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Why is my black molly turning white Search Teen Sex

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Why is my black molly turning white

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Molly fish are some of the coolest aquarium fish on the planet. These fish are known as livebearers similar to guppies and platies.

Why is my black Molly fish turning white? | Yahoo Answers

What makes these fish super cool is they come in so many different color variants. You can have oranges, yellows, black and whites, balloon belly, fancy tailed.

There are a couple basic elements you need to know that really make these fish flourish in the home aquarium. This site is a resource and community to keeping molly fish.

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There are numerous types of molly fish but the most common type held in aquariums is known as the short finned turnning. For the most part, you can categorize them into two different groups of mollies. Most aquarium mollies are short finned because they are much easier to care for then Sailfin mollies.

Sailfin desire mature woman fucks younger much more wide open tank with more water volume and harder regulated water temperatures.

Very spectacular in color and shape. The fins on mollies are quite beautiful.

They are for the most part very peaceful and to themselves. What I find very unique about Molly fish is the fact that they setup a division of hierarchy. Each Molly fish is going to have his or her level of importance and they live and die by these levels.

I think of them as little soldiers that have different role ranks. People thought I was crazy for saying this until they actually realized it was happening right under their eyes. I have freaky Melfort women xxx 0 incidents as far as the fish being over aggressive with other why is my black molly turning white mates in the same habitat why is my black molly turning white.

Very peaceful and civil to be around for other fish in the same habitat of living. Quick Fact: They are the most beautiful as.

One male with three females is going to give your tank a very safe environment. This gives the male a chance to choose one out of a pack instead of forcing his way into what has to be hwite. Having numerous why is my black molly turning white in one tank will cause lots of aggression with Alphas fighting.

After owning molly fish or any livebearer for some time, free farm fuck will quickly find out how much they breed. Any molly fish can breed with another breed of molly. This makes for a crazy successful breeding platform. Any female can hookup with any male. That and fin differences. The parents will feed on their newly born young blacl that makes for a nice snack.

Mollies will do best in a decorated aquarium where a big open area has been left from swimming around in. Molly fish are said to be brackish water fish freshwater mixed with saltwater but the rate of saltwater should be very why is my black molly turning white. Salt in your freshwater does help out with bacteria and such but if you have other freshwater roommates.

The issue of an aquarium why is my black molly turning white too much oxygen is never a bad problem to. Mollies and other livebearing fish do not mind the air bubbles in their tank and bubbler setups can really add value to your tank other than oxygen. You can really get two sides of benefit with one device on this one. The sponge filter setup is a very under-rated aquarium filtration method.

A lot of breeders even today use sponge filters over all the women from mexico technology in aquarium filtration.

The only factor to keep into consideration is the fact of your fish being able to hide from bullies.

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In all aquarium circumstances there is going to be more aggressive fish along with more timid of fish. The timid fish will get pushed around and chased. The more plants your tank has, the safer it is going to be for aggression levels becoming dangerous.

It is very common for sources to tell you that you need a 20 gallon tank for these fish, but you can a bit smaller if you have a couple of mollies in the tank. It is advised that the species of tufning fish that get larger in size then 3 inches be kept in a minimum of 30 gallon tanks.

What's Going On When Adult Black Mollie Turned White. As A Fry, She Had A W | My Aquarium Club

The main reason why we preach that bigger aquariums are better is because they are easier to care. The fish can pretty easily adapt to the smaller living space but the water quality is the factor that suffers.

The more water you js in an enclosed area, why is my black molly turning white easier it is to be clean. The larger container you have of water, the more diluted the mixture is going to be. This is compared to fish poop and uneaten food that sinks to the bottom of your aquarium. The smaller the body of water, ladies looking for sex Darlington SC easier it gets dirty. We always advise people to buy an air pump and throw on a sponge filter instead of an air stone.

They do the same js except they filter your water TOO! And again, if your filter fails that sponge filter will probably save the tank by.

Why is my black molly turning white

An average molly fish sees an easy 2 inches of growth, so that puts me at around fish in that tank. That is pushing the limits remember.

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Just to be safe, I always undershoot this aquarium equation. This is why pet stores can have very healthy fish in tiny spaces.

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All my fishes are dying. I can see some tiny hair like things on their body. All the fishes including my betta also got affected with it.

Why is my black molly turning white

All of a tyrning my Guppies dies the next day since I encounter those hair like things. Ended up with 3 alive from 10 fishes.

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Also my mollies and betta too affected from that unknown thing. They are getting leaner and leaner day by day.

Black molly fin and tail color change? Normal? - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community

For the past two days, no fish is taking food. My new fries too died within a day with those hair like shit present on their body. When my Guppies are sex spa delhi and almost crossed the level of survival, their tails and body colour gets faded.

Tails got tore. Please help me to make at why is my black molly turning white a oceanside california sex. fishes to survive. So I was unable to get any info about anchor worms. But later I gone through several videos and now operating my why is my black molly turning white and plucking molly shits from them and waiting for a couple of bottles of paracidol for further medication.

Your tank might be infected, remove your fish from the tank and examine it one by one remove it by tweezers and place it on tufning tank that has 1 teaspoon of salt per gallon. Anchor worm will die eventually if they dont have fish to attach.

Let it rest for 3 weeks it depends what is the temp of ur water. The higher the temp the fastest it will develop to mature. Let us also wait for other who uses med why is my black molly turning white cure. Heating up the water could definitely help as well as cleaning.

I also do a percent water change every Saturday and that seems to help alot. Hi guys. I joined to ask a question about my multi colored molly.

Does it look like a female and pregnant? It used to swim around the cage happy now it jus sits up in the corner away from the other fish. The pure white one seems to chase the multicolored one and the pure single housewives want casual porno San Francisco one constantly. Is this because the white one is a male?

Does anyone know how diverse the genetics of store bought mollies are? Why is my black molly turning white now my few fish are bought at three different times from two different stores and they are all slightly different, black, silver, creamsicle, gold dust.

Black Molly turning white (not cotton) | Freshwater Fish Disease

In order to try and keep from having all my fry i the same genetics and breeding together and inbreeding further, is there value in me buying from another store in another town, or are mollies generally all from one farm and inbred already? You could attempt to find horney lonely wanting dating online site who they get their fish from — which distributor why is my black molly turning white use.

And then attempt to find out which farm the distributors source. And then go collecting in Texas or Florida to diversify the genetics. The males are sleeping. I just want healthy fish, not necessarily hwite, my understanding of balck the mollies we get are they are all hybrids. Lol I ended up just selling my only male! Good luck!! They are breeder machines!

I have the babies in a separate floating mini tank within the 15 gallon tank but they are still too small to. How long did it take yours to get big enough for the community tank? I have never seen the 20 fry happen that I read. I imagine they are taken care of too quickly, I likely miss full batches of fry .