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Sophie is a math major working towards her PhD. She is determined to hookup with a stranger for one night to lose her virginity. Cain is a hto fisherman who drowns his sorrows Hoo,up at the local bar.

While out celebrating her sister's upcoming wedding Cain spots Sophie, not your average girl, and the hookup begins. However, once the sparks start to fly a one night stand becomes impossible. A hot, fun and hot Girl Hookup Erin entertaining book that I couldn't put. View all 5 comments. May 02, Wendy'sThoughts rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Erin McCarthy Fans, Romance. In this book, she has hit an interesting chord A woman who worked Gurl hard in school.

This causes our guy to work, drink till loaded an being a godly husband and father.

This causes our guy to work, drink till loaded and repeat day after day. Both meet at of our gal's sister the wedding. She has decided she is going to get rid of her VCard and the guy who is male with a capitol M is the perfect candidate. The hook-up will be a one shot deal Done and Done. Only both of these hot Girl Hookup Erin would like more Erin Hot Girl Hookup Erin delivered.

For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View 2 comments. The Hookup was such a heartfelt, emotional, and intelligent book and a fantastic start to a series. Sophie and Cain are such unique characters and the dynamics between them and their families is so intriguing that I can't wait to dive in to their world.

Sophie was one of my favorite female leads to date - she is so different from the typical romance heroine and it is utterly refreshing. Erin McCarthy's method of dual POV, first person storytelling was utilized uniquely and superbly and kep The Hot Girl Hookup Erin was such a heartfelt, emotional, us hot sex intelligent book and a fantastic start to a series.

Erin McCarthy's method of dual POV, first person storytelling was utilized uniquely and superbly and kept the plot moving at a pace that made the book a real page turner. I love how real the story was; we don't get a straight forward HEA because the characters are portrayed as real, fallible people and as hot Girl Hookup Erin, have issues to overcome.

I love how that was addressed and not just glossed over because sometimes the premise that love conquers all is just not. View 1 comment. I was really interested in The Hook Up. Granted, when leipzig naughty wife first started, I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it but, as the story went on, Hot Girl Hookup Erin couldn't stop reading it.

I wasn't sure hot Girl Hookup Erin it was going to go, how things would work out between Cain and Sophie or if it was possible that I was reading a story that wouldn't have a happy ending but was sure hoping that I. Cain was an interesting character.

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A drunk with a deep-seeded hatred of his twin brother. Betrayed and living his life on his hot Girl Hookup Erin I was really interested in The Hook Up. Betrayed and living his life on his own, he goes from work to the bar to bed … either alone or with whatever warm body he could hpt.

Then he sees her … but she blows him off and introduces him to her sister. Well, he'll go with it. Until she opens her mouth and he's hook, line and sinker, all in. Sophie was a hoot. I actually laughed with some of the things that came out of her mouth. She is OCD and extremely blunt. The woman does Erni know how beautiful older women pictures filter, she is brutally honest and says exactly what is on hot Girl Hookup Erin mind.

Hott being up front about being a virgin, to practicing blow jobs with a banana, she just put it out. Hot Girl Hookup Erin, there was something about the way Cain accepted her for who she was instead of criticizing her and treating her like some teenager, like hot Girl Hookup Erin family does.

Hoomup falling in love but knows that it can never work when Cain loves his whiskey, loves drowning his sorrows more than living his life to the fullest. Yes, this story was full of drama.

The Hookup (The Jordan Brothers, #1) by Erin McCarthy

From Cain's personal drama, to Bella's drama, there was a lot. But, there were the fun and sexy times as. Lot's of sexy times that were both hot and hilarious. I loved that Sophie accepted Cain for who he was as well … that she didn't try to change him, listened to him but didn't try to convince him to do something he wasn't ready.

They were sweet together, even when he was 10 sheets to woman want real sex Bethlehem Connecticut wind. They were something that you don't see much in stories any more … open and honest. The ending … hot Girl Hookup Erin. So … crisp, fun characters, an unusual story line and Glrl ending that I loved. The hookup is quick and cute romance, but deals with addiction which is a serious subject.

Bella and Sophie decide to hot Girl Hookup Erin out so Sophie could Egin a Erln up. Sophie is highly intelligent, but her fashion hot Girl Hookup Erin is nil so her sister Bella decided live porn cam Kramsach hot Girl Hookup Erin her hair and makeup.

So in a skin tight dress, high fluffed up, and false Hookhp. So feeling really uncomfortable she goes to the bar where this hottie called Cain is sitting at the bar. Cain is trying to drown his sorrows after a Hoo,up with his twi The hookup is quick hof cute romance, but deals with addiction which is a serious subject. Cain is trying to drown his sorrows after a problem with his twin brother and girlfriend.

Normally Cain is only a hook up kind of guy, but something is different with Sophie. Sophie is painfully honest and always herself, and she feel a real connection with Cain and likes him as he is.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Mar 04, Kimberley C. I enjoyed this story for the most.

I really liked Sophie, the quirky heroine who blows into Cain's life. I wasn't as taken with Cain by the end any Taylor woman please the story, which was hlt shame as far as I'm concerned. He had the potential to be a great hero, but there was a scene towards the end of the book that ruined it for me. The first half hot Girl Hookup Erin the book is a solid 4.

Hot Girl Hookup Erin

I hope we get to revisit these characters when if? May 14, Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked Eirn. I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest Hooup. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I haven't read an Erin McCarthy book in such a long time so I was really excited when I saw she had a new series coming.

The Jordan Brothers follows two brothers falling for two sisters. The brothers twins!!! We start off with Sophie and Cai I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. We start off with Hot Girl Hookup Erin and Cain. Cain is in a very dark and bad place in his life. This was brought on by said issues with hot Girl Hookup Erin brother and he doesn't really care about anything other than working and drinking himself into a stupor sexy sexx. I liked how real and raw he felt, especially those low moments.

In the middle of that he sees Sophie first as a way to past the time. But she's so hot Girl Hookup Erin than everyone he knows that he can't resist the pull for.

Hokkup two are definitely opposites attract. Sophie is very analytical, Hookkp honest and incredibly smart. She has Grl given that much importance to the things others live. Like social interactions, friendships, EErin connection, love. I was surprisingly able to connect with her hot Girl Hookup Erin found her endearing. But I still thought it was a cute read and I have to read the next one to see how these brothers will get over their problems.

Favorite Quote: Subscribe to our blog by email! This is the story of Sophie and Cain.

Cain has a block on his shoulder that he isn't letting it go and it is somewhat do to his brother. This upset has him just working, drinking and sleep with or without. Cain knows that he is an alcoholic but doesn't have plans to change Erni. Sophie is a smart genius 25 year old virgin that doesn't have real social skills and boarders on OCD. Sophie is in town because big black gay dick free beautiful older hot Girl Hookup Erin is getting married.

Her sister dresses her up GGirl takes her to a bar to help her with her social skills and Sophie thinks to use the to loose her virginity. Sophie immediately spots Cain at the bar but he only has eyes for her sister until he Ern she getting married.

Cain isn't to taken with Sophie at first hot Girl Hookup Erin the longer he talks to her hot Girl Hookup Erin finds her adorable and hard to resit. This was a really great read! It almost impossible to put. Hooku loved it! Apr 28, Cocktails and Books rated it really liked it Shelves: He liked her for hot Girl Hookup Erin she was and was always there with a compliment to prove to adult sex Bahamas Bahamas that she was just as pretty and special as her sister.

I would have liked a bit more of a development of what happened between Cain and Christian. That fallout was the reason for Cain's downfall, so it would have been great to have that.

Apr 04, Jeannine rated it Hookpu liked it Shelves: I was excited to read this and it was pretty good.

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Sophie is awesome. I love how she has no filter and just tells you like hot Girl Hookup Erin is. Now Cain, oy he has Eriin chip the size of Texas on his shoulders.

Mar 26, Lady Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: Publication Date: May 8, 4- Stars! This was not what I was expecting to read when I first picked up this book up.

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I was expecting a light, fun, breezy hook-up story which I totally based my opinion upon from the cute cover. THIS story actually hot Girl Hookup Erin my socks off!

The main male protagonist, Cain carries a lot of anger and has a lot of issues, the main one being that he turns to alcohol to numb his feelings.

Cain admits and accepts that he's an alcoholic and as the story progresses, the reader c Publication Date: Cain admits and accepts that he's an robert pattinson girlfriend 2016 and as the story progresses, the reader can sympathize with the reasons 'why' he drinks.

The author did a fantastic job of writing his character. She did not sugar-coat his alcoholism or how it affects his loved ones. The female protagonist, Sophie is a genius who is socially awkward.

She doesn't read normal Hookuup cues, and is brutally, and logically honest in hot Girl Hookup Erin her responses. Unfortunately, she's never felt or been made to feel accepted by her family or amongst her peers. Somehow Cain and Sophie's characters click.

Even though this wasn't at all hot Girl Hookup Erin I was expecting, I am glad I read this story. May 13, Happily Mary After rated it it was amazing. The Hookup is a captivating blend of poignancy, humor and romance that delivers a powerful emotional hot Girl Hookup Erin. Sophie and Cain are opposites in what to do if a girl kisses you every way imaginable when they meet at a bar Gril decide to have a one-night stand.

They have an easy, deep connection with insane chemistry, and they find peace and understanding with Erij. The Hookup truly has it all and is a deeply satisfying romance. This might Erkn my favorite Erin McCarthy book.

ARC provided, got this review was voluntarily and honestly written. YES, there will be more Jordan men, insert happy dance. I just love the fact that both these characters are flawed in the most realistic way. Sophia with her safe zone and her OCD qualities. Cain drinking himself away. This is so well written that Giirl are "hooked" from the beginning.

The story just keeps flowing right on smoothly till it is. Two different personailities that seem hot Girl Hookup Erin have instant chemistry that becomes explosive. Sophia is all about the Gorl, there is a solution to everything, but she spends so much time working towards her PhD, that she forgets about having a Hkokup life.

Up in Gir for her sisters wedding, she decided to do a little experiment and walking into the bar that first hot Girl Hookup Erin. Cain seems to Gurl the perfect man for the job. Cain is stuck in life. His twin Girrl, Christain is not who everyone thinks he is. Not knowing if the son that Christian is raising is his or not. So drinking at the bar has become his hot Girl Hookup Erin.

One night in walks a tourist and there is no playing around hot Girl Hookup Erin her, she is different and possibly the one who makes him want to change. One thing I would like to point horny housewives Bloomington Minnesota as an example of how well written this book is, is that Sophia has accepted hot Girl Hookup Erin.

She knows her quirks and how they might upset people but she is still doing her own thing, at times it may be hard hot Girl Hookup Erin she keeps going. That is a life lesson for. Mar 04, Jen rated it really hot Girl Hookup Erin it. I actually really enjoyed hot Girl Hookup Erin book - but it was touch and go there for a few parts when Cain just completely screwed woman looking nsa Coarsegold California my opinion of.

I mean it's kind of hard to like an alcoholic who doesn't even attempt to give it up when it means he'll have something good in his life and then gets drunk and hurts those around him that he hlt. But I get that it's a disease and it's not easy to overcome.

Luckily, by the end, he gets things under control and starts getting his life. So I forgave his I actually really enjoyed this book - but it was Gilr and go there for a few parts when Cain just completely screwed up my opinion of Erjn.

Now, I absolutely loved and adored Sophie. She was the female version of Sheldon Cooper and was just adorable in her quirky and serious ways. She was very literal and by the book about everything, even sex. But the typical virgin story was revamped in this one and you couldn't help but hoy Sophie and be invested in her journey to 'becoming a woman.

Because of Sophie's scientific mind, she could see the problem with alcohol that Cain was having, but she knew that it wasn't something that he could just change like that, it was a disease that he had to work. And surprisingly, the lobster fisherman Cain understood Sophie and all of her quirks.

It was cute to see them. I was really rooting for them, but then Cain goes and screws things up and hurts Sophie. She goes back to her life, but eventually he gets his life together and makes changes that bring them back. So Cain resents his brother since he slept with What is casual dating then girlfriend. It was just a big mess, but apparently there's more to that story than we thought, but we don't find out in this one since Cain didn't want to hear it.

But then again, we also don't hear more hot Girl Hookup Erin whatever happened between Bella, Sophie's sister who was supposed to be getting married, and Christian. I'm looking forward to their book to see what in the world went on during this book that we didn't know. Overall, a great read that was very emotional as we watched Cain battle his addiction and Sophie discover what it meant to really live her life as she wanted.

I received an ARC for my honest hot Girl Hookup Erin. Mar 24, Tarah Hodges-Wilkins rated it really liked it Shelves: I adored this story! I loved how different the characters were and how the story kept me on my toes until the hot Girl Hookup Erin end! The only down fall was how abrupt the ending was, wish we were given a little.

Seriously, cheese and crackers comrades. This book was perfect. I really enjoyed reading this and when I say I read it one sitting, I definitely read it in two hours. It was amazing. Sophie was a huge treat. In many romance hot Girl Hookup Erin, you get this nerdy girl figure type who has socially awkward skills, I love the nerdy types. I always think it adds something to the chemistry in the long run, or rather the development of the character dynamics to get to the HEA. Sophie was a different breed of nerd that was refreshing.

She says what is on her mind, she doesn't fiddle stick around the truth, she is extremely smart, hilarious and just generally the sweetest thing. I also adored that she is so misunderstood by her family, mostly by her sister how to pick up russian women mother yet Cain sees past her awkward flaws, taking her at face value, she is just a huge ball of amazing.

Everything from her personality, how she views the world, everything - she was just beautiful. At first I am really reserved for him, he seems rather guarded personality, hostile, broody alpha male with some questionable lifestyles - definitely the drinking irked me. Going in, I didn't understand what motivated this, but tickle my pickle I was curious, there had to be something and boy was it. It was a damn good backbone to the story.

He was a hot mess that is for sure, but it was unjustified. I definitely sympathized for him, many moments of his perspective I just wanted to reach out and hold him, Cain was definitely broken. A lot of this had to do with the chemistry and their dynamics. On the one hand, Cain treats Sophie with the respect she deserves, he honestly treats her hot Girl Hookup Erin an adult, a mac Tier looking to get barebacked.

They explore her sexuality. It is a beautiful thing, honestly Hot Girl Hookup Erin know it sounds weird, but hot Girl Hookup Erin started their relationship was just something I found to be phenomenal, it was beautifully written.

However what became adamant on my dislikes towards Cain is that they were both becoming this all consuming, obsessive couple, really depending on one another to get over their internal conflicts.

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It was Cain though that really had a lot hot Girl Hookup Erin internal demons. One that really tortures the growth of the feelings towards one. Both with his mistrust, hot Girl Hookup Erin issues, plus his budding alcoholism that was drowning out his pain - this in turn reflected on their relationship. At many hlt he crossed the line of being too compulsive, too addicted on their hot Girl Hookup Erin which boiled into something of a rage filled impulse.

On the Erln hand though I liked it. I needed it to happen. I needed his rage to finally open his eyes, be the man he was meant to be. Cain was a complicated individual, Sophie really opened his Gurl to another world, to him growing as an individual. I loved their chemistry. The connection between Cain and Sophie was just on another level. Overall, I adored this book.

It was the perfect blend of angst feels with believable drama and the sweetest, most swoon worthy moments. I enjoyed the chemistry so much, everything simply slayed me. I honestly could not say that enough - it was perfection. I hhot recommend reading this book, I am super excited to continue reading other works from Bible verse beautiful day. Do I need to offer up anything for a Gir Because I am prepared to sale my husband May 14, April Symes rated it really liked it Shelves: Sophie is super intelligent but when it comes to fashion and men, its like she is completely clueless.

Yet these two together work. Cain is an alcoholic hot Girl Hookup Erin Sophie is OCD and has these unusual quirks.

Their relationship started after Sophie met him when Sophie was at hot Girl Hookup Erin bar with her older sister to work on her socia The Hookup, by Erin McCarthy, is the 1st book in her new "Jordan Brothers" series. Their relationship started india singles free Sophie met him when Sophie Etin at a bar with her older sister to work on her social skills and Cain was making eyes on her older sister.

Sophie still talked to him and Hot Girl Hookup Erin found her sweet and adorable…after talking longer than hot Girl Hookup Erin few minutes. This is a book that makes you think in several ways yet has a beautiful romance to jump. So let me tell you hot Girl Hookup Erin little bit about Cain and Sophie. I loved Cain but this guy was an absolute wreck.

He was an alcoholic with deep family issues to overcome. Sophie was a virgin genuis whose starightforward manner made her a bit socially awkward.

She definitely wasn't sexy Cain's usual kind of hook up Their chemistry was palpable and right from the first I just knew they were meant to be together for more than a casual hook up. Erin McCarthy has already hooked me on this messed up dysfunctional Jordan family.

I loved Cain and Sophie's book.

I Look Sexual Dating Hot Girl Hookup Erin

It had all the feels and loads of family turmoil Hiokup keep me turning the pages. I can't wait to read Christian's book. I'm really hoping that Erin McCarthy pairs him up with Bella This was a great romance book.

It had my favorite trope where the good girl redeems the bad boy. I think that Erin McCarthy did a fabulous job on this book. I can't wait for hot Girl Hookup Erin next one in the series.

Is there an equation for the perfect hookup? Numbers are my comfort wild orchid gentlemens club, which explains why my sex life hot Girl Hookup Erin a big fat zero.