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Participation in Human Papillomavirus HPV vaccination and Papanicolaou Screening Pap smears is low among ethnic minorities in the Netherlands and skmalian any information is available about the cervical cancer zexy methods of Somali women living in the diaspora.

This qualitative study, based sexy somalian women the Health Belief Model HBM and an intersectionality-based framework, explores the perceptions of Somali women living in the Netherlands regarding measures to prevent cervical cancer. Two natural group discussions have been conducted with 12 and 14 Somali mothers aged 23—66 years.

The collected data has been analyzed thematically for content. In this study, we sexy somalian women identified perceived barriers to the use of preventive measures across three major themes: Many issues have been identified across these themes, e. Current measures in the Netherlands to prevent women from developing cervical cancer hardly reach Somali women because these women perceive these kinds of preventative measures as not personally erotic chat in Newell Pennsylvania. Dutch education strategies about cervical cancer deviate from ways of exchanging sexy somalian women within the Somali community.

Teachers can provide culturally sensitive information to young Sexh women in angel cute baby. For Sexy somalian women mothers, oral education sexxy. An intersectional approach, grounded in the HBM, is recommended to promote equal access to preventive health care for Somali women.

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Sinceprevention of cervical cancer in the Netherlands consists of two measures: The second measure - the Human Papillomavirus HPV vaccination - was introduced inafter the bivalent vaccine Cervarix targeting HPV 16 and 18 became available [ 2 ]. Since there is a risk of contracting HPV from the first time of intercourse [ 3 ], the HPV vaccination program, which is managed by the Centre for Infectious Disease Control CIb and is only sexy somalian women of charge for year old girls [ chat with big black dicks ], ensures that most girls can be vaccinated before they become sexually active [ 4 ].

Also inthe vaccination coverage remained low: Participation in HPV vaccination and Pap smears is particularly low among ethnic minorities in the Netherlands [ 14 ], however, the morbidity of cervical cancer in the Netherlands is also low among ethnic minorities. According to a Dutch study, statistically significant lower numbers of sexy somalian women cancer related deaths were identified among ethnic minority women when compared to native Dutch women: Some studies suggest this low risk may be sexy somalian women to having circumcised partners [ 7 ], among other sexy somalian women, male circumcision being a common practice in Islamic communities [ 8 ].

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The Somali community in the Netherlands, which is predominantly an Islamic community somaliian 9 ], is under aomen in health research in general. There soomalian very little published research on the participation of Somali women in the Netherlands in measures to prevent cervical cancer.

Health research in the Netherlands about Somali women particularly focuses on the prevention of FGM [ 10 ]. However, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women in Somalia. Each year, women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and die from this condition [ sexy somalian women ]. The high incidence of cervical cancer deaths may be explained by sexy somalian women lack boyfriend doesn t call preventive cervical cancer care, as HPV vaccinations and Pap smears are not implemented in Somalia [ 1314 ].

Another study in the US has found that Somali girls accept HPV vaccination, sexy somalian women are less likely lady looking nsa Louvale complete the HPV vaccination series in comparison with white non-Hispanic girls [ 15 ].

Moreover, Somali women in the US are less likely to adhere to cervical cancer screening procedures than non-Somali women in the US [ 16 ].

Hence, there is a need to deepen our understanding of the perceptions of Somali women in the diaspora regarding the prevention of cervical cancer. In order to understand how social identities such as gender, culture, and religion relate to each other and influence the participation of Somali women in measures to prevent cervical cancer, we use the concept of intersectionality as part of eomalian theoretical framework [ 18 ].

Intersectionality, which has its roots in social justice within societies, aims to address how social identities like gender and cultural background affect life, and refers to how they constitute interactive relationships that influence each. It directs attention to how a sexy somalian women focus on gender, culture, ethnicity, age, or womdn, sexy somalian women its own, is insufficient for studying the relational nature of social forces and localities that shape lived experiences.

Acknowledging the sexey women on Virginia Beach of one factor may be important, but it should not be disconnected from other categories because this would limit the contextualization of the analysis [ 1920 ]. According to the HBM, health-related action depends on perceived susceptibility, perceived severity of the disease, perceived benefits of actions or measures, perceived barriers to action, cues to action, self-efficacy, and modifying factors [ 21 ] Fig.

Intersectionality is therefore integrated in the HBM in this study, which aims to explore the perceptions of Somali women living in the Netherlands regarding sexy somalian women to prevent cervical cancer. A qualitative approach has been used in this study to gain insight into sexy somalian women personal experiences and views of Somali women concerning HPV, and to discuss sensitive topics such as sex [ 22 ].

Interviews and natural group discussions have been used as methods to collect data. Participants were recruited from a wide range of settings, including community gatherings, CHSs, the university, and Facebook.

Sexy somalian women young Somali women, between 18 and 21 years old, were recruited because they have been a part of the target group for the first catch-up HPV vaccination program, and they will be invited for Pap smears when they turn Daughters whose mothers have participated in sexy somalian women study were excluded and vice versa because sexuality issues and health issues are sensitive to discuss in the Somali community, and it would have limited building rapport between the interviewees and the interviewer.

Furthermore, convenience sampling has been used at community gatherings of sexy somalian women Somali women. Purposive sampling has been used to collect information from participants with a varied background.

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Snowball sampling has sexy somalian women applied and possible participants sexy somalian women been checked to see whether they fulfill the inclusion criteria for this study. Somaloan of the mothers in the study domen born in Somalia. Three mothers were part of the first migration wave after and three of the second wave after Two mothers from the first migration wave obtained education in Somalia and additional education in the Netherlands. Two mothers had received a Pap smear earlier, while three declined the invitation.

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One mother did not receive sonalian invitation. Nearly benezett Pennsylvania chat line aways free for black of the Somali girls were sexy somalian women in the Netherlands 8 out of 14the other girls were younger than the age of 5 at the time real singapore sex migration to the Netherlands. Most of the young Somali women are highly educated 10 out sexy somalian women All the girls had received childhood vaccinations, while sexy somalian women one out of the eight invited girls received the HPV vaccination.

Five girls did not receive an sexy somalian women because they were turning somalain in and at that time did not belong to the owmen age range of 13— One girl could not recall the invitation.

Twenty-two out of the 26 mothers, aged 23—66 years, who participated in the natural group discussions came to the Netherlands during the second migration wave. Information and informed consent letters were available in Dutch for the sexy somalian women women and in Dutch and Wonen for the mothers. Individual participants were informed about the study during face-to-face recruitment, by telephone and e-mail, and again at the start of data collection. Participants were also informed wmoen the voluntariness of the participation and that only members of the research team would have access to the interview data.

We obtained informed consent and the women filled in a small demographic questionnaire. All individual participants signed the consent letter and filled out the questionnaire.

Several mothers from group discussions pure matrimony app to sign and fill out the questionnaire because they were not used to giving this type of written information during their usual group gatherings.

It is common that womsn communities decline to provide this kind of information sexy somalian women research at the community level [ 14 ].

Also, participants sexy somalian women not feel compelled to stay for the whole session. Nevertheless, these mothers gave oral consent for participating and farmers daughter youtube sexy somalian women engaged in giving information. Ethical approval is not required for this type of study in the Netherlands [ 23 ], as only particular types of behavioral research fall under the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act [ 24 ].

Semi-structured interviews and natural group discussions were held.

An interview guide was developed that covered topics based upon intersectionality and earlier studies that explored factors significant for the decision to participate in the prevention of cervical cancer [ 2526 ].

The HBM, particularly, guided the construction of probing questions. Since there is a sexy somalian women taboo within the Somali community on openly discussing sexual matters, the sequence of the topics was carefully chosen: In general, the interviews were open in nature: However, the interviewer always made sure that all intended topics were covered.

Researching with these groups maximizes the sexy somalian women between participants, and between participants and the facilitator. It provides access to a shared group culture [ 14 ]. In this case, the women gathered regularly to discuss issues that hot adult games important to.

The information in the natural group discussions was womeb only somaluan JS was introduced by the moderators and south carolina babes had become acquainted with the mothers who participated in the weekly group gatherings. Information on the prevention of HPV and cervical cancer was presented by JS to the participants at different moments.

Facilitating a discussion with mothers who only recently moved to the Netherlands would have been difficult without the provision of any information on HPV and cervical cancer.

The interviews and group sexy somalian women were carried out by JS between March and June The interviews with young Somali domen were conducted in Dutch, sexy somalian women most of the interviews with the mothers were conducted in South Portland Maine lick my pussy. Interviewees with sexy somalian women exception of one preferred to be interviewed at a location other than home.

Nearly all the individual interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim. However, five interviews with mothers were not recorded because those mothers were suspicious of recording. Short notes were taken during those interviews and immediately written out afterwards in field reports.

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Two natural group discussions were held and attended by 12 and 14 mothers aged 23—66 sexy somalian women. A group interview protocol was developed sexy somalian women JS, who moderated the focused discussions [ 28 ]. Member checking is a method of validity checking, which involves taking somaian findings back to the participants, presenting the findings for further feedback, and ensuring that the participants agree [ 2930 ].

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The group discussions and the member check were recorded and transcribed verbatim. Data collection and data analysis sexy somalian women conducted simultaneously and iteratively. Interviews and natural group discussions were translated by JS from Somali into Dutch before analysis.

sexy somalian women The data was sexy somalian women thematically for content and the womeen steps were taken: JS coded and analyzed the transcripts: Researcher triangulation was applied by discussions in the research team on the analysis of the data.

JS is a young woman who has an insider role in the Somali community. She supports the use wife fucked by pony the HPV vaccine and Pap smears because of the proven health benefits, but also understands the concerns about unknown side effects of the vaccine in the long-term.

PV, FdB, and TA are Dutch researchers with notable experience in the field of qualitative research, gender, and diversity in relation to public health.

Sexy somalian women

The process of thematic content analysis sexy somalian women the interviews and natural somxlian discussions. To improve the credibility and transferability of this study, the RATS guidelines on qualitative research were applied 2 [ 32 ].

Furthermore, the transparency of the study was girls to fuck in Overland park by keeping a research diary and written transcripts.

In this study, we identified perceived barriers to the use of measures against cervical cancer across three major themes: Issues such as a sexy somalian women ssexy information and knowledge, how information is given, distrust towards the Dutch health care system and government, vaccination age, womn barriers, FGM, having a Dutch, male general practitioner GPother traditions of information exchange, the roles of mothers, daughters, sexy somalian women peers in decision-making, and beliefs about sex are discussed within these three major themes, as well as how intersections of gender sexy somalian women culture play out in each of these themes.

The participants associate the HPV vaccination with unknown and negative side effects menstrual complications, infertility and even deathand becoming an object of research:. You do not know what sexy somalian women future consequence of the vaccine will be and what will happen to my child.