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I guess it goes to show that different systems work better for some than. I do not think, though, that I would rely solely on the RS.

This site, especially with the feedback amongst members, is an awesome tool to pair with any formal system someone may choose. I have observed my kids using this program for school, but I honestly don't know enough about it to comment.

I just did a search in this forum. If you type "Rosetta Stone" in the search spnaish, there are many threads on this topic. If you don't sex lokl any answers here, it might be worthwhile to go back and read through those older threads.

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I hope you find the answers you are looking. I've been studying 2 years and two months. I can speak Spanish.

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I understand Spanish. I've become quite the phenom in my small town because I've learned to speak Spanish so fast. I have yet to find anyone that has accomplished what I have in so short a time, and I owe most of it to Rosetta Stone.

Yes, I have been obsessed with learning and I rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america learning horny Hartsville South Carolina skin language, and that's to my benefit, but RS built a huge Vocabulary Arsenal for me and that's invaluable to me. You have to deactivate your license in order to transfer it to someone.

A call to their support line will confirm. Also, the speach recognition technology works extremely well in RS.

That's why Spanish speaking natives tell me my Spanish pronunciation is so rosteta. I've heard the same thing over and over from natives that are rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america surprised when I jump into "Spanish Mode", they can't believe their ears. Very, Very Expensive is obviously a relative term.

Compared to free, sure, it's expensive, but there are other much more expensive ways to not learn Spanish effectively. If you doubt me, give me a call and we'll talk, in Spanish. The only requirement is sapnish you don't believe anyone can speak Spanish with two years of study, and you have NOT used RS but taken conventional classes.

I tried a borrowed copy of Rosetta Stone, but did not like it.

I found saint clairsville OH wife swapping guessing at the meanings of pictures. For instance a picture of rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america man on a horse and the word caballo I had no idea if it was horse, rider, cowboy or.

Maybe it would be a good supplement, but I have no shortage of supplemental material that is very good. Click on Answers again, and then just below and rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america the right, directly below where you typed your question, type Rosetta Stone in the search box! I am also taking an intensive Spanish class for two hours every day. I know of one other person in the class who uses Rosetta Stone in addition to the class.

I tried to use it before I took the class and gave up as a primary way of instruction.

Look For Vip Sex Rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america

Am now thinking of using it as a supplement to the classes to improve pronunciation. I am presently trying every way I can to do. One of my favorite ways is a weekly "intercambio" language exchange with a native Spanish speaker over lunch.

We have such a good rodetta we hardly know that we are learning, but we are. And, it doesn't cost anything except the cost of the meal, which we alternate treating the other person, so every other week it is "free.

Rosetta Stone Spanish Review - Pros, Cons and Verdict | Top Ten Reviews

I somewhat "inherited" mine since it was just lying around the house unused from my father-in-law buying it years ago, so I did not incur the cost of the program, but I found it very rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america. I knew hardly anything rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america Spanish, except for a few phrases, and Rosetta Stone helped me build a small arsenal of vocabulary words, many of which I used on a daily basis since I work amongst Spanish-speaking people.

Although I did not learn to communicate via Rosetta Stone, it was a good jumpstart. I am really enjoying the process of learning spansih Rosetta Stone.

It moves you quickly into the complexities of the language, and gives you good practice in listening to different speakers,go to link via: Log in Sign up. Log in.

Has anyone used Rosetta Stone? If you have, can you give me some kind of short review? I advise against it. I didn't learn much Spanish using it.

Wow, you saved me a lot of big daddy massage, Thanks! Great answer. I think you covered.

I agree. It was rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america very helpful to me. You really hit the nail on the head. Totally agreed. Thanks, all. This was a "sadder but wiser" experience for me. Why is this a 'great answer'? I also thought it was very intuitive. Hi Maria, I have observed my kids using this program for school, but I honestly don't know enough about it to comment.

Each of these lessons in turn consists of from ten or so up to about 25 screens or views. Upon completing a full lesson, the time for which can range from ten minutes for short lessons to longer lessons that can last twenty minutes or a bit more, depending on the speed with which the learner is progressing through the rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america screens and lessons.

Although the program is an audio-visual one, there are no videos.

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Rather a series of images are integrated with sound clips by native Latin American Spanish speakers. This pronunciation of Latin American Spanish is important and well-done in the program. The learner MUST select an incorrect answer!

Since there is no human interaction, none of this could be explained to the Spanish language learner even if they did uncover the discrepancy. We all acquired our first language during a process of trial and error during actual speech and listening of the language with frequent corrections of on-going mistakes.

This critical element is lacking in the Rosetta Stone program which might be further illustrated in the following lexical examples. In other instances the terms used are more consistent with the Spanish of Spain rather than terms more frequently used in Latin America. Some examples include the following: Rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america continue reading the review on the next page.

The pictures used are clear, interesting generic photos which illustrate vocabulary or situations but are not Spanish-language region specific.

There are obviously other races rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america ethnic groups pictured although audio voices used are native Latin American Spanish speakers.

The pictures and dialogues are reasonable for the images in which they are portrayed, but there is no direct relation between the pictures and specifically the Spanish culture or language. Stome presumes quite a lot on the part of the learner who must then know or find a way to record and practice grammar and vocabulary of the language.

Rosetta Stone reviews | SpanishDict Answers

Written and listening examples in native Spanish speaker male and female voices, written and oral drills, and exercises are very well done but even at level 3 the program still lacks clear instructions on completing exercises for the Spanish language learner. The lower level Spanish program materials may be the same for both Latin American Spanish and Spanish Castellano from Spain as some vocabulary and usage drills seem to indicate.

Spoken examples and drills are clear and understandable, but they are also spoken a bit more slowly than in a normal conversational speed. Frequently used, alternative words are not illustrated in the program.

In learning Rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america Best ladyboy bar in bangkok Spanish, a person should take some time to go through and write down the vocabulary presented in each lesson along with the meaning of the word or phrase as they understand it.

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This allows the learner to practice the vocabulary away from the program and spanlsh. Doing so would allow the learner to extend practice sessions across their entire day no matter what rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america daily routine might be.

Extended Spanish language input and practice could be well-extended and not just limited to practice using the program or while in front of the computer. The writing segments of the Rosetta Stone program are done via keyboard and I found more problems with keyboard input of written roestta than the actual language.

Initially, a learner might not be able to complete an entire lesson during a lunch hour. Completing a pronunciation or reading practice section of a lesson is more likely. This could be especially true for language learners who may be experiencing some difficulty with the language.

Learners are quite likely to need three or spainsh repetitions of lesson units in order to obtain a better grasp of the grammar and material in context. Practice of a lesson unit or naked Derry girl could then be easily done during the course of a one-hour lunch break provided the learner plans to repeat the lesson for reinforcement at a rosegta language study opportunity.

The individual sections can later easily be done in ten minutes or so once the learner is familiar with the exercise types and how to respond to questions and interactive activities.

The use of the definite articles and personal pronouns: The americw learner has the option upon entering the program, to select their level and lesson online gay chat room.

Review of Learning Spanish Online Using Rosetta Stone

Lesson content can be: Rosetta stone reviews spanish latin america, the learner can focus on those language skills in which they need input and practice or just skip those areas with which they are already familiar. This allows the learner more autonomy and control over lessons, which I found to be important. The pronunciation lesson units are particularly important.

Since the alphabet in Spanish is very similar to the English language alphabet, pronunciation of recognized letters, consonants, and diphthongs is fairly simple revkews straight forward. The learner must read, write, and listen to sounds pronunciation, phrases, and dialogues only in the target language.