri as my Assistant Director when I directed a film.

We started hookuups have feelings for each other again, and frankly it was more convenient to im care of Tyler if we were living under the same roof. So for the sake of my son and being a family adult looking real sex FL Lutz 33549, I moved into her small apartment and we made up. I continued to make films, and Cheri continued to perform in. Arcdaia found a new place, a larger house further out in the country between Sunland and Pacoima by the dam.

It was quiet and beautiful, and inour second son, Tanner, ln born. I was always looking for crew members to work on my sets, and inI hired a girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin named Mondo as a PA. He was a friendly guy, so I overlooked the fact that he had a prison record. Cheri liked him too, and I saw that they seemed yookups be getting close while we were working.

Mondo introduced us to crystal meth. I did some, but its addictive nature scared me. I realized that it would be destructive to my work schedule.

It was a nice recreational thing, but after I took it I stayed hooiups for three days until my body finally gave up and crashed. But Cheri and Mondo got heavily involved in it. It came to a head when I was shooting a film out in Malibu. I got a message to call Cheri, and she told me that Mondo was intent on Arcadiaa our house on fire.

I was two hours away, so I told her to call the fire department. It turned out Cheri was right, but the fire department never got there in time. Our house burned to the ground, destroying almost everything I owned.

The fire marshal told me that the blaze was intentional. He said that the fire had been started in my bed girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin in the baby swing. Fortunately the boys were not there at the time. It seemed that the arson was the result of a fit of jealousy.

After the fire, both Cheri and Mondo disappeared. They just flew the coop. Being a homeless single father, I had to act quickly. I drew girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin a three-phase plan to girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin us out of this mess. Firstly we needed a place to stay.

Fortunately friends were helpful and they let us sleep on their sofas and floors. Then we needed to find a temporary place of our own to stay, which we did in Lakeview Terrace. Finally we need to find a permanent place where we wanted to live — and we chose Valencia.

On one occasion, I learned that Mondo had been sent to prison for spousal abuse, so it seemed that Cheri had her own hell to deal with after she left. She turned up with a girlfriend and another baby, but after that.

Raising two boys by tranny website was challenging to say the. They were eight and two years old, and I had to make money at the same time as I took care of. The next years were the most difficult time in my life. I worked my ass off. I was writing scripts like crazy and getting them produced and directed.

InI directed six features, and inI directed I was still performing too, though now I was competing against much younger guys in the industry, like Tom Byron and Marc Wallice — most of them 20 or 30 years my junior.

The problem was that I was spending money quicker than I was earning it. For a start, I paid the babysitters more than I got. I picked the boys up and drove them home to put ridgecrest escorts in the bed. Despite the hardship though, we still have a lot of fond memories.

It was extremely tough. Afterthe directing work started to dry up. The industry had seemingly changed overnight. People like Rob Black, Patrick Collins and John Stagliano were making movies that were very different from iowa City women dating romantic vision.

In some ways, the industry had gone full circle and was making loops. I found work for Totally Tasteless Video as their in-house director, editor, girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin, and sometime cameraman. They had a good sound stage and an editing bay, and I wrote a few movies for. I punched in a time clock and was paid on time.

That suited me with a young family. It was a strange juxtaposition. I never sat down with the boys and had the conversation about my adult film career. It was just part of their lives from the beginning. I once told them that I was editing some nudity and so they should stay outside and play. They accepted it readily. I was Dad. And everything that Dad did was okay with.

Occasionally I had to go to court to assert my custody rights as a single father. You want me to take on a third child? Are you crazy? Over the years, I got used to being a single father. Nowadays the boys are grown and have lives of their own, but they still live with me.

These things combined to change our lives. All of our lives. In the end, I won and she lost. I had a job to do girls sex Arcadia Lakes interracial hookups in Algonquin raise my sons — and I did it. If your seeking for someone to talk to or to build a strong friendship, feel free to respond to.

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