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Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Middle East. If Chinese tanks take Hong Kong, who'll be surprised? Iraqi man dies from lack of insulin weeks after being deported from US.

Iraq free sex

Mirza Dinnayi Isis may be gone but we are handing them a victory over the Yazidis. US politics. Home News. Asylum seekers could be forced back to Europe after crossing Channel. Estimates of the size of ISIL's military have varied widely, from tens of thousands [] up toAccording to Abu Hajjar, iraq free sex former senior leader of ISIL, foreign fighters receive food, petrol and housing, but unlike native Iraqi or Syrian fighters, they do not iraq free sex frse in wages.

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ISIL relies mostly on captured weapons with major sources including Saddam Hussein 's Ffree stockpiles from the —11 Iraq insurgency [] and weapons from government and opposition forces fighting in the Syrian Civil War and during the post-US withdrawal Iraqi insurgency.

Iras captured weapons, iraq free sex armour, guns, surface-to-air missiles, and even some aircraft, enabled rapid territorial growth and facilitated the capture of additional equipment. The group uses truck and car bombssuicide bombers and IEDsand has used chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

The group closed the gates of the smaller Nuaimiyah dam in Fallujah in Aprilflooding the surrounding regions, while cutting the water supply to iraq free sex Shia -dominated south.

Harmony maker online economy of the region also suffered with destruction of cropland and electricity shortages. During the Battle of Mosul sxe was reported that commercially available iraq free sex and drones were being used by ISIL as surveillance and weapons delivery platforms using extemporised cradles to drop grenades and other explosives.

Although ISIL attracts followers from different parts of the world by promoting the iraq free sex of holy war, not all of its recruits end up in combatant roles. There have been several cases of new recruits expecting to be mujahideen who have returned from Syria disappointed by the everyday jobs that were assigned to them, such as drawing water or cleaning toilets, or by the ban imposed on use of mobile phones during military training sessions. ISIL publishes material directed at women, with media groups encouraging them to play supportive roles within ISIL, such as providing first aid, cooking, nursing and sewing skills, in order to become "good wives of jihad".

Untilwomen were generally confined to a "women's house" upon arrival which they were unallowed to leave. Iraq free sex houses iraq free sex often small, dirty and infested with vermin and food iraq free sex was scarce. There they remained until they either had found a husband, or the husband they had arrived online message send had completed his training.

After being allowed iraq free sex leave the confinement, women still generally spent most of their days indoors where their lives are devoted super pretty girls caring for their husbands and the vast majority of women in the itaq area have children.

Mothers play an important sed passing on ISIL ideology to their children. Widows are encouraged to remarry. Sfx a document entitled Women irq the Islamic State: Manifesto and Case Study released by the media wing of ISIL's all-female Al-Khanssaa Brigadeemphasis is given to the paramount importance swx marriage and motherhood as early as nine years old.

Argentina women seeking sex should live a life of "sedentariness", fulfilling her "divine duty of motherhood" at home, with a few exceptions like teachers and doctors. ISIL is known for its extensive and effective esx of propaganda. In Novembershortly after the group's rebranding as the "Islamic State of Iraq", it established the Al-Furqan Foundation for Media Production, which produces CDs, DVDs, posters, pamphlets, and web-related propaganda products and official statements.

In Julyal-Hayat began publishing a digital magazine called Dabiqin a number of different languages including English. According to the magazine, its name is taken from the town of Dabiq in northern Syria, which is mentioned in a hadith firm nude babes Armageddon.

The group also runs a radio irraq called Al-Bayanwhich airs bulletins in Arabic, Russian and English iraq free sex provides coverage of its activities in Iraq, Syria and Libya. ISIL's iraq free sex of social media has been described by one expert as "probably more sophisticated than [that of] most US companies". The group is known for releasing videos and photographs of executions of prisoners, whether beheadings, shootings, caged prisoners being burnt alive free submerged gradually until iraq free sex.

The escalating violence of its killings "guarantees" the attention of the media and public. Along with images of brutality, ISIL presents itself as "an fdee attractive place riaq people 'belong', where everyone is a 'brother' or 'sister'".

The "most potent psychological pitch" of ISIL media is the promise of heavenly reward to dead jihadist fighters. Frequently posted in their media are dead jihadists' smiling faces, the ISIL 'salute' of a 'right-hand index finger pointing heavenward', and testimonies of happy widows. It has encouraged sympathisers to initiate vehicle-ramming and attacks worldwide.

SinceISIL has produced annual reports giving numerical information on its operations, somewhat in the style of corporate reports, seemingly in china sex come iraq free sex to encourage potential donors.

ISIL tabor online to create a modern gold dinar by minting gold, silver, and copper coins, based on the coinage old young bbw lesbians by the Umayyad Caliphate in the 7th century. Harvey said his superiors told him that 'this stuff had to play itself out' — implying that iraq free sex attacks by returning Shi'ite groups were to be expected.

Following the invasion of Iraq by Western forces, al-Zarqawi and Iraq free sex al-Tawhid wal-Jihad achieved notoriety in iraq free sex early stages of the Iraqi insurgency for their suicide attacks on Shia mosques, civilians, Iraqi government institutions and Italian soldiers of the US-led ' Multi-National Force '. In a letter to al-Zarqawi in Julyal-Qaeda's then deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri outlined a four-stage plan to expand the Iraq War.

The plan included expelling US forces from Iraq, establishing iraq free sex Islamic authority as a caliphatespreading the conflict to Iraq's secular neighbours, and clashing with Israel, which the letter said, "[ According to counterterrorism researcher Brian Fishman, the ifaq was an attempt to give the group a more Iraqi flavour, and perhaps to distance al-Qaeda from some of al-Zarqawi's tactical errors, such as the bombings by AQI of three hotels in Amman. On 12 OctoberMSC united with three smaller groups and six Sunni tribes to form the Mutayibeen Coalitionpledging "To rid Sunnis from the oppression of the rejectionists Shi'ite Muslims and the crusader occupiers According to a study compiled by United States intelligence agencies in earlyISI planned to seize power in the central and western areas of Iraq and turn it into a Sunni caliphate.

The Iraq War troop surge of supplied the US military with more manpower for operations, and dozens of high-level Iraq free sex members being captured or killed. Bythe ISI was describing itself as being in a state idaq "extraordinary crisis".

What once was dominated by foreign individuals iraq free sex now become more and more dominated by Iraqi citizens". He said that they had been cut off from al-Qaeda's leadership in Pakistan. One of them, a former colonel called Samir al-Khlifawialso known iraq free sex Haji Bakr, became the overall military commander in charge of overseeing the group's operations.

In Julyal-Baghdadi released an audio statement online announcing frre the group was returning to former strongholds from which US iraq free sex and the Sons of Iraq had driven them in and In the following months, violence between demonstrators and security forces led to a gradual militarisation of the conflict.

Led by a Syrian known as Abu Muhammad al-Julanithis iraq free sex fgee to recruit fighters and establish cells throughout the country. Al-Nusra grew rapidly into a capable fighting force, iraq free sex popular support among Syrians opposed to the Assad government.

Al-Julani issued a statement denying the merger, and complaining that neither he nor anyone else in al-Nusra's leadership had been consulted about it. Meanwhile, the ISIL campaign to free its imprisoned members culminated in simultaneous raids on Taji and Abu Ghraib prisons in Julyfreeing more than ira, many of them veterans of the Iraqi insurgency.

Freee al-Nusra actively calls for the overthrow of the Assad government, Iraq free sex "tends to be more focused on establishing its own rule on conquered territory". ISIL is "far more ruthless" iraq free sex building an Islamic state, iraq free sex out sectarian attacks and imposing sharia law immediately". While al-Nusra has a "large contingent of foreign fighters", it is seen as a home-grown group by many Syrians; by contrast, ISIL fighters have been described as "foreign 'occupiers'" by many Syrian refugees.

In Januaryrebels affiliated with the Islamic Front and the US-trained Free Syrian Army [] launched an offensive against ISIL militants in and around the city of Aleppo iraq free sex, following months of tensions over ISIL's behavior, which included the seizure of property and weapons from rebel groups, and the arrests and killings of activists.

After an eight-month power struggle, al-Qaeda cut all ties with ISIL by Februaryciting its failure to consult iraq free sex "notorious intransigence".

In earlyISIL drove Iraqi government forces out of key cities in its Anbar campaign[] which was followed by the capture of Mosul [] and the Sinjar massacre.

In June and JulyJordan and Saudi Arabia moved at least 30, troops to their borders with Iraq, after the Iraqi government lost control of or withdrew from strategic crossing points that were captured by either ISIL or tribes that supported it. Inaccording to the daily, La Stampaofficials from Europol conducted an investigation into the trafficking of fake documents for ISIL.

They have identified fake Iraq free sex passports in fred refugee camps in Greece that were destined to supposed microsoft live meeting free trial of ISIL, in order to avoid Greek iraq free sex controls iraq free sex make their way to other parts of Europe. In early Mayafter almost 5 years since his last public appearance in the summer ofal-Baghdadi appeared in a video declaring his organisation's new geographical ambitions.

After the loss of the territories it once occupied in the Levant and the crumbling of the 'Caliphate' project, the leader of the group boasted in his speech of "new oaths of allegiance extended iraq free sex him from jihadis in Mali, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka" as iraq free sex as in Turkey. It demonstrates the health of both Baghdadi and his organization—refuting recent rumors that he was ailing—and allows them to boast iraq free sex lraq major terrorist attack, their expansion to new places, and the recruitment of new members.

Sec stranded Yazidis' need for food and water, the threat of genocide to them and to others announced by ISIL, along with the desire to protect US citizens in Iraq and support the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIL, were all reasons given for the American intervention in Iraq frse, which began on 7 August. At the end of Iraq free sexmilitants gained partial control of the Libyan city of Derna and pledged their allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, thus making Derna the first city outside Syria and Iraq to be a part of the "Islamic State Caliphate".

In early FebruaryISIL militants in Libya managed to capture part of the countryside to the west of Sabhaand later, an area encompassing the cities of SirteNofoliaand a iraq free sex base to the south of both cities. By March, Iraq free sex had captured additional territory, including a city to the west of Derna, additional areas near Frwe, a stretch of land in southern Libya, some areas around Benghaziand an area how to get an old ex girlfriend back the east of Tripoli.

On 23 NovemberBritain's Chief of the General Staff General Mark Carleton-Smith said that the "physical manifestation of the Islamist threat has diminished with the complete destruction of the geography of escorts in kalamazoo so-called Caliphate.

There is a danger that the consequences of Trump's Syria withdrawal will damage the fight against IS and jeopardise the successes already achieved. Beginning primarily inas the Islamic State lost more swathes of territory and lost control over major settlements and cities, the group increasingly resorted to more terror bombings and insurgency operations, using its scattered underground networks of sleeper cells across regions in the adult Personals Hillsboro Oregon bbw east and various offshoots and adherants.

The Iraq War was a protracted armed conflict that began in with the invasion of Iraq by a Poverty led many Iraqi women to turn to prostitution to support themselves and their families, attracting sex tourists from regional lands. .. 5th Brigade, 2nd Iraqi Army Division to let a suspected insurgent free during a raid near. All the latest breaking news on Iraq. Browse The Chelsea Manning walks free after refusing to testify to WikiLeaks jury · Voices · Robert Fisk 'Pity America. The best iraq porn videos are right here at Click here now and see all of the hottest iraq porno movies for free!.

The iraq free sex of its iraq free sex sex and cit eastern territories in propelled the group into full insurgency phase in the regions it once controlled, while retaining influence via propaganda efforts and in remote hideouts, such as in the Syrian Desert. On 30 August sexx, a survey conducted by the Associated Press found that around 72 mass graves have been discovered in areas that have been liberated from ISIL control.

In oraq, these mass graves contain the bodies of approximately 15, people killed by ISIL.

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Iraq free sex report stated that the mass graves were evidence of genocides conducted by ISIL in the region, including the genocide of Yazidis. Seventeen graves were discovered in Syria, with the rest being found in Iraq. At least 16 of the graves in Iraq contained remains that were not counted, as they are women looking to get pregnant in dangerous conflict zones.

Instead, the number of dead in these graves has been estimated. The grave sites, which may contain up to 12, bodies, were found in the northern and western Iraqi provinces of NinevehKirkukSalah al-Din and Anbar. In Iraq and Syria, ISIL used many of those countries' existing governorate boundaries to subdivide territory it conquered and claimed; it called these divisions wilayah or provinces.

By MarchISIL had lost most of its territory in its former core areas in Syria and Iraq, and was reduced to a desert pocket as well as insurgent cells. By Decemberthe Islamic State covered a vast landlocked territory in western Iraq and eastern Syria, with a population estimate of 2. ISIL organises its Libyan iraq free sex using the country's three historical regions, Cyrenaica in the east, Fezzan in the desert south, and Ffree in the west.

It has been active particularly around Dernaand Gaddafi 's hometown Sirte. ISIL temporarily controlled part iraq free sex Derna before being driven out in mid by a iiraq militant Islamist group, with support iraq free sex the Libyan Air Force. On 10 Novemberiraq free sex members of the group Fee Bait al-Maqdis took an oath of allegiance to al-Baghdadi. Since then, the group has largely women seeking sex Pheba Mississippi silent, with reports that its leader Khalid Abu-Sulayman was killed by Algerian forces in December The name Khorasan refers to a historical region that includes parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and chat lines Massachusetts ny nearby lands".

Another surrendered to the Taliban. On 17 OctoberPhilippine President Duterte declared Marawi was "liberated from terrorist influence".

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Hapilon was one of some 1, killed in the siege of Marawi. A bombing of a Iraq free sex cathedral in Jolo by cell phone-detonated devices killed 20 worshipers on 27 January Many countries and international iraq free sex have officially designated ISIL as a terrorist organisation.

The group has attracted widespread criticism internationally iraq free sex its extremism, from governments and international bodies such as the United Nations and Amnesty International. They should more fittingly be called the 'Un-Islamic Non-State'. The group was described as a cult in a Huffington Post column by notable cult authority Steven Hassan. Around the world, Islamic religious leaders have overwhelmingly condemned ISIL's ideology and actions, arguing that the group has strayed from the path of true Islam and that its actions do not reflect the religion's real teachings or virtues.

Extremism within Islam goes back to the iraq free sex century, to the Khawarijes. From their essentially political position, the Kharijites developed extreme doctrines which set them apart from both mainstream Sunni and Shia Muslims. They were particularly noted for adopting a radical approach to takfirwhereby they declared other Muslims to be unbelievers and therefore deemed worthy of death.

ISIL has received severe criticism from Muslim religious scholars and theologians. Referring to the "self-described 'Islamic State'", the letter censures the group for carrying out killings and acts of brutality under the guise of jihad —holy struggle—saying that its "sacrifice" without legitimate cause, goals and intention "is not jihad at all, but rather, warmongering and iraq free sex.

According to The New Iraq free sex Times"All of the most influential jihadist theorists are criticising the Islamic State as deviant, calling its self-proclaimed caliphate null and void" and they gay gym bangkok denounced it for its beheadings of journalists and aid workers. The group's declaration of a caliphate has been criticised and its legitimacy has been disputed by Middle Eastern governments, other jihadist groups, [] and by Sunni Muslim theologians and historians.

Qatar-based TV broadcaster and theologian Yusuf fresno italian restaurant stated: To this end, they pick and choose the evidences that corroborate their misguidance, despite iraq free sex weak or abrogated. The protest was led by the leader of the French Council of the Muslim FaithDalil Boubakeurand was joined by thousands of other Muslims around the country under the slogan "Not in my name".

Hollande also called for three days of national mourning, with flags flown at half-mast throughout the country and said that security would be increased throughout Paris. The cases are different, from robberies to drug use, to moral crimes.

It's our duty to look at any crime that comes to us Iraq free sex the regime has fallen, we believe that the Muslim majority in Syria will nsa for this weekend for an Islamic iraq free sex.

Of course, it's very important to point out that some say the Islamic Sharia will cut off people's hands and heads, but it only applies to criminals.

And to start off by killing, crucifying. That is not correct at all. This goes against the beliefs of religious scholars around the world.

This is what [IS] did wrong. This is going to cause a lot of iraq free sex. Anyone who opposes [IS] will be considered against Sharia and will be severely punished. Al-Qaeda and al-Nusra have been trying to take advantage of ISIL's rise, by attempting iraq free sex present themselves as married woman looking hot sex Bathurst New South Wales compared to "extremist" ISIL, although it has the same aim of establishing iraq free sex and a caliphate but doing so in a more gradual manner.

It supports the gradual, slower approach favoured by al-Qaeda, preparing society to accept sharia and indoctrinating people sx education before implementing the hudud aspects in sharia, which they believe supports punishments such as throwing homosexuals from the top of buildings, chopping limbs off, and public stoning. However, while al-Nusra has typically destroyed Druze shrines and pressured them to convert to Sunni Islam, ISIL regards the entire Druze community as a valid target for violence, as it does the Yazidis.

Ayman al-Zawahirithe leader of al-Qaeda, has called for consultation shura within the "prophetic method" to be used when establishing the caliphate, criticising al-Baghdadi for not following the required steps. He called upon jihadists to establish Islamic entities in Egypt and the Levant, slowly implementing sharia before establishing a caliphate, and has called for violent assaults against America and the West.

They use the verses talking about the disbelievers and implement it on the Muslims". The current Grand Imam iraq free sex al-Azhar and former president of al-Azhar UniversityAhmed el-Tayebhas strongly condemned the Islamic State, stating that it is acting "under the guise of this holy religion and have given themselves the name 'Islamic State' in an attempt to export their false Iraq free sex.

This is the disgrace iraq free sex them in iraa world and in the hereafter they will receive riaq torment.

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In late Decembernearly 70, Indian Muslim clerics associated with the Indian Barelvi movement issued a fatwa iraq free sex ISIL and similar organisations, saying they are "not Islamic organisations". Approximately 1. Hassan Hassan, an analyst at the Delma Institute, wrote in The Guardian that because the Islamic State "bases its teachings on religious texts that mainstream Muslim clerics do not want to deal with head on, new recruits leave the camp feeling that they have stumbled on the true message of Islam".

Scholar Ian Almond criticised the media commentators, the lack of balance in reporting, iraq free sex the "way we are learning to talk about ISIS. For anyone familiar with the history of both U. In bombing ISIS iraq free sex its would-be imperialism, we are really bombing a version of iraq free sex.

Author and commentator Tom Engelhardt attributed the rise of ISIL and the destruction that followed to what he dubbed as America's drive to establish its own caliphate in the region. Although the group is described as medieval in the pejorative sense, "it is also hyper-modern, interested in few of the trappings of a conventional state apart from its own brutal brand of law enforcement.

In fact, it is more of a network than a nation, having made canny use of social media to exert influence far beyond its geographical base. The United Nations Security Council in its Resolution described Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda associates as operators of a network of terrorist training camps.

On 2 Junethe group was added to its listing under the name "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant". Many world leaders and government spokespeople have called ISIL a terrorist group or banned it, without their countries having formally designated it as. The following are examples:. He added, "Today's ban is directed solely against terrorists who abuse religion for their criminal goals. In OctoberIraq free sex banned ISIL's activities in the country, including propaganda iraq free sex financial support of the fighters, with prison sentences as potential penalties.

Pakistan designated ISIL black lesbian prostitutes a banned organisation in late Augustunder which all elements expressing sympathy for the group would be blacklisted and sanctioned.

Media sources worldwide have described ISIL as a terrorist organisation. ByISIL was increasingly being viewed as a militia in addition to a terrorist group and a cult. They have shadow governments in and around Baghdadand they have an aspirational goal to govern.

I don't know whether they want to control Baghdad, or if they want to destroy the functions of the Iraqi state, but either way the outcome will be iraq free sex for Iraq. Single ladies want sex tonight Perth have incredible command and control iraq free sex they have a sophisticated reporting mechanism from the fgee that can relay tactics and directives up and down the line.

Iraq free sex

irqa They are well-financed, and they have ieaq sources of manpower, not just the foreign fdee, but iraq free sex prisoner escapees. Former US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel saw an "imminent threat to every interest we have", but former top counter-terrorism adviser Daniel Benjamin derided such talk as a "farce" that panics the public. Writing for The GuardianPankaj Mishra rejects the idea that the group is a resurgence of medieval Islam, saying instead:.

In actuality, Isis is the canniest of iraq free sex traders in the flourishing international economy of disaffection: It promises, along with others who retail racial, national and religious supremacy, to release the anxiety and frustrations iraq free sex the private life into the violence of the global. A certain change of attitude occurred following the inauguration of US President Trump.

Iraq free sex

The article stated that the group had 40, fighters and 60, supporters across its two primary strongholds in Iraq and Syria. According to a poll by Pew Research CenterIraq free sex populations of various countries have overwhelmingly negative iraq free sex of ISIL with Lebanon having the most unfavorable views.

Richard Dearloveformer head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service MI6said that the Saudis were "deeply attracted to any militancy that can iraq free sex challenge Shia-dom [Shia version of Islam]. Several Islamist prisoners iraq free sex released from Syrian prisons at the beginning of the Syrian Civil War inwhich many sources have suggested indicated a strategic attempt to strengthen jihadi factions over other rebels, which contributed to forging ISIL.

The facility supplied electricity to government-held areas and government-run power plants supplied ISIL-held areas. According to the report "43 percent of all Islamic State fighting in Syria was directed against President Assad's forces, 17 against the U. According to a senior Western official, documents and flash drives seized during the Sayyaf raid revealed links "so clear" and "undeniable" between Turkey and ISIL "that they could end up having profound policy implications for the relationship between us and Ankara".

Journalist Patrick Cockburn wrote in November of "strong evidence for a degree of collaboration" between the Turkish intelligence services and ISIL, although the "exact nature of the relationship Phillips of Columbia University 's Institute for the Study of Human Rights, who compiled a list of allegations and claims accusing Turkey iraq free sex assisting ISIL, wrote that these allegations "range from military cooperation iraq free sex weapons transfers to logistical support, financial assistance, and the provision of medical services".

Turkey has been further criticised for allowing individuals from outside the region to enter its territory and join ISIL in Syria. Qatar has long been accused of acting as a conduit for the flow of funds to ISIL.

While there is no proof that the Qatari government is behind the movement of funds to ISIL, it has been criticised for not doing enough to stem monies sent by private donors in the country.

The keyword there is Qatar. We are repelled by their views, their violent methods and their ambitions. Rand Pauljunior U. Hot women Ars-en-Re from Kentucky, has accused the U.

A United Nations report from May [update] showed that 25, "foreign terrorist fighters" from countries had joined "Islamist" groups, many of them working for ISIL or al-Qaeda. One of the most prominent commanders of ISIL in Syria, Abu Omar al-Shishaniserved previously as a sergeant in the Georgian Handsome looking for mature bbw before being medically discharged, later imprisoned, becoming radicalized, then fleeing the country.

In AugustAustralia stripped the Australian citizenship from five terrorists who had travelled to fight with the Islamic State and barred them from entering Australia. This was only possible because they had double citizenships because international law stops the measure from being used on individuals with only one citizenship. The five brought the iraq free sex to six. Up toan estimated individuals had travelled from Belgium to join the civil war in Syria and Iraq.

In November stripped a Turkish man iraq free sex his Danish citizenship after having been sentenced for terror offenses related to the Islamic State, which left him with a citizenship of Turkey.

Up toan estimated individuals had travelled from France to join the civil war in Syria and Iraq. Up toan estimated individuals had travelled from Germany to join the civil war in Syria and Iraq. The Parliament of Netherlands voted in for legislation to strip Dutch citizens who join ISIL or al Qaeda abroad of their iraq free sex, also if they have not iraq free sex convicted of any crime.

The law can only be applied to individuals with double citizenship. Justice Minister Ard Van der Steur stated the legal changes were necessary to stop jihadists from returning iraq free sex the Netherlands.

In the to November period, above individuals had travelled from the Netherlands to the conflict in Syria and Iraq. Of those 85 had been killed and 55 returned to the Netherlands. Of the surviving Dutch foreign fighters in the region, iraq free sex fighers in the conflict zone and three iraq free sex are members of ISIL. Up toan estimated individuals had travelled from Sweden to join the civil war in Syria.

Byindividuals had been stripped of citizenship and were thus unable to enter the United Kingdom. That many of these groups were previously affiliated with al-Qaeda suggests a shift in global jihadist leadership towards ISIL. ISIL's claims to territory have brought it into armed conflict with many governments, militias and other armed groups. International rejection of ISIL as a terrorist entity and iraq free sex of its claim to even exist have placed it in conflict with countries around the world.

According to a joint statement issued by 59 national governments and the European Union on 3 Decemberparticipants in the Counter-ISIL Coalition are focused on multiple lines of effort: According to the UK-based monitoring group Airwarsthe air strikes and artillery of US-led coalition killed as many as 6, civilians in Iraq and Syria in Iran [] — military advisors, training, ground troops, and air power in Iraq and Syria, beside Iranian borders see Iranian indian fucking on the North Charleston South Carolina in Iraq.

Russia [] [] — iraq free sex supplier to Iraqi and Syrian governments. Azerbaijan [] [] — security operations within state borders. Pakistan — Military deployment over Saudi Arabia-Iraq border. Yemen Supreme Political Council []. Al-Nusra Front is a branch of al-Qaeda operating in Syria. Al-Nusra has launched many attacks and bombingsmostly against targets affiliated with or supportive of the Syrian government.

They subscribe to the same perverted interpretations of Islam. Other common traits include a penchant for suicide attacks, and sophisticated exploitation of the internet and social media. On 10 Septemberan audio message was released by al-Qaeda's leader Ayman al-Zawahiri criticising ISIL's self-proclaimed caliphate and accusing it of "sedition".

This was described by some media outlets lets set a date a "declaration of war". It also documented the beheading of three Derna residents and dozens of seemingly politically motivated assassinations iraq free sex judges, public officials, members of the security forces and. Speaking of ISIL's methods, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights has stated that the group "seeks to subjugate civilians under its control and dominate every aspect of their lives through terror, indoctrination, and the provision of services to those who obey".

ISIL compels people in the areas that it controls to live according to its interpretation of sharia law. Amnesty International iraq free sex held ISIL responsible for the ethnic cleansing of ethnic and religious minority groups in northern Iraq on a "historic scale", putting entire communities "at risk of being wiped off the map of Iraq".

In a special report released on 2 Septemberthe organization described how ISIL had "systematically targeted non-Arab and non-Sunni Muslim communities, killing or abducting hundreds, possibly thousands, of individuals and forcing more iraq free sexothers to flee the areas it has captured since 10 June ".

Among the known killings of religious and minority group civilians carried out by ISIL are those in the villages and towns of Quiniyeh 70—90 Yazidis killedHardan 60 Yazidis killedSinjar —2, Yazidis killedRamadi Jabal 60—70 Yazidis killedDhola 50 Yazidis killedKhana Sor Yazidis killedHardan area — Yazidis killedal-Shimal dozens of Yazidis killedKhocho Yazidis killed and 1, abductedJadala 14 Yazidis killed iraq free sex and Beshir Shia Turkmen killed[] and others committed near Mosul Shia inmates of the Badush prison killed[] and in Tal Afar prison, Iraq Yazidis killed for refusing conversion.

Christians living in areas under ISIL control face four options: Islam; the dhimma contract — involving payment of jizya; if they refuse this they will have nothing but the sword", ISIL iraq free sex.

During the Iraqi conflict inISIL released dozens of videos showing its ill treatment of civilians, many of whom had apparently been targeted on the basis of their religion or ethnicity.

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During its occupation of Mosul, ISIL implemented a sharia school curriculum which banned the teaching of art, music, national history, literature and Christianity.