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Want Teen Sex How to love your wife like christ loved the church

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How to love your wife like christ loved the church

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Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved i want sex today Augusta la church and gave llove up for her — Ephesians 5: We have all read it a million churxh and we have heard countless sermons on this single verse.

It seems that when ever your pastor announces that he will be talking about marriage in an upcoming sermon you know without a doubt that this verse will be mentioned. But the question is, are we living by it?

It is an entirely different story to actually love you wife with your actions.

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Especially the way Jesus loves. But go and learn what this means: Especially when it comes to the words of Jesus Himself.

How to love your wife like christ loved the church

Jesus demands compassion from us. You just displayed a Christ-like love.

Think about it, what can she ever do that is worse than what you have done to God. You deny him daily and were personally responsible for lovef cross. Besides, how often do you desire compassion and mercy from your wife?

What Does It Look Like To Love Your Wife Like Christ Loved The Church? - Kevin East

Let alone a loving husband. Christ served His disciples.

Even the bad one that betrayed Him. He wrapped His garment around His waist, took on the role of a servant and washed the filthy smelly feet of His friends.

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for. Serve God!

How To Love Your Wife As Christ Loved the Church - Tim Challies

Then your kids. Then.

lpve In that order. Jesus is sacrificial This is the most difficult one tthe my opinion because teh requires us to do something contrary to our self-preserving, selfish, sinful how to love your wife like christ loved the church.

But I believe it is also the most powerful way to love your wife let alone. Christ served us even though we mocked Him, spit on Him, and then finally nailed Him to a cross. How could He serve like that? How could He sacrifice Himself? Well, He is Jesus, right? He is perfect.

It how to love your wife like christ loved the church have been easy for Him. Even Jesus understood how difficult it is old rich horny women sacrifice for His bride. In a garden just before being betrayed He prayed to God 3 times, asking, begging, crying. Jesus himself asked God to make another way other than death on a cross.

It wwife hard for Him, but you know what Jesus also said 3 times? To redeem the world to Himself and give us as a beautiful bride to His Son. Jesus was going to get the greatest reward for being obedient to His father and sacrificial to his bride. Which one of these is most difficult for you and why? Please answer in the comments. I think they are all tough. We are so tempered to just accept whatever comes doen th kike as the gospel and the looking for a gay friend instead of really checking into God Word and seeing what we are supposed to be ot.

We across the board fail at putting God first and foremost and then we wonder why is this happening. We need to punch th edevil in the nose and seek the Lord, pray continually and learn to love and live like Jesus did!

Please pray for my family and I. We are undergoing some major storms right now and need peace, protection and comfort! Blessings allen singles all! And then he keeps the kids away or takes them. I love that he does that for me! Sacrifice is always the hardest like it was for Jesus. I have to sacriice my time to be with my wife and kids.


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I have to sacrifice the money I make to take care of my wife and kids. I have to sacrifice my life and be willing to die so that they can live. Sacrifice is always the hardest thing to do because it hurts the. I agree with Ryan. Sacrifice is always likr hardest.

We hate suffering. And others cause us to suffer the last thing we want to do is Love. Oh, the really Holy Christian who is really like Jesus is the one who can love that person when they are cstring Edinburgh needed you great suffering. What Love. Thanks for this posting. Churchh am very impressed with it, this ,ove one of the best articles. The article that is mentioned in the blog is good.

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But I believe it is also the most powerful way xhrist love your wife let alone others Christ served us even though we mocked Him, spit on Him, and then finally nailed Him to a cross. Tagged Ephesians. Great message man. Pray for us to live it out as we. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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