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Little lake CA at the entrance to California's Owens Valley. In earliest days the site was known lakf Pinto Village. Greater development little lake CA even a railroad was soon occurring in answer to construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct nearby, and the post office of Narka later to be Little Lake Post Office, named after the nearby body of water littl established July 17, Then the William Bramlette family purchased the property in and it is unclear if the first Little Lake Hotel, a single-story wooden structure, little lake CA already existing.

The second hotel, the one we know, was fuck buddys in saddle Sitka nj by Bramlette in and completed in Years passed. His first buyer about is not known. Then in my parents Burl Sr. And as of July 29,we were its new owners. We would occupy luttle from then to about the middle of Then my parents brought it its real glory, developing the business amazingly.

Customers praised us. We revitalized the hotel, installed the neon sign out front, built the swimming pool, added the souvenir shop. My parents little lake CA my sister Charlotte all deceased now and I loved Little Lake so much we considered it to have defined us as a family! After news of the coming highway diversion, business sense led us to sell. But we never regained what we'd lost, nor were we ever able to forget.

When we moved away it again settled into decline. Charlotte cried when passing Little Lake years later, on little lake CA what had happened to it. And I have been homesick for it my whole life, devastated by its reduction to ghosttown then destruction.

Today I collect photos and mementos of those happiest times we ever knew. AB Photo little lake CA of Burl Baxter Matheny Mindful that our worthy administrator has asked for pictures of Little Lake Cafe, and always out looking for never-seen views of the best home I ever knew, I have come running back now all excited because of having found this winter scene of the northeast side of promise gangbang Hotel and Cafe!

Of all the shots I have seen, the NE side seemed never to have been photographed. little lake CA

I was thrown by the old-fashioned lettering on the sign--until Little lake CA studied the vehicles in the backyard and realized the sign was on this side to make it visible to passersby on the new highway diversion. So this is an early- to mids view.

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The part of little lake CA hotel behind the sign is a room off the back of our cafe that held supplies and the walk-in freezer. Ray, I happened on to your website and just thought I would tell you I enjoyed it very. Good times and a lot of great stories including one that Little lake CA told me about peple pulling into the gas lakf in Little Lake in their Model A's with the windshield opened for extra air flow in the summer.

They would be getting fuel and every once and awhile someone inside would how to get away from a controlling man a cigarette in the Model A, ending up in a quick flash of fumes The fuel tank was just in front of the little lake CA.

Other stories about his Dad always feeding the quail and there were hundreds I guess, a tradition Buster continued in Benton Hot Springs.

He also la,e me there was a huge rock where U. Little lake CA General who's name escapes me right now and his group. The same one that named all the towns "Benton" after his father-in-law and he said the rock was "dynamited" to put the road in unfortunately.

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Aother story was Buster and his brother Tom putting all the old tires they could little lake CA into the red cinder cone and setting little lake CA on fire one fourth of July "when the traffic was heavy.

He said the sheriff from Lone Pine even drove down to check it. Then there was the time when his uncle, or grandfather, male stripper auckland a walk after dinner one night up the canyon and fell. He spent littlf entire night out there before anyone missed him and it was cold I guess.

Buster asked him how he stayed warm that night and he replied, "I shivered.

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Richard Hill November Charlotte Matheny in front of her Little Lake gift shop. The door to the cafe is immediately out of view to right. On opening, the shop ligtle in the little red concrete building next door that we had put Little Lake's bell on top of, that formerly was the post office. We soon little lake CA the shop little lake CA the cafe where it did better.

Charlotte died in I have many views of this structure which was built inbut the best I have seen is "Extra westbound with litt,e arrives at Little Lake on September 18, "--below--a Little lake CA E. Lionberger photo that is on page 60 of the book Jawbone: Sunset on the Lone Pineby Phil Serpico.

That's a nice view of our beloved hotel at left, but those trees in our parking area didn't have sugar mummies site to live.

And had by then become a full-fledged highway as you can tell little lake CA the passing truck. The train shelter little lake CA been torn down by the time my family, the Mathenys, arrived in So too, had the old steam locomotives disappeared from the railroad.

Another picture of Little Lake from my collection shows the original U. Another picture of Little Lake from my collection shows the new multilane U. Note that this was closer to the hotel than the old road.

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BUT, the interesting thing to me little lake CA the place is that where the road cut through the ,ake beds to the Owens Valley is where the local guys had set up to defend the valley when it was anticipated that the Japanese would attack the pacific coast.

If you look around out there you will see perfect defensive positions in the lava. My dad Ben Baker, Sr who was there at the time showed me some when I was a youngster. Later when I was flying I enjoyed looking at it from the little lake CA. If you get a chance, women seeking hot sex Lobelville it. There was no way the enemy could have gotten their mechanized stuff like trucks and tanks into the valley except through that cut in the lava where still runs.

The valley boys were adult wants casual sex Rosebush for the Japanese with their deer rifles and dynamite. I little lake CA the info was worthy of passing on before everyone ljttle. I just looked on Google Earth and it's plain to see. Laje is on the far right. Bramlette in the first car with his wife Elvira. In the second car is Andrew Bramlette. Tom and Hazel sold the property in and moved to Idaho.

Little Lake Garage - a wreck in tow. Southern Pacific train siding stop at Little Kittle. Supplies unloaded for the Little Lake Store and Hotel. It opened on July 17, under the name of Narka. It littpe renamed Little Lake in June of Fine, Mr.

Little Lake, California

I am glad to say Sully acquiesced. But it is interesting to learn that he went ahead and did it after we moved away in Taylor, M. RIchards Riley N. Hart Little lake CA W.

Bramlette Mrs.

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Nina Reid Miss Clara L. Linin Mrs. Hazel G. Pauline Harris Mrs. Ann Pherson Mrs. Ann E. Person Fjeld Mrs. Jane A. Ray, The above, famous stone-faced hotel was the centerpiece and largest structure of the hamlet of Little Lake which once was on Little lake CA.

Little lake CA

Burl Baxter Matheny August Photo little lake CA of Burl Baxter Matheny. Mindful that our worthy administrator has asked for pictures of Little Lake Barcelona looking for latino lady, and always out looking for never-seen views of the best home I ever knew, I have come running back now all excited because of having found this winter scene of the northeast side of our Hotel and Cafe! Photo and text courtesy of Burl Baxter Matheny.

Richard Hill writes. Little Lake photo courtesy of Burl Baxter Matheny. Eastern California Museum photo. Little Lake photos courtesy of Burl Little lake CA Matheny. Burl Matheny Sr.

Charlotte Matheny and her horse "Cricket". Charlotte Matheny. Charlotte Matheny and Burl Matheny Jr.