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Sensual massage portland maine

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I am in my late thirties.

I have been a seasoned tantric bodywork practitioner with over 14 years of experience and cultivation in my practice. I offer Tantric Touch sessions on a part time basis.

I am an artist and vocalist. I have a gorgeous, clean and comfortable home in NE Portland, near Killingsworth with quick convenient access to the Airport.

My sessions are offered on a massage table. A shower is available after your session.

I am a firm believer and advocate of legalizing Sex Work in our culture. I believe that our culture needs to make access to Sexual Healing Services easy, safe and licensed.

At the core of every one of us as human creatures, we are all sexual beings and we need to eradicate the shame and guilt that maseage are burdened with around our sexuality. Amazing Sex is better than the best massage in the sensual massage portland maine, and is the ultimate acupuncture.

I dream sensual massage portland maine the day when sacred sex workers are held with the same esteem as legitimate healers that Acupuncturists, Yoga Teachers and Massage Therapists are.

This is one of my healing modalities. It is not my agenda, currently, to be an sacred sexuality educator.

I let the work explain what it is that I. The rest is nonverbal.

sensual massage portland maine I would rather go into the experience than talk about it. My work is deeply informed by Yoga, Qigong, Breathwork, Bodywork, Taoism and Energy Cultivation practices — but I will not talk about it or explain it.

I just do it. About Me. My Name is Jade I am in my late thirties. My Perspective I am a firm believer and advocate of legalizing Sex Work in our culture.