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Seeking Sex Chat How to turn a friend into a lover

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How to turn a friend into a lover

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Have you fallen for one of your friends? Sometimes they easily manage to turn the friendship into a relationship. But more often, they keep their feelings secret for fear of embarrassment or of ruining an important friendship forever.

Although satisfying physically, these arrangements can be very draining emotionally. These can be the strongest, most satisfying and longest-lasting of all relationships. Modern dating is often based on instant attraction and shared interests. But friendships that turn into love are based on a true understanding of each other, honesty, and a ohw history.

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A word of caution, however: It took time to develop your friendship, and it will take a little more time to change it into a relationship. Open a conversation about your feelings.

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But, to prevent feeling embarrassed or putting your friend on the spot, phrase it in a subtle way. The beauty of this remark is that it puts absolutely no pressure on your friend to reply in any particular way.

If they are interested, it gives them an easy opportunity to reply that they had a crush on you, lovee, and in fact they still. But psychologically, this comment goes a little deeper: Your friend will need time to ponder, so give them some room.

The Scarcity Principle is well documented in psychology. Become just a little more difficult to pin.

If you usually see your friend three times frjend week, reduce that to two, or even one. If you usually spend 30 minutes on the phone to each other, cut back to just Having a pseudo-partner will hold you.

The best way to introduce the Scarcity Principle is to charmingly turn down last-minute suggestions, or mundane activities like watching TV.

Why does being nice seem to build friendships but not romantic desire? Why is it so hard to find (or be) both a friend and a lover? Research has. The feeling of having someone you love but you can only be her friend is really . The last thing I want to say is, instead trying to turn a friend into a lover, you. How to Turn a Friend Into a Lover. When you fall for a good friend, it can be very difficult to figure out how to move from friendship to something.

If your friend suggests you go for dinner or plans a fun activity for the weekend, go! Instead, build up your own latin wife life and actively engage in more of your own ihto and interests.

All those things that you love and admire about your friend—tell.

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Never hold back a compliment or miss an opportunity to admire your friend. Just be charming. This allows your friend to see you in the role of their partner. You can continue being friends, while you keep widening your own social circle and eventually find w who does share all your dreams and goals.

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Good luck! Kate Taylor.

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Reader's Digest. Step 3: Flirt your socks off The final step in turning a friendship into a relationship is the most fun: So, to turn a friendship into a relationship, try: