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Need warm body next to me I Looking Sexy Meeting

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Need warm body next to me

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Must be willing to provide.

Age: 24
Relationship Status: Dowager
Seeking: Look Nsa Sex
City: Norwich
Hair: Bald
Relation Type: Single Male Looking For A Sexual Friend

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Top definition.

Warm bodies are often used to give the appearance of proper staffingto make an organization look larger than it actually is during visits and official functions, or to fulfill some political agenda in the given organization i.

He must have learned the warm body trick in the old country, when the Communists would take all 12 cars in town and park them in front of wherever they were filming need warm body next to me movies, to make it look busy Warm body port Denham Springs beach girls.

A person who wants someone to make them feel wanted, they always want to have someone even if they're just a stand in or a " warm body ". Person 1 Need warm body next to me i was talking reading craigslist free stuff that girl yesterday and she only talks to me when she needs something, or when she has no-one else ne talk too Person 2 Bro she's just using you as a warm body.

Warm Body unknown. A warm body is someone that has agreed to being in a non-emotional, physical relationship with another person just for the sake of intimacy.

It is also not uncommon for the warm body to be acting as a replacement for the person that is really wanted but is unobtainable. A girl will be asked to cuddle and spend the night with a guy, be his warm need warm body next to me to touch and caressthen is gone in the morning before he wakes.

Nothing occurs outside of the bedroom.

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