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Snaps meaning in hindi

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A sudden, eager bite; a sudden seizing, or effort to seize, as with the teeth.

A sudden, sharp motion or blow, as with the finger sprung from the thumb, or the thumb from the finger. A sharp, abrupt sound, as that made by the crack of snaps meaning in hindi whip; as, the snap of the trigger of a gun. A greedy fellow.

That which is, or may be, snapped msaning something bitten off, seized, or obtained by a snaps meaning in hindi quick movement; hence, a bite, black freaky grannies, or fragment; a scrap. A sudden severe interval or spell; -- applied to the weather; as, a cold snap.

A small catch or fastening held or closed by means of a spring, snaps meaning in hindi one which closes with a snapping sound, as the catch of a bracelet, necklace, clasp of a book. A snap beetle.

A thin, crisp cake, usually small, and flavored with ginger; -- used chiefly in the plural. Briskness; vigor; energy; decision. Any circumstance out of which money may be made or an advantage gained.

Any task, labor, set of circumstances, or the like, that yields satisfactory results or gives pleasure with little trouble or effort, as an easy course of study, a job where work snaps meaning in hindi light, a meankng. A snap escorts logan utah with a firearm. A snapshot.

Assessment of teachers must not be carried out by harried supervisors whose busy schedules will not permit anything but the most superficial guesswork or snap decisions based on hinri few brief visits snaps meaning in hindi year. Check this option if you want the icons to be arranged in a grid.

When this option is checked, icons will automatically snap to the nearest grid cell when you move them around in the view. Meaning and definitions of snap, translation in hindi language for snap with similar and opposite words.

Also find spoken pronunciation of snap in hindi and in English language. Tags for the entry snaps meaning in hindi What snap means in hindi, ,eaning meaning in hindi, snap definition, examples and pronunciation of snap in hindi language.

Tips Note that 'matra' is added after the consonant.

Meanings of snap in English [ Show Transliteration ]. Dictionary Apps Android.

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