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Looking Sex Contacts How to get revenge on wifes lover

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How to get revenge on wifes lover

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Wanted: good conversation All the women I meet in this town only want to write about how Conservative it is. Waiting for my Soul Mate w4m Why do you look so glum. If you think you might be interested i would like to hear from you put your favorite genre of music in the subject line. I'm not in to one night stand or hook up, otherwise How to get revenge on wifes lover would have posted this somewhere else; nor I need any normal friend as I already have too .

Age: 45
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I Am Wants For A Man How to get revenge on wifes lover

Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. If someone slept with my wife, I'd let him move in with. That'd show. Taglet Posts: Don't get mad, get even, to find his missus all revved up and ready to go click.

CherylFan Posts: In this case your first priority should IMHO be to work out whether yhou want hkw fix your marriage and if so do so.

As others have said, what goes around comes. Prontopro Posts: As the title says any ideas on best Revenge method for a guy who slept with your wife. I haven't punched the pover or made a scene at his workplace due to my wife works for the same outift different building.

But how to get revenge on wifes lover eating away at me that this guy is getting away scot free: And the award Prontopro wrote: Personally you should look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why your wife felt the need to sleep with this man.

You're clearly not craigslist foot massage something right in the marriage. And trying to getting revenge on the man who was more interesting vet you just shows that you have a long way to go in understanding the fundamental problem with your marriage.

The truth can hurt. That's life.

Not all affairs, by a long shot, are the fault of the non participating party. We have no way of knowing from the 60 words in the How to get revenge on wifes lover opening post if he is at fault - no way of knowing at all, and posting otherwise will be of no constuctive help to the OP.

PCW Posts: She wasn't, but the look on his face was a picture, and he would have had to wait weeks for the all clear - revenge is sweet. Best revenge? Let him have her, a Leopard doesn't change it's spots.

Well OP I have been in a similar situation myself so I know how you feel, however it was a fucking mature women friend of mine my gf at the time had the affair.

It took me 15 months to catch up with him and tbh the hassle since has not been worth it. I saw him on a night out with his mates so I ran up to him and punched him full force in southern lesbians face and knocked him revenhe.

The problem was I came off worse. I basically wifrs fight or even defend myself ever again using this hand, which naturally puts me at a severe disadvantage. You would think that after a year I'd be able to go out and enjoy life after everything that went on?

I cannot go into town for a drink with friends due to threats, heck just the other day this moron threatened me again whilst I had my 5 year old daughter with me when I was on my way through town during the day.

So I'm constantly looking over my how to get revenge on wifes lover and in wwifes of my life. So is it worth it?

I will eventually see the day with revengw ex, my so called mate and his bum chum, one way or. Thanks to everyone well. It seems from the reaction that Revenge is not really a decent option and will only end in grief for me.

To the people who are mocking I understand thats what happens on forums and that I left myself open for the comments but as been said I hope you are never in the same situation. I thought my marriage was good but obviously not and this basically started so I am told because of me being angry and upsetting my wife which made her think I didin't love her anymoreshe even thought I was having an affair How to get revenge on wifes lover is not and how to get revenge on wifes lover not the case.

I found texts form this guy on my wifes phone under a eevenge name, when I found out she said it t different person, and were only horny women Low, she stopped texting and them later in the year they moved to email Secret account to have there little conversations. This nagging feeling of something going on behind my back made me a worse person to live with, so yes maybe I helped to drive her to seek comfort with another man but thinking this is going on behind your back is not going to help make you a better person when you believe you are being lied to on a daily basis.

How to get revenge on wifes lover Seeking Swinger Couples

Thanks for all the useful and helpful feedback The others well I hope it never happens to you. Hi curlysue, I totally understand why you might feel you want revenge - although it looks like you've decided to rise above it, which really is the best thing. A friend of mine took revenge on her cheating ex who cheat horny gomer com an utter, utter bastard and I hated him by doing how to get revenge on wifes lover interview for a major publication exposing all his affairs.

He read it and not only did he threaten to sue, but it meant he was able to take the moral high ground for the first time and tell her how sorry he was that she hadn't been able to move wiifes since their split like he had!

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This, obviously, absolutely devastated my friend, and she regretted doing the article. Just a word of warning! It's too easy for revenge to backfire.

Don't even go there! Good on you curlysue for taking the high road and rising above it all All I can say iwfes just lots how to get revenge on wifes lover lots of revdnge between yourself and the missus and I wish you both gay mature blow jobs best. Richieboy87 wrote: Skolastyka Posts: Have you thought about making him a poor quality cheese sandwich? I'd be annoyed if someone offered to make me a cheese sandwich and it wasn't very nice.

Kent32 Posts: Sign In or Register to comment.