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Wet amber sex stories

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Wet amber sex stories I Am Want Dick

A pale blue glow filled Amber's dorm room, casting a dim light on the barely wet amber sex stories chaos weh her college life. She stared home swingers tumblr her computer screen intently; it was taking every fiber of her being to not burst into tears. She replayed the conversation she had with her roommate over and over in her mind.

It was as though there was a terrible song stuck in her head on repeat with no way to turn it off; mocking her naivety. I think I'm in love with you. She wasn't quite drunk; she was just in that happy state of mind where inhibitions seem so silly and pointless. What's holding me back? She planned out her syllables with measured care, and the naked truth slipped out of her mouth, filling the room with her feelings towards Layla.

Wet amber sex stories face betrayed an expression that Ambe wet amber sex stories stoies, and she reciprocated her love, albeit platonic, for Amber. A creeping tightness started closing in on Amber's insides as her brain caught up to her hormones. Too late she realized the enormity of what she said and the caboolture sluts made her storise race.

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What started as confidence quickly turned to sstories and then blind panic as she struggled to think of what to say.

I love and value you so. Have I thought wet amber sex stories being with another girl?

Absolutely, who hasn't? And if I were to be with another girl it would be you. I know with all dex heart. But I'm not sexually attracted to other girls. There's just something about a guy's penis that turns me on.

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storie I'm sorry I just know in my heart it could never work. Amber was devastated. But she was reminded exactly why she loved Layla in the first place.

She could make her feel incredible about herself even when she was at her most vulnerable. Amber managed to smile weakly and decided at one last desperate plea.

I promise it would still feel amazing! Layla was soon asleep and Amber was left emotionally exhausted and horny. The internet was her comfort blanket and it didn't take long for her to aex wet amber sex stories in the endless pages of the digital world. She scrolled through her standard websites.

Nothing was catching her eye until she spied an ad showing two girls entangled on a bed. Her pulse quickened wet amber sex stories a familiar feeling hit her pussy, moistening instantly. She had never watched porn before, let alone lesbian porn. She glanced wdt back at Layla and saw her breathing softly. Taking a deep breath, she turned back to her computer and clicked the link. Her parents had a strict internet policy, and she considered herself a good girl.

Porn was taboo in her house, but having moved into her freshman dorm she had most of the privacy she needed to wet amber sex stories the darker parts of the web. The fact that Layla was only a few feet from her was that single women birmingham uk more exciting.

wet amber sex stories Amber ached to be laying there next to her, but she was content with exploring this exotic new experience. Wet amber sex stories soon as the video started playing, a loud moan played over her computer speakers and Amber's face turned bright red.

She hit the mute button as fast as humanly possible and checked over to see if Layla woke up. Apart from shifting slightly, she appeared to be fast asleep. Completely embarrassed, Amber sheepishly turned off her computer and crawled into bed.

All she wanted to do was to fall asleep and forget this day ever happened. Staring up at the ceiling, Amber knew she wasn't dallas Texas horny bitches to sleep well that night.

She thought back to her high school days and the romantic encounters she had. She had what she considered a boyfriend back then, but she just enjoyed hanging out with.

They had tried wet amber sex stories have sex but she just felt nervous and uncomfortable for the entire experience. It was never the same after.

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She felt like she was a kid pretending to play "House" when she was with. Wet amber sex stories drifted apart and Amber wore being single like it was a shield.

Boys would always try to ask her out and she made up excuses in her mind why she couldn't date. Everything changed when she stries Layla. She was beautiful of course, but she was confident and friendly.

Amber considered herself as a sort of outcast that kept to herself but Layla made her feel completely at ease and able to be. It didn't take long for Amber to realize that she was completely in love with Layla. She was in heavy denial at. Her family was very traditional and this sort of thing was never talked.

She would find a man and fall in love and have two kids and be a model wife. She lied wet amber sex stories herself about her feelings for Layla until the dreams started. In the first few, Wet amber sex stories would free online dating service dating be just out of reach and would say, "We could be together The two of them would kiss and explore each others' bodies and Layla seemed to grow more impatient.

We could be together now! Those dreams felt so real it wet amber sex stories all the more devastating when she woke up and realized that it was all in her mind. It was so frustrating to be so close to her and not be with.

She screwed her eyes shut and waited impatiently for sleep to take. Amber found herself in what resembled her parents' bedroom and nodded. They said they'd be gone most of the night. She worked her hand up and down the soft fabric of Amber's panties and Amber's breathing started to intensify. You said Her strokes became faster and longer, and soon she was rubbing from Amber's pussy up to her lower belly. Amber's chest heaved up and down in rhythm to Layla's touch and strange new pleasures swelled inside.

Suddenly there was a sensation she looking for cock Haughton Los Angeles describe and she felt Layla's hand wet amber sex stories around what felt like something protruding out of. She looked down to see an unfamiliar bulge in between her legs which was growing with each motion of Layla's hand.

Before long, it began to peek over the top of her panty line wet amber sex stories Amber stared wide eyed.

It was slick with her own juices and Wet amber sex stories slowly put it in her mouth, expertly caressing it with her tongue as srx sucked on Amber's new appendage. She felt Layla reach underneath her shirt and squeeze her breast playfully and she let out a loud sigh.

The cock rubbed up ambeer her clitoris black pussy Iowa City Iowa she could barely contain herself as Layla bobbed up and down, savoring every inch of the thing. Layla gave the cock one final suck and pulled away. Amber looked down at what was now a fully formed dick, throbbing with her heartbeat.

Wet amber sex stories was speechless. Layla put a finger under Amber's chin and raised her head to meet her gaze. Amber glanced down at the wet amber sex stories and realized it was now her cock, and she got into bed on top of Layla. Her cock was squeezed deliciously between them and she started to drive it back and forth; rubbing the tight stomach of her lover with her still-wet bulge.

Their breasts squished together perfectly and Amber had never felt so much raw pleasure coursing through her. Layla smiled at her and drew her into a passionate kiss, their tongues becoming more and more wet amber sex stories as desire built up in both of. Soon Amber couldn't contain herself any longer and she found Layla's willing opening with the head of her penis. She started to push inside and felt Layla stretching around her, slowly opening to the firm stiffness of the cock.

Layla let out a sound of pure ecstasy and Amber plunged the whole shaft inside of. Instinctively sexx slid in and out of Layla, both of them lost in erotic oblivion. She felt a slowly building sensation and realized that she was going to climax. I'm going to cum! Her eyes snapped open and she was in her bed; her etories wrapped tightly around one of her pillows.

She reached down to feel for a cock that wasn't wet amber sex stories, and relief hot girl massage com with disappointment washed over. Her hand came back slick with her cum and realized that she had wet amber sex stories humping her pillow; and both her and it were soaked with the aftermath of personal ad nsa most intense orgasm she had ever. Report Story.

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