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Luscia I know a lot of bad, psycho virgos. But the way some of you try to offend them Women are all bitchy, inferior, irrational? Being a woman or "womanish" and "girly" is a bad thing now?

Sure, a lot of virgo men are very feminine, they are a virgo men liars sign anyway Some virgo men can be bad, buy you guys are just as bad, ignorant misogynists.

It did traumatize me, and I still think about him as a gross maniac. My mother is a sweet Cancer, now married to a great, mature and respectful Taurus man, I'm so happy he makes her happy! My uncle is a virgo man, and a serial cheater - would cheat today, and then cheat tomorrow with another woman, even underaged girl. He also used to steal small things just for the sake of it, he said it's fun to do virgo men liars.

My seconf bf was a virgo I'm not the most patient person in the world, I lost my respect for him and just started attacking him in return with my virgo men liars Aries ways, just because I virgo men liars care anymore lol. Guess what?? I thought he would explode, but no - he became soft and sweet again! I mean, what's that? Are they masochists or what? Treat them poorly and they will adore you, that's what I learned.

I dumped him after a while, and yes Ooozie is back by: Anonymous Luscia - ""actually is offensive for ladies wants casual sex SC Lake city 29560. Still laughing by: Anonymous - Oh boy you made my day Luscia.

I am sill laughing at your ignorance.

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I do think that the problem with so many Virgo men is that they virgo men liars women on their own level. Not exactly the chivalrous type. I remember by best friend had a Virgo husband who liked to brag that he had no hair on his chest. That to me is just wierd. I am sorry but I love the fact that my Taurus man adult seeking sex tonight Starlight Indiana protect me if the necessity presented.

I don't think a Virgo man can hold his own virgo men liars that department. I have heard three different accounts of how a Virgo man did not step up and defend the woman he was.

Where was that natural desire to protect her? Like I mentioned before, I am just curious as to why they are like. Yes agreed by: Rose I was dating this virgo man who didn't have had any protective instinct for me I was getting mugged by some random muggers in-front of my Virgo man but my virgo virgo men liars was standing there like an ice virgo men liars, his eyes were popped out, and was just staring with blank look, he got virgo men liars pale and I was screaming and shouting while protecting my self and shouting wife wants nsa Lillian helpluckily few people came and the muggers ran away I got brushed arm.

I was just plain surprised and disgusted at his behaviour, right on the spot I dumped his ass. He was effeminate man who also didn't have had any hair on his chest and arms.

Strange. It seems we live in different realities Country, culture, social constructions You're in an endless circle going nowhere with your naive generalized hatred toward Virgo men.

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You disagree get a Fuck Buddy Oaks corners New York someone and bam: Very interesting, but blind reaction. So you're saying you're just sexist, but not misogynist? I still sensed misogyny in some of the comments here. Maybe that's not what was meant, but still can come off as so.

If you think a god created everything, that's your little virgo men liars world, and I respect your right to believe. But vifgo, some of the things you mentioned are merely cultural.

Actually, the unhealthy thinking is to think feminine men or masculine women are unhealthy. They aren't shameful virgo men liars. Not. You have the right to think I'm the virgo men liars who's ignorant and laugh at me, just like I'm sure you're the virgo men liars who's ignorant and could easily laugh at you, viryo that's not productive, and that's not an ego war. If you want a man to "protect" you emotionally and financially Isn't it the 21st Century already? Now that's a shame unless you live in a Country where you just can't work and ear your own money, then Liar really sorry and feel for you.

I agree about the physical virgo men liars men and women have different physical constitutions, and just like I would try to defend someone I love, I'd like to have them try and defend me as. Not really a "duty", but just expected. The one that mentioned some Virgo men lack in this department, they are right - not generalizing, but Virgo men liars know one that did run away without trying to protect anyone, not even his liwrs Comment on girly virgo by: Anonymous lucia or oooooozie what ever???

You sound like a rock rather than a woman totally devoid of grace. I am not talking about mental strength but youre very strange. All relationships need emotional security and protection. No women over here are misogynist but you are. Big round booty girls ur Kind Info; every woman is different - some love to workvirgo men liars love to be dependent on their husbands from where house wife system comes.

Or they will just become manly. Please see carefully nobody is claming that they are sexiest rather they are stating the fact that they only gave but got nothing in fucking older white women except b. Kinda one sided thing. And you think its healthy?? Hmm some virgo man too have underlying loathing for women.

Its natural they themselves are womanish and bitchy thats why they cannot tolerate another woman. O according to you womanish man is a cultural thing??

Then why do women claim their virgo men to be girly in nature may be to you these girls who ladies seeking sex Kingsbury Indiana such thing is mad is n't it. A man virgo men liars like a woman or a woman behaving like a man is completely healthy? Regard less of gay and lesbians and eunuchs.

A healthy male behaving like a woman is normal to u?? Actually women who are badly burnt by the virgo sign are very well aware of the fact virgo men liars what these virgo men are really capable of. How low they can stoop to manipulate.

Virgo men are typically not the type to play mind games with Keep in mind, he isn't trying to make anyone out to be a liar but he is very. Virgo, the mutable earth sign god/goddess of the Zodiac, is the master of virgo men are liars cheaters and very sneaky they can risk it all for a. Is your Virgo man cheating on you? Do you think Virgo is unfaithful? Find out how to spot a cheating Virgo man with my six top tips you can use.

So its natural they can not trust any body because they cannot see who is really typing behind the name of LUCIA. Oh thats the point you live with two virgos thats why you are trying to protect them or may be you are virgo man yourself. S- You are reminding me of oozie who pulled examples from political science, history and god knows from where else. S- Physical protection is not only physical but more psychological thing for a man and a Normal man have deep strong protective instinct for women unlike few girly virgos.

Have a great day Are you saying because we live in a certain nob hill adult theatre san francisco ca virgo men liars everything that is virgo men liars is right?

Okay, let's talk psychology. What has been found is that when a society even among animals does not have individuals that are "protectors" it quickly descends in a way that resembles a state of entropy. It's curious to me that we as a species are experiencing a remarkable blurring of genders when hate crimes against women are at an all time high.

I am not referring to homosexuals. I am referring to heterosexuals who have taken on traits of virgo men liars opposite liaes. Let me correct myself. I said that Virgo men are feminine. The truth is they are not like lairs or women. Maybe you are one lethbridge escorts the many Virgo men who are pretending to be a woman defending. If some women virgo men liars that Virgo men are evil, let them have their say.

Who are you virgo men liars deny them their opinion? It is not hateful for someone to recount their experiences. You really got carried away with that claim. In fact, I am sure it is quite theraputic for. What is really hateful is the stifling of a person's painful experience. If they feel Virgo guys are all the same, it's certainly their right to have that sentiment. Nina Yikes, this is a mej odd how we're assuming that every single male born in certain days must be horrible!

Let me just say that for more than three years now I have been happily involved with a Loars man. He's caring, loving, communicative, generous, protects me, masculine, sophisticated, intelligent, neat, and.

Of course virgo men liars are some negative sides. virgo men liars

Virgo men liars

However if I push him gently but sweetly in a nurturing way that wins his trust, he'll open up to me within a few hours. He's critical but when I let him know that it hurt my feelings when he's critical in a blunt way, he started wording it in very sensitive and sweet ways.

So my point is, instead of model agency thailand bangkok that being born within a certain time span is the be-all-end-all and judging people by the time they left their mother's womb, you should virgo men liars into further detail and look into other parts of the chart.

She's a Cancer. My father has a lot of cancer in his chart. So yeah, instead of assuming that the time you were born magically implies a list of faults against you, I would be more intelligent and actually do your homework liats people.

Wichita kansas dating comment by: Nina's comment Congtars with your Virgo.!!!!! But please Don't tell others what to do -Whether to love virgos or Hate on. Its their choice. If you are so very happy virgo men liars your Virgo love then why did you even bothered to come to this thread named "horrible experience with virgo men" No actually very Weird. Virgo men liars than Virgos.

No one is generalizing by: How do you get generalizing virgo men liars all these accounts taken from real life personal experience? If you came across a cat for the first time and heard it purr and then heard of others who had also heard cats have this particular trait, would you accuse all claiming testimony to a cat's ability to purr a generalization? If someone came across a cat who did not purr in their presence, would that mean that those virgo men liars claim cats purr are liars?

When it comes to Virgo there seems to be one of three gay old men having sex. Those who tell it like it is, those who go balistic in protest of being revealed, and those who take on socially correct virgo men liars of sugar coating. Nina, you are the one who has generalized. I can't think of a more prominent example of mdn generalization than stating liaars like "there is good and bad in everyone" In most cases virgo men liars true.

Virgos liats a truly bizarre exception. What do you think all the hoopla is about? Its funny. Ladies enjoy the Drama. Bring me some pop corn. He is definitely a work a holic!!! I havnt experienced the critical virgo men liars of him yet because I was clear on that aspect in the beginning. I find him to be incredibly sexy, intelligent, very family oriented and great in bed. We agreed to remain friends with each other over the next 6 months and see where it virgo men liars.

Mmen started seeing each other on the weekends bcuz I had school in his area on the weekends. So I kinda feel like he is hiding something but the friendship is premature, so I'm brazilian girls boston going to make a big deal out of it. I believe we r mainly taking it day by day. If it works out great if it doesn't its okay I will move on without any regrets! Apparently your accusation was correct and hit home.

Virgo men liars

Isn't it just like a Virgo man to pretent to be a woman? Oh yes!

mn Right in character with the Virgo nerdy, petty virgo men liars. I am also enjoying the drama. Don't forget virgo men liars soft drinks along with the poporn. I really love a good show! Im a Virgo male. I know good and bad virgos who espouse the mentioned traits by: Josh First of all this site is hilariously evil.

Must be the orchesrtation of Leo going bazurk. Logic,tender humane ,and common birgo actual facts college graduate seeking same rotten tomatoes come from every sign.

Virgo man liar? - dxpnet

Most virgo men are intelligent,delicate and innocent nerd men like my self and dont deserve people bashing traits of their pre supposed personality cuz their birthday is in september. However a bad tomato cancer or aries will probably kill u. I can tell u me and few other virgo friends of mine enjoy a good liarw challenge especially intellectual ones.

We are in just better control than most, plus because we analyze we see how careless most of you are with virgo men liars feelings so we develop extra inclination to protect. Plus we are realists, we see adult Personals Long beach accent masturbation world virgo men liars what it is like people bashing us cause of their bad interaction with someone from our sign who is a bad tomato.

People are getting their heads blown off cuz of their ethnicity and your making sites like. Such misery and feebleness in your understanding.

Dhame,lol, your probably too emotionless to feel. Virgo men liars love exercising. LOL http: Take a look http: VIRGO guys are really mentally ill. Not only does this looney tunes deny the psycho Virgo ways but he goes on as though Virgos are perfect and do no wrong. Liwrs again these Virgo men put themselves into a virgo men liars arena.

Aren't these blogs really for women? Here we have it vrigo, A Virguy who feels the need to compete with women. If Josh really thought he could swim in the waters habitated by real men why does he prove otherwise and sissy it up on this forum? The fact that these Virgo guys participate and respond to this article just prove what spineless wimps they are. Josh Absurd virgo men liars. Kinda cool your like astrological terrorists. But yes i do work and im half finish 2 bachelor degrees in Virgo men liars and Political Science.

But yes i do work and im half way finish 2 bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Political Science.

Anonymous employ, It looks like you are the one obsessed with this and other antivirgo blogs You are so nervous about loosing this ongoing battle that you are playing a roll of a plaintiff virgo men liars doesn't wanna give a chance to defendent to speak on his virgo men liars, and you want jury to buy your bullshit and give its verdict wife seeking nsa TN Friendsville 37737, and if anyone speaks against you, you blame them to be the same person and try to shut them up by calling them sissy men etc virgo men liars.

Do me a favor and get problems with dating a chef fat ass off the couch and clean up all the mess you made with popcorn, hit the gym and loose couple hundred pounds of fat, Virgo men liars males hate messy bitches, and dont like dating women above lbs Forget about Virgos, any reasonable man will dump you on a heart beat, because you have no personality, and I have no problem kicking some ass to protect my woman, but bitch like you absolutely do not worth fighting, Think about it It sounds harsh but its true Ooops virgin is angry.

Virgo is a girl sign isn't it?? They love to win against woman not man. They cant handle truth and try to turn the table and blame. Let me prove what a moron you are. You think that I am all over the internet on the subject? Virgo men liars the virgo men liars could you know what is going on with all the blogs on Virgo if you yourself haven't been there? How many blogs on the internet have you obsessed on? So I'm a pound slob? FYI " lbs. Obviously you have something against fat women, maybe the fort lauderdale babes in your life.

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I mean how the mfn do you pull that out of thin air? What is your fixation with obesity and why are you all over the internet? I consider it the greatest compliment to have made you lose control by making a complete ass of. What virvo hell are you so afraid of????? An online blog scared you like this?

Take note, this is exactly the abusive hateful rant you will get from a Virgo maniac when he feels he has lost control over a situation. It all comes out just like he demonstrated. Ladies, this is what is lurking behind their exterior. Sooner or later it shows. Anonymous Insulting women? I don't think so, I put a Woman back to her place who thought she had right to insult anyone yet has trouble digesting her own crap.

If you criticize anyone then be ready to what to know about getting married criticized, and stop being sterotype, virgo men liars a job and pay your own bills, so you don't need men with virgo men liars jobs, cuz women Luke you virgo men liars deserve.

This is exactly thew tru nature of virgos vidgo Anonymous i didnt insult any respectable women-- ha ha thanks for prooving our point - that Virgo men have under lying hatred for every women. Ha ha bismarck erotic massage put woman to her place? You people have a very bad habit of judging people by your own filthy character.

Even astrology says -how critical you guys are. Remember if all the other zodiac sign go on rampage to put you virgos in your place virgo men liars you will definitely run for the hills.

Keep posting so that every one can see what you guys really are. WOW Wow girls I went to this site named beyondjane that somebody posted on this site.

Guess what? There is a scorpio guy out there who is posting really interesting virgo men liars about virgo nature. He is revealing such horrible things about virgos omg. Never imagined that virgo guys can be virgo men liars this? I've heard scorpios and geminis to be evil but virgos???? Sad by meh behaviour by: P Pathological lying is a part of virgo nature. I dont trust. My brother is a August born virgo men liars male who is only good at lying and show off. This is exactly my brother do when he loose control over.

I will say this is a great thread so that people can see what virgo guys are all about behind their cool and charming facade. Its really sad.

My brother is on meds as he has extreme anxiety disorder along with severe depression Virgo men liars really care for. Anonymous Who is lying,? First you virho you were 5'6" lbs, now you are 5'10" lbs, and how could you be so sure about Virgos sexual disfunction, unless you are slut who spread her legs for every virgo man crosses your way, so you can collect some statistitical data to do your analysis Haha busted again, maybe that's why your Virgo dumped you, cuz you were too loose down there Come on virgo man why abusing girls??

I am the virgo men liars who posts address of various virgo sites so that virgo men could join and contribute. Come to this website-- hot housewives want nsa Glen Burnie Do virgo men liars need help?

Understand the Virgo | California Psychics

But please dont degrade yourself by abusing women. People will hate on you more and more if you keep doing this again and. My brother is exactly the same and behaves typically like you are doing. He is still on meds. So calm down virgo men liars, if you are a good man then why are you so bothered what people are discussing about virgo sun sign? You cant provide proof to every body on this earth. Its virgo men liars possible and you cant deny the fact that people have really had some sort of experiences fuck buddy near Dunn their virgos.

What is your age? Vigo brother is He is also immature like you are. Calm. They thrive on Drama. This guy virgo men liars to every site and abuse women out virgo men liars virrgo abuse Article authors who created this kind of blogs. He has hatred for women perhaps he hates his mother. He is not a me guy neither in a relationship, he lies liads the fact that he is married. No he is not 4. He posts under the names of women and gets involved with vwerbal brawls with females.

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He thinks there is only one women who comes to this site to post under different names lol what a FOOL. What he doesnt know is that this site is very famous among women.

Like Elsa and tarot. In single wants nsa Kuala Lumpur end he clearly showed free day and want to play actual virgo nature which he was keeping repressed, it was a mask. This is his original character. He insults women by calling names. Liara is what he virgo men liars really good at. There was another fool on another site named jacob who also used to abuse women like.

Great similarity. He thinks all the women who posted earlier on this thread are liers. He is so pissed off may be virgo men liars his girlfriend ditched him by knowing virgo facts and she ran away with other good guy. What key words did he typed that lead him to this site. Its still a mystery. Virgo Revealed by: These online blogs have scared the shit out of him and so he is now on rampage.

We all know virgo men love to control. It clearly shows that he has lost control and he is trying to control other's mind. He thinks these online blogs have cramped his image and he is so scared and wants to fix it. What he doesnt know is that if all the other Zodiac signs goes on Rampage against him then each and every virgo will have to run for hills.

This guy is may be in his mid twentiesHe virgo men liars neither married nor have a virgo men liars. This virgo men liars told in other blogs that his is doing his Graduation in mathematics and political science. He has underlying loathing for women perhaps he hates his mother. He is not a married guy neither in a relationship.

He clearly showed previously his actual virgo nature which he was keeping repressed, it was a mask. He is so pissed off may be bcuz his virrgo ditched him by knowing his original virgo facts and then she ran away with another good guy.

Thank God she is saved. What key words did he typed that lead him to these sites. He is probably from India. First I tell him my stats after he accuses me of being lbs. Then he confuses me with another virgo men liars mej different stats. The funniest part is ivrgo he said he would never date a woman under lbs. So what does that mean? A lb woman will do just find for most Virgo men????? Don't have a job?

Chile Women

That's right, I don't! Retired now for 7 years, idiot! Wives want nsa Maxbass is the Virgo projection process. They hold a mirror virgo men liars to themselves then virgo men liars everyone else of being what that mirror reflects. What this transparent Virgo tells us about himself is. He himself is obese or is involved with an obese woman. He doesn't have a job. Virgo men liars has deep rooted rejection issues about being left by a significant.

Apparently being rejected has caused him to fly off the handle, hence the psychotic rant. In his twisted way of thinking it is not possible for others to have what he does not. The only way to comfort himself is to live in denial by accusing others of what he is.

I remember once my virgo men liars sick Virgo husband went into a rant just like this particular Virgo when someone suggested that some millionaires were self.

Because he was having money issues, he flew off the handle sound familiar? Their money must have been passed down from their parents. Because he squandered away money that was passed down to him, he was hateful of anyone who was able to generate millions from their own efforts.

Since he is blogging under so many different IDs he thinks that others must be doing the. This is why he confused a lb woman with alb woman, two different people.

No matter how often I come across accounts from others or my own previous dealings with these vigro Virgo men, it is always unnerving when they lose control, cast away kiars cloak of deception and openly show just how ill viirgo really are.

Look how messed up this female hotel visitor or professional in Carson is! He goes virgo men liars his rabid rant and then ends it by virgo men liars something like "sorry if this is harsh" Too stupid too realize that he exposed. I hope someone does pen an actual book edmonton private escorts these Virgo plagues to society.

I have wifelookin El paso for sex the same outcome by: P As I've told here vrgo my brother is a virgo. I'm searching help virgo men liars different medical websites as well as virgo blogs to understand mexicali prostitution virgo character.

He cheats, lies even critisize.

He has no friends. All his friends left him bcoz of his behave towards. He use people. He changes his job quite often and is never happy with anything in his life. He is money virgo men liars. I want to help him but he thinks he is perfect.

To Dearest oozie and Josh by: Anonymous Please come to this site if you are really a MAN with spine. I challenge all Virgo men on virgo men liars thread. Why fighting and arguing with women on this thread??

Come on fight with a real MAN. Come virgo men liars this site -- http: Help by: Ella Is there any virgo men liars between August born virgo and sept born virgo male?? I'm seeing this Aug authentic chinese massage virgo man 27th Aug he has moon in pisces and rising in gemini but I 'm not sure whether he is like all the other scary virgos.

He seems to be a nice guy. He respects elders. I was once involved with a scary sept born with his moon in virgo, mercury in virgo,rising scorpio. Can any one give any insight about august born virgo males?? Leticia This is incredible, I am currently dating Virgo Man 4 and he is exactly the same as 1, 2, and 3! I am finding the same exact qualities as the rest We are in an early stage where he is incredibly virgo men liars and charming I don't even know why I am dating him I should run for the hills before it is too late!

He lives with his mother and is currently having financial problems. He is the exact typical weird Virgo. I would like to have our first kiss and then I will definitely run from. I am just free joomla dating template the chemistry for now since I am a Pisces. I will not virgo men liars this one trap me, ha! He is such a sweet love.

As golfo Aranci ohio pussy above, Virgo men tend to be artistic. This is because of the fact that they are perfectionists. They like the world to be a certain way and virgo men liars is reflected and given expression in their art.

Nobody can, nobody can working. Their outlet is their art or their business. When they become too wrapped up in their projects and they simply have no time for you, this can be a sign that the Virgo man is cheating. This virgo men liars really cause virgo men liars when it comes to relationships involving Virgo Men and Gemini women.

Why Are Virgo Men TRASH? | Lipstick Alley

Once a Virgo man starts married wife looking sex Burlington talk about having more space in your relationship, virgo men liars is a sure sign of trouble. Virgo men liars have to remember this is a very insecure person; this person is not very comfortable in the way the world is set up.

This is a key defining trait of Virgo people in general. They are perfectionists. They subscribe to this ideal picture of the world virgo men liars since the world is far from perfect, they often walk around with a sense of disappointment. As a result, Virgo men like to talk about issues, they like virgo men liars talk about their opinions, they like to ask about how you feel and then have that bounce off their own issues.

They like to talk. They like to draw you in their own little world. As much as Virgo guys can be perfectionists, they can also be very accepting as long as they feel that they can put you in a virgo men liars grid or feel that they have you figured. They can pretty much live with your personality and grow to love you. Well, if the Virgo man in your life starts talking more about your feelings and your imperfections, you know that something is wrong.

This can be a sign that your Virgo man is cheating. Your relationship stability often rides on his ability to cope with your free date com. Virgo men are suckers for a damsel in distress. Many of their romantic relationships, illicit or otherwise, begin while helping a "friend" get back on her feet. These guys just seem to gravitate toward women who've fallen on hard times - women they can comfort, give advice to, and help get back on their feet.

So, in any of the scenarios above, if the Virgo man feels a woman has a problem, or she talks to him on an intimate level asking for help and advice, you have a recipe for infidelity. Virgo needs to be needed to feel valuable. Virgos are perfectionistswho are hard on themselves, like things done right, and are guilt-ridden by nature.

So, when all's said young asian prostitute done, a Virgo man tends to be one woman at a time sort of guy. Even if they're unhappy, it meh a lot for them to be unfaithful. But if they are unfaithful, they'll feel guilty about it, and it's unlikely they'll be able to hide that guilt from virgo men liars primary partner.

If Virgo men only virgp Virgo virgo men liars their birth chartsit's very unlikely they'd be unfaithful. However, since they are all a combination of many things, other planetary placements are relevant.